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A lovely hike if you're looking for a trail that takes you by (and in) water. It'll cool you off a little if you're a summer hiker.

nice easy hike. At the end of the hike there's huge rocks and boulders you can navigate through to take in the beautiful views that stonewall peak has to offer.

One of my favorites! If you go right after the last snowfall you manage to see two seasons. Beautiful!

23 days ago

Very easy trial. Small incline at the beginning-maybe a tenth of a mile and that’s about it. Lots of switchbacks and the views all the way to the top were amazing. Loved the stairs leading to the summit. However huge infestation of termites at the summit. So definitely didn’t hang out at the summit for too long. They flew and landed all over my friend. The views at the summit are definitely worth it. It was beautiful. We went early enough we didn’t see any snakes at all but we were definitely definitely wary and watching out for them. Definitely do this hike. You won’t be disappointed.

24 days ago

Hiked this in the spring and once before. Fun but quite crowded.

Due to flood damage we were only able to hike the lower emerald pool. Not a bad hike but nothing overly special either. I’m sure it would have been a much better hike if we had access to the middle and upper pools.

1 month ago

Did this hike and added the Grotto Trail. The Upper Pool is crowded and is difficult to get pics without people in the Pool. Many People were in the Pool with no Consideration for others taking photos.

This train is hot but there is a great place to cool off at the top AND when you get done, get in the water! The Virgin River is relatively warm and shallow and a great way to end the hike.

It’s really pretty if you go to the upper pools, there are a lot of people and kids who almost knock you over coming up. Beautiful sights the whole way up the upper pool is breathtaking. Please remember not to go in the pools as it is a source of water for the wildlife

Quick. Shady. Some good views. VERY crowded. Simple hike to do with the family. We seem to stop in at the pools after doing a few other hikes.

Nice, fairly easy trail. When we went the pool levels were down so not as scenic as it normally would be in the spring.

Great hike in Zion, trail leads to three different stops. You can take the paved trail to the first pool and then turn back, or go on to the other two pools. The trail gets more difficult after the first pool.

Great little hike. Plenty of shade in the am hours. At the peak monument there is a huge infestation of termites, pretty gross!

Beautiful trail, recommend following the guidance here up Azalea to the right then down the paved road on the way back (not fun for the feet though).

Note: the entrance to Conejos is very difficult to spot, the trail sign is hidden if you’re travelling from Azalea. Also, bring lots of water and sunscreen. Park patches, cool gifts, and wildlife display at Cuyamaca Rancho visitor’s center before you get to the campground- worth a stop Sat and Sun 1000 to 1600. Recommended soundtrack for the drive: Tin Hat Trio: The Rodeo Eroded.

Easy, crowded, but a fun hike to all three pools (upper, middle, lower). The upper-pool isn't much to see (honestly), but the lower waterfalls are gorgeous! Short, quick, easy hike with cool views of Zion features.

Easy hike and awesome falls.
there are many view points to stop for photos

Not terribly difficult, but if you slow down to take in the views it is well worth it. We went early. No crowd and great weather.

Need to take the shuttles to get here. I think it would be even cooler later when more of the snow has melted. Easy hike for the kids and pretty view though.

Not bad. Not as scenic as other trails in Zion but still as crowded. Pretty easy and good for kids.

Did the hike after the narrows. Hot and lots of people. For me, it seemed a lot more than a 69ft elevation change and my kids were whining about the heat and the uphill. The waterfall was cool and refreshing. We turned around there to make it a decent second hike of the day!
83 day tour of the US
this was day 36

1 month ago

Dreadfully full of tourist families, this trail is crowded at any time but very early in the morning. There are more scenic trails elsewhere in the park, but this would be a good one for families with small children or the elderly.

This was the first trail that we did in Zion and it was a bit of a let-down. If you have a half-day to explore after arriving late, it's not a bad trail to take, but I don't think you should go out of your way to walk it.

We did this trail pretty early to avoid the crowds and heat. The first pool was the prettiest in my opinion. The other two were pretty dry and not worth the time and effort to get to them. The hike was still a nice hike

Did this trail on March 1st, with 2 kids who really loved it. Easy, fun to walk behind the waterfall. Go all the way up to really make it worth it.

Breath taking trail. The trail has a very sad slow rate of forest regeneration, which prompted a reforestation project to replant using donations. It breaks my heart when I saw such magnificent pines burnt to the core. Quick history: The fire took place in 2003, when a lost hunter lit a signal fire hoping to be found. That signal burned out of control and became the biggest wildfire in California's history, burning more than 300,000 acres, killed 15 people and burned 2400 homes.

Absolutely beautiful hike with views in every direction. Parking is crappy with room for only 5 or so cars so go early. there is tremendous variety of terrain from boulders to forrest overhang. it's definitely the prettiest hike I have done yet. we passed a few people but we were the only ones at the top, I actually cried! bring a lot of water. I have a 1.5l pack and it wasn't enough. I was happy that my husband had a 3l. be super careful if you are on the path in what I have now deemed "snake o'clock". when we turned the corner from behind a boulder there was one that was half in the path. we backed away and went over another boulder to avoid it. we warned everyone that we saw on the way down but there was a deaf couple on the hike heading in when we were heading out....I was scared for them. all in all it was very scenic and definitely challenging even just in the length alone. highly recommend!

Easy- the pools are underwhelming after angels landing and the narrows, but a great way to see the canyon nonetheless. Family friendly, wheelchair friendly to the first pool. Aggressive squirrels at the upper pool looking for food.

Great trail I love it

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