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15 hours ago

my five year old and I did this he loved it

2 days ago

It was an easy hike, and most of the way to the falls is a paved road. It was a great short hike with kids (5 & 10 year olds). The path to the falls is a bit sketchy. This trail also connects to more trails on Mount Baldy, if you want you can continue up the paved road past the turnout for the falls. There is a campground near the trailhead and a large parking lot with a pit toilet. You need an adventure pass to park and can't buy it at the lot. (I think they're available at the ranger station down the hill.)

A couple a different trails to choose from, one easy, one not to easy, but doable. This trail is not hard and the view at the top is very nice. Would definitely do it again.

Pretty easy, short hike if you’re only going to the rock itself. It’s a really dusty trail with a lot of horse poop, but I wasn’t surprised since it’s so heavily traveled by horses. When we went, there was actually an event going on at the equestrian center below, so we took our dog over to watch after the hike. The people were very nice and courteous to us.

Easy paved trail with a gradual incline. Lots of loose gravel by the path (0.3mi) to the waterfall. Trail has a really nice waterfall at the end. Well maintained, I didn't see much trash on the trail.

Creds. AllTrails Pro - amazed people hike with out Pro version. Pro version bulletproof for not getting lost. Extremely easy to get lost on this trail without Pro version. Only $30 annually and no internet required. There is no internet service when you enter the Angeles National Forest. Yes trying to make a point.

10.4 mi, 1,699’ El Gain, 4:45 minutes travel time.

Adventure Pass required. $5 one time or $29 annually (the one I have)

Parked 8:am Saturday 8 Dec 2018. Gorgeous day with significant flowing river %85 of trail from rain 2 days ago. Expect to cross river 3 to 4 times getting wet up to knees (I’m 5’8).

Definitely doing this hike again!

Really fun hike! Has lots of great scenery and it's definitely a place I am going to go back to since we never got to finish it. I recommend for anyone to keep on checking your app/map to make sure you are going on the right path, it can get very confusing at times since a lot of the recent rain has washed away quiet a bit of the trail and the main big trail is blocked off from rock slides.

It was a very fun hike with beautiful views of the river and surrounding mountains. You do have to cross the river a couple of time which might result in you getting wet. The bridge is really nice and you’re allowed to walk on it and underneath, they also offer bungee jumping for $120 if you’re feeling spontaneous

8 days ago

Views are awesome and what’s best is there aren’t a lot of people. Watch out for the edges as some areas are steep! Perfect place to come if you’re looking for solitude or the perfect selfie.

Beutiful hike, very fun. Most of it is shade, there is a lot of water so bring boots. You do need a day pass ($5).

Very crowded!! People let their dogs take a shit and they don’t pick up.

Great intermediate hike. Recent rains made the trail a little hard to follow sometimes because of wash out and falling rocks / debris in a couple places. Tip of staying on main trail going in, keep the cliff to your right and stay as close to it as you can. Bungee jumping at the end!

Beautiful hike with lots of water to cross depending on the time of the year. Recommend to bring lots of water and snacks to make the whole trip.

It’s easy and a very fun trail.

11 days ago

Took a different way this time and went a little further then the pumpkin. I love this hike now. Not too easy but not too difficult.

I loved this hike. A little crazy because we lost the trail for a while but a totally fun adventure.

15 days ago

This is a very popular and scenic stroll around the "big" island as well as the "little" island that make up Balboa Island, all with views of the harbor and sand on one side, with boats and paddle boarders and other things to watch, and the homes on the other. In the summer, and on vacation weekends, it can be very crowded and only good for strolling, but lots of fun nevertheless. But on the off season or early mornings it is good for some beautiful power walking or running.

For anyone new to this trail you can park at Pikes peak park and walk to the trail. It’s nice a great begging trail for people like me who are working their way back up to hiking.

Did this hike ten years ago when I was in terrible shape, and it kicked my butt. I'm in far better shape now, and it still kicked my butt. There's not a lot of elevation gain overall, but there is A LOT of climbing up and down steep slopes, balancing on logs, hoping across rocks and wading through water. Ten miles of that not only adds time to the hike, but wears down muscles that may only be used to hiking flatter surfaces.

On the plus side, it's one of the few hikes in the San Gabriels that still has ample running water in the river at this time of year. That, added to the fact that much of the hike is shaded (not all, wear a hat and sunscreen), made the hike fun and picturesque.

There are big horn sheep to be seen here, though I didn't see any this time around.

In addition to the sheep, you will see: a lot of gold prospectors...a lot, lots and lots and lots of people, which is surprising considering the length of the hike, and a bunch of happy, friendly faces because it's such a fun hike.

In relation to other All Trails and Yelp reviews, we made good time at four and a half hours. Point being, you'll need to bring plenty to eat and extra water, particularly on hot days.

17 days ago

This was great as there are two ways to go up/down. Cool graffiti to take photos by and a nice breeze at the top (end of November). Be careful as there is a lot of broken glass at the top however. I liked that you can pretty much see the entire trail from the top so you can decide which way to go back for you. Not too busy and not too many dogs and not too many horses. Just enough to say hi to.

Great hike to enjoy with friends.

road biking
19 days ago

Using a cyclocross bike.Trail's a good one. Some Ascend and descend that suits my cx bike. Good trail.

Easy and fun - 5 hour round trip

The trail isn’t clearly marked, parts of trail washed out or eroded and you need to cross over water a few times which make it more difficult at times. Walking stick recommended for steep areas and crossing the water. Keep a lookout for the bighorn sheep.

Really enjoyed this hike. Probably my favorite one I have done. But like others have said, it is at least 11 miles long. And since I am relatively clumsy, I decided to walk through the river instead of trying to cross on the rocks or downed branches/logs and walked in wet shoes and socks for most of those 11 miles. Still worth it and highly recommend it.

Great for the kids! My girls loved the fairy houses.

great anual hike to do in October

Love it. Plan for 7 hours to the Bridge and back to parking. >11 miles not 8.9 as stated on All Trails.

great hike, every hiker in SoCal should do this at least once, however, it is very heavily travelled. if you enjoy some seclusion on your hikes this is not it

Great views. Not crowded and dog friendly.

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