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I love walking along a river and get excited over even the smallest water falls so this hike was absolutely amazing! We saw a lot of ice formations along the way but once we got up to Laurel Falls it was just breathtaking between the falls and The artistry of ice formations. I'm anxious to go back again during the various seasons.

The actual overlook and waterfalls are not seen until the very end of the hike. The sound of the interstate can be very annoying but at times you can’t hear it. There are different parking locations to go straight to the waterfall and main overlook so you can skip the majority of the trail if you’d like. Overall not bad hike but not one I will be returning to.

Started hiking at 12p with snow flurries and reached rainbows at 1:20 in 1/2ft of snow/15 degree temp. We stopped for a million pictures, spent 15 frozen minutes at the falls and returned back tonour car at 2:40. I can’t say how the hike is in warmer temps but this made for an unbelievably breathtaking winter hike. The snowy falls was nothing short of breathtaking. We loved every second of this 5.5mile hike and would do it again in second. This would be a great hike route to le conte as well if you’ve already seen alum cave. Parking was easy, trail well maintained, not steep at all. Saw every level of fitness hiking even in the rough winter weather

2 days ago

Great trail with majestic views about 1/2 mile in. Beautiful in the snow but be sure to wear good waterproof hiking boots as it has a few small streams to cross. Falls are impressive. A few trees have fallen over trail.

3 days ago

Strenuous hike with an excellent pay off!

6 days ago

Pretty winter hike. Trees and shrubs at higher elevations were dusted with ice crystals. As others have said, the trail is quite steep and rocky for a little over two miles. After the turn to the Pinnacle the trail gets much easier and your legs get a nice break. Great views at the Pinnacle - be sure to follow the small trail through the underbrush to reach the Pinnacle at the very end. I had a Raven circling right over my head at the top, calling. The steep downhill on the way back takes a toll on your legs. I’d recommend extending trekking poles on the way back. If you’re finishing in the dark, like I did, be sure and take a headlamp. The rocks on the trail look like they’d make great ankle-turners.

6 days ago

This was a tough trail due to the incline going up. Lots of nice openings where you catch a glimpse of small town Sylva. Once you get to the “top” where you break off and go toward the pinnacle (1.4miles I believe) it’s cake. Every drop of sweat was worth it when you walk out of the clearing for the view. It was amazing. Brought my jet boil and had some lunch and tea and made my way down. It was cold (35) but that was nice while hiking up. Definitely doing it again in the spring!

11 days ago

Beautiful hike, wear hiking boots not tennis shoes! Bring water and a snack for when you get to the falls, it is well worth the hike. We live in Iowa and the trail was difficult for us but we made it!

super tough hike, but very rewarding

Hike along water almost the entire way! Beautiful!!

loved the trail,rough at times,some of the best scenery I have I have ever seen.looking forward to going back now that it has rained so I can see the waterfalls.

First time here on Jan 1. The falls and river after heavy rains, bouldering, and climb to the rim exceeded expectations. Old mining town ruins were an unexpected bonus. Will definitely be back.

This is a great trail especially when the water is up. Watching the kayakers on the way up. Some technical up to the falls. Simply beautiful

One of the best in the SE!

17 days ago

Hiked this on January 5th.
60 degrees, beautiful hike. Lots of water falls due to the abundance of rain we've had. River was swollen and raging. Very cool hike. We'll be back for sure. Easy hiking.

17 days ago

Will definitely do this one again!

18 days ago

A really fun hike with some great scenery. I would recommend starting the hike early around 7 o’clock maybe 8 o’clock; this is what I did and I had the whole trail to myself until I was on my way down.

19 days ago

beautiful place. secluded and surreal. went after heavy rain and the creek and falls we're raging. pay attention, few places get tricky to follow.

19 days ago

Pleasant hike on a December afternoon with no one else on the trail. We rock-hopped 36 Creek crossings up and back.

20 days ago

sketchy! has graffiti and trash everywhere. the regulars are questionable...but the hike is difficult, short but not easy once you start going up. but once u get to the top it is such a wonderful experience! you can hear traffic all the way and even more at the top but there is a feeling of being on top of the world. will do again..just wish people had more maturity and self respect to not trash a beautiful place...

Cool short hike on Devil's racetrack. Hike to the falls isn't long or difficult but felt like we lunged for a mile to get to the top to overlook the interstate. Nice view. Only bad thing is you can hear the cars on the interstate but really not that big of a deal for the view.

One of the pretties falls I've ever been to.
A little steep but not too long of a hike.

We went after a big rain and it was very muddy and slick most of the way up. Beautiful scenery with fishing creek beside you for much of the way.

It’s a really cool short hike. All Trails says 2.2 miles. My GPS said 3.3.

Parking is limited to spots you can find on the side of the road near the trailhead.

Overall it’s scenic and fun, especially at the top. But it’s the most littered trail I’ve ever been on. That’s why I docked it a star.

HARD in the winter time! I’d recommend wearing proper hiking shoes and clothes. The views are amazing. I got to see 1 buck and a few squirrels. I made it to the little water fall.

Great hike! Be prepared for mud and ice!

29 days ago

The trail map and this app says the trail one way up the west fork to the top is 3.5 miles. My gps logged that it is almost 5 miles to the top. We had a hard time ascending to the top partially due to half way up past the first camp site the whole trail was covered in snow and ice. Yea it is extremely steep climb but you have to realize you’re hiking up a mountain. The view from the top was great and the hike down wasn’t that bad except for sliding on the ice. Shoe spikes and trek poles are definitely a must have if the trail is covered in snow. Trek poles are useful on the descent with all of the loose rocks. All in all we had a wonderful time and it was a great painful hike.

1 month ago

This is a great hike! I went back today and there was a sign that said it was closed due to fallen trees. Hopefully they clear the path soon! :)

Beautiful the whole way through, with the river running parallel for the first bit of the hike and several smaller falls along the way. Loved the wooden and rock bridges and saw a few deer as well. It was raining during our ascent, and because it’s highly trafficked, it resulted in a muddy mess on the way down. This trail is very rocky and I highly recommend proper footwear, especially with the rain and mud. Great trail but would be better once it dries out in a couple days. The waterfalls were huge though because of the rain!

This is a scenic trail with lots of great views. However, it is extremely muddy and slick. I would not recommend it as a trail run.

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