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This is such a cool slot canyon hike! Went at the very end of November and a lot of the creek was completely iced over. But if you’re slow and careful, you can still see a good bit of the slot canyons! The road to get there is pretty rough, but definitely do-able in AWD.

Explored the trail after the TWA crash site. I’ve done this three times and have never gone the same way. There are many blind paths and rock slides that lead to rock walls. But I’ve always managed to find my way to La Luz. The easiest ways stick closest to the trail shown on All Trails.

See recording from today for waypoints and also one from Nov 1 for waypoints and trail options below the crash site.

18 days ago

This is a fun, short hike (easy). Right now, part of the trail is closed for repairs. This is a fantastic family hike!

18 days ago

Awesome slot canyon, with many cool shapes in the rock. You have to pay for a tour to this canyon which costs around $50. We went in mid November and it was very busy and apparently even busier in summer. The amount of people did kind of ruin the essence of the canyon but still worth doing if your willing to pay the price. Also bare in mind however cold it is it will be colder in the canyon.

26 days ago

good views

Really fun trail that has a pretty good incline the whole way up. I think Pino Trail was a bit harder. It is kind of easy to get lost on this trail, but stick to the app and you'll be fine. Really rewarding top and eerie to see the wreckage from the plane so far spread out.

My wife and I are here from North Ogden Utah. We hiked South Piedra Lisa with local friends. We liked the trail. We hiked the trail at a casual pace in about three hours. We found that the trail had portions of steep grade and loose gravel. I would recommend trekking poles to help stabilize your footing. The flora is marked by junipers, prickly pear and staghorn cacti. Respect the cacti that line the trail. The slightest brush will result in a painful encounter with tiny clusters of needles in your skin.
You are rewarded with a beautiful view of the valley and spires at trails end.

1 month ago

Good little trail for fall colors, red/oranges that aren't very common in the area. We turned right up the ABQ trail and up to the saddle, where it connects for a bigger loop.

Hiked to the prismatic overlook, and then finished on this trail. Totaled about 10 miles. The imperial geyser was the highlight of the trip. Hike was pretty boring compared to other hikes, but was very easy. Worth seeing the geyser over the falls or prismatic.

I would not have anything to say right now.

Very hard! My muscle endurance was definitely challenged on this trail. We had to climb a huge boulder before getting to the crash site, and I slipped on the way back down. Very rocky so proceed with caution. It took us about 5 or so hours to and from. Really beautiful! This app was a lifesaver for staying the course.

1 month ago

Wonderful hike on 10-14-18, with trees wearing just amazing colors.
However the trail is not really well indicated, with many people, ourself included, asking other hikers where we/they were supposed to go, and how far was the top ...
Strongly recommend it in the fall anyways.

Very easy and worthwhile hike. Took about half an hour, which included several stops along the way to either take in the gorgeous views or let my two dogs get in their "necessary" sniffs. Look out points have guardrails, so I could rest easy knowing the puppy couldn't launch herself over the edge. Highly recommend if you've only got a few minutes

Just returned from visiting one of most photographed canyon
It should be on Bucket list of every body

Four stars because the last 200 feet were frankly dangerous, with a steep grade and loose scree preventing us from the crest, even after 500-1000 feet climbing through thorny plants. “Goat trail” above the wreck site is accurate.

Below and up to the wreck site, beautiful and challenging. Well worth it.

Amazing! Would do it again and highly recommend it to anyone. Easy hike/walk for all.

1 month ago

Beautiful trail... especially now that the leaves are changing. It is a tough one though... I just wish it was signaled better (we lost the trail a couple of times)

I love this trail but it is really easy to miss your trail due to washes and gullies looking like the trail you should be on. The real magic happens about 1.5 miles up when you get into the shady woody area where you’ll cross the stream and see some beautiful views of the mountain. Be ready for a butt-kicker.

1 month ago

great fall hike. nice views at the top!

This was a mostly level hike up a stream bed. There was only a small stream in October, but without waterproof hiking shoes, feet would still have been wet! Great, rewarding and relaxing hike; lots of slot canyons, two waterfalls, and wonderful fall foliage.

One of my favorites in the area. The view just keeps getting better as you climb

wonderful fall hike. the colors are truly stunning.

1 month ago

Elic fall hike!! Did the loop. Rolling up on a black bear forging on acorns made it absolutely awesome!

Just amazing and a must do if you are around Albuquerque and have some time to kill.

2 months ago

We hiked this on 10/10/18 and the leaves were beautiful - probably peak for the red maples. Pretty trail but signage is not very good. We ended up on Cerro Blanco but turned back once it joined up with Crest Trail. It was pretty much all uphill to that point.

The east part of the Rincon Spur Trail ends at the Knife Edge of the Shield (furthest waypoint on recording). This is 0.8 miles from the south Piedra Lisa Trail junction. You can hike and scramble with minimal climbing for about 2/10 of a mile up the Knife Edge to about 9000 ft elevation. After that you would be free climbing. Unmatched views, serious wind and a plenty steep enough trail await.

Beautiful canyon and creek. Spectacular views!! We saw javalinas and frogs. Hiked to where Gold Rush trail intersects. Had a great time playing in the waterfalls and photographing the amazing views.

It could be marked a bit better at the several forks. Mostly should stay right.

2 months ago

Beautiful trail. Mostly uphill for the first half but worth it!

First thing, Turn Left into creek from trail. We hiked about 1.5 miles each way, went through maybe 6 slot sections, easy hike with good reward. We were told no more slots so were ok going back at that point. 6 miles on dirt road rough but passable. Water level was prefect, small stream.

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