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1 day ago

Fun easy morning trail

I did this hike on a Tuesday afternoon and the trail was pretty empty. It's a great hike in the middle of the city. The first half is fairly flat with a few optional side trails, and the second half was full of some steep and challenging hills with great views from the top.

nice area. Some parts be very wary during rattlesnake season

Not trafficked often which is nice for the pup

Easy, but boring for me minus the suspension bridge

This was an amazing trail.. there are many different trails to take on.

Great cool morning hike!

I wish someone would have wrote the review I'm about to write to allow you to understand the waterfall is not accessible to little kids or Senior Citizens that aren't FIT or avid hikers. The pics had us excited to take our families on this hike and enjoy the waterfall and the wonders surrounding it from the pics that have been posted. Although, it was a nice little hike it was not possible for the little kids to access the waterfall. I wouldn't recommend anyone who's younger than a teenager to try to go down to the waterfall. Climbing down there was quite dangerous and it's easy to slip on the dirt and severely hurt yourself. I wouldn't recommend going down there unless your confident that you safe and secure. It was very disappointing to the kids because it was not safe for them to climb down on their own or even with an adult so they were not happy to have to stay up on the trail. The only ones that went down there was me and my teenage son. I'm posting a picture of what the climb down looks like to the Minature Waterfall. Good Luck!
oh and if you start to hike up an incline you've gone too far and are now on the Copper creek trail rather than the Copper Creek Falls Trail. The trail is pretty much level with very little hills and bumps along the way.

Good trail for kids. Cool waterfall not far down the path.

23 days ago

Multiple trails offer loops of various length and difficulty, most of which are short and steep. Great views from nearly everywhere, especially on the summit. Conveniently located right off the highway, definitely worth a stop.

Easy hike with a 5 and 7 year old. Not well marked so had to rely on GPS map at times.

Very quiet walk - entrance downhill is very steep and slippy but after that it’s sort of like a service drive road
Go past the no entry sign and carry on later on the trail
Didn’t see another person on the 2 hours I was there but
BEWARE - on the way back about 2km from the entrance to the trail at the bottom is a house and an RV parked near. They are about 500 yards from the trail but I was attacked by two dogs from one of these properties. One was a Rottweiler and one a very large black Labrador cross. They were at least 800 yards from the properties when they caught up with me barking and snarling but I managed to fight them off with my rucksack!
So be careful

1 month ago

Nice moderate hike. Good incline to make you feel like you did something. I would call the Blue sky ecological preserve a hidden gem. More crowded around Lake Poway but to be expected with the parking lot and snack shop. Too much dog poop around the lake trail. Lots of interesting birding and around on the trail. We then saw baby rattlesnake. It wasn’t too hot today so, it was very doable. In the heat of summer this would be not as much fun. Will come back again and do lake Ramona from this entryway.

1 month ago

Nice local trail...I walked the trail and got a decent sweat in on the second half. Decent views

Pretty boring trail because it is essentially a service road. It is isolated so you don’t have to worry about crowds. However, the trail is not worth the drive as there are many more scenic and adventurous trails near the Cleveland National Forest that you should check out instead.

1 month ago

Very interesting trail! View is awesome once you reach the top. Definitely must go trail!

Great area to take your dogs. Go early. No shade. Nice views.

on Tecolote Canyon

1 month ago

Very well kept trail!

So this trail is SUPER easy. Great little trail to hit if you have kids or aren't an avid hiker. There are no dogs allowed at all. An overzealous park trail leader even wanted to ticket us for my wife's service dog being with us, so just be aware. There is nothing very spectacular about this hike, and it js pretty over grown and hard to find. Nice if you want a short quick hike though.

Great little hike. The parking lot fills up quickly but other than that, it is great. The trail is well maintained and the first part is walking through oak trees next to an ephemeral stream and is well shaded. The middle part of the trail is a hike through chaparrel up to the damn, this section is a bit steep and exposed to the sun but isn't difficult. The last part is a nice jaunt around the lake on a dirt trail. Overall a very good experience.

Great day!

Tranquil trail that follows the creek. Follow the gravel road on the right side of the old landfill facility and then keep to the right when the trail splits and follow the signs to Copper Creek Trail.

1 month ago

A good trail with the option to walk up and down some massive hills.

Starts off easy gets really challenging after the first mile! Great hike for your butt

1 month ago

A decent outing; views of the golf course and California landscape. Power & gas lines running through so it’s not a nature retreat kind of hike. It’s nice for an easy close way to be outside; fun to explore the canyon.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Perfect Trail For My Down Hill Stand Up Scooter. A lil Muddy & Choppy At The End, But Other Than That Great Lil Down Hill Trail Perfect For Early Morning B4 Work Or For Just A Quick Run To Get Your Fix. Love This Trail.

1 month ago

Pretty easy and cool way to see the city. Wear supportive running shoes as it’s mostly all concrete and can be a pain with less than forgiving footwear just ask my feet

Starts easy by nature trail then transitions to moderate.

Easy walk with a nice waterfall payout at the end. A little bit of scrambling gets you a decent view of the falls. There are at least two good viewing spots: one at the first place you hear the water rushing, at the old dam; and the other a little further along before you reach the gate marked no trespassing. If you cross this second set of falls and go up the hill, you'll come across a cave or possibly the remnants of an old copper mine. I didn't go in and wouldn't advise you to, either, but you can at least check out the entrance.

Wonderful, yet easy walk with plenty to see! I took along my 7 year old and my mom and they both had a blast. The only thing I’d suggest is to really be careful getting to the waterfall if not skipping that part altogether with young kids because the climb is a bit dangerous. But we made it without any issues so it’s up to you.

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