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5 days ago

Lots of fun if you don’t mind climbing some steep sections with the help of iron rungs, and a couple of precarious sections along a cliff face. Great views all around.

Short trail. Crowded at sunset but worth it to catch an iconic glimpse of Acadia.

Great easy trail with a beautiful ocean beach to explore at the end.

Less of a hike and more of a climb. Lots of iron rungs with short horizontal ledges between. Lots of fun, but not one to do if you have a fear of heights.

17 days ago

the hike up was crazy, I can't say I've seen anything like it. a few moments had me pause and realize the vertical drop off the trail might be deadly but all the more excitement. the view at the top can not be beat! also the hike back is a lot easier.

18 days ago

Such a fun trail! Despite the short mileage, the “hard” rating is fair, as this hike is truly “nearly vertical.” Would not recommend this one on a wet or windy day. With that being said, the views are incredible, and the hike is awesome. Just did this one yesterday (4/3/18) and there was no snow or ice on the climb up, just a little snow in the woods on the way back down. Highly recommend!

Went with a large group that included kids age 6-16 and Grandparents age 71 & 76... so this hike can be done by all ages, hiking poles came in handy for the grandparents when we got to some areas of the trail, just used for balance more than anything. We had fog the day we went, so we couldn't even see across the lake the whole time we were there. We ended up going back another day just to be able to see the lake without the fog.

We did this hike with our 6 year old last October and loved it! Beautiful views and not too difficult for him. The hike back down has some fairly large rocks so I would definitely recommend hiking shoes!

Very easy relaxing trail. It's pretty all the way around. Loved it.

Great trail with fantastic views. We did this one in the winter, and it was a lot of fun. Our pup loved it, too. We didn’t use spikes at all. Enjoy!

28 days ago

One of my favorite hikes in Acadia. If hiking in the busy summer season I encourage you to go early in the day to avoid the crowds. If you are afraid of heights your going to want to take your time and not feel rushed. The views of sand beach are spectacular.

We took this down after ascending on Precipice Trail. Nice mellow hike compared to Precipice! (August)

Amazing views and worth it. Metal bars as holds in the steeper traverses and a well marked path guiding you to the summit are very helpful.

Fun hike - includes a lot of steep climbs using metal bars fixed in the rocks. About 30 minutes each way

I highly recommend doing this trail it has amazing views and is by far worth it.

Went on this trail a few years ago.
Had a great time and can't wait to do it again :)

The views were spectacular! I wouldn't recommend this to anyone who is afraid of heights. You'll be climbing and walking on trails where you can look over the edge and think: "If I fell right here, I would not survive". With that said, there is no reason you should fall unless you're doing something dumb. ;)

Amazing views and steep climbs, but pretty short.

3 months ago

Great hike/climb, definitely one of the harder trails in Acadia.

Beautiful scenery and nice stop in Acadia Park.

3 months ago

Easy hike with great views around the pond. Boardwalk was a little slick, so extra traction may be required in icy spots.

Absolute must hike if you are planning a trip to Acadia. If you can climb a ladder or steep staircase you MUST do the beehive.

If you want to know what you're in for take quick look at my virtual hike on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=Lb-KmUeIEJg

4 months ago

There were a few parts that were fun, maybe because of the wee ones with us. All very doable, it’s was foggy and slick when we hiked it and all made it up no problems with the rungs.
Beautiful views and pictures. Found a great painted rock ‘Kilroy was here’ left by a group from PA who paint rocks and leave them as souvenirs

4 months ago

great hike with some cool views

Love this trail. The other reviews can be discouraging, as someone who doesn’t particularly love heights i can handle this trail no problem. You do climb right along the edge and there is pretty much nothing stopping you from falling, but the edge is pretty wide. Just takes your time and watch your footing. The iron rungs may be difficult for some more than others and there are quite a few on the way up. But the views are totally worth it!

Amazing hike! Check out the map, i highly suggest you do the loop that starts
with mount gorham and finishes with the ocean trail! Did this hike with my parents and sister and it was great and worked great for everyone! It does go along a creek so good shoes are important since it will be wet. Also we went in november so there was some ice so watch for that!

4 months ago

Fun hike! Don’t let the difficulty rating scare you off. It’s a well maintained trail and the iron rungs make the ascent very manageable.

4 months ago

Beautiful view and just hard enough for amateurs but not too hard.

Vraiment agréable, avec le défi de monter aux parois à l'aide des barres métalliques. Un incontournable de Acadia parc.

Beautiful sunset, but get there early

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