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This hike was awesome in the fall! The colors were incredible (check out my pics), but the weather was a little iffy with sideways rain/wind. September was the perfect time with gorgeous fall colors. In October or later, I'd expect knee deep snow.

This trail should actually be called "Maude and Lottie Lakes and Seven Lakes Trail Loop", because it doesn't actually follow the Seven Lakes trail all the way around, and the signs on the trees reflect this.

I decided to hike this as a day trip starting from Stanley Hot Springs, because I was already there and the AllTrails map cuts through the hot springs. For some odd reason, the map starts from the middle of the Stanley Hot Springs trail (not the trailhead), so the distance measurements and elevation gain are inaccurate.

I started recording my trip on the AllTrails app at the location where the trail forks off into the loop. What I thought would be a short day-trip ended up turning into a 7-hour trek across 10 miles and a miserable 4200 foot elevation change. I barely made it back to the campsite before sunset, but not before I was soaking wet from rain-soaked overgrown foliage that covered this poorly maintained trail.

While the views were pretty nice at the higher elevation areas, there are some major problems with this trail that prevent me from ever recommending this trail to anyone. Firstly, there are no switchbacks. You're just going straight up and down sheer mountainsides perpendicular to the topographical lines. This is abhorrent. Second, the trail is completely overgrown with foliage when following the Seven Lakes side of the loop, and it's very easy to lose the trail. The overgrowth is also sure to make your clothes and shoes soaked if it has rained recently. I spent about 1.5 - 2 hours trudging through dense overgrowth. Someone really needs to go in with a machete and clean the place up.

Was it worth it? No. But I did see a pine marten, I guess.

This is a really great trail especially now with fall colors! Trail wasn’t very crowded but has some spectacular views! Both lakes are really cool and you can continue to a third if you please! Lots of camping room by the lake as well! Follow all our adventures on Instagram @themicrotourists.

1 month ago

Went up with a group of 9, the most strenuous part of the trail is definitely the first two miles but it evens out pretty nicely the rest of the way. The trail varies from nice cool tree cover to hot, dry, and rocky. We went up around early afternoon and it got hot quick. The river was pretty low and not very treacherous to cross, there where plenty of rocks to walk over, but you should be careful anyways because nobody wants a whet pack. The camp site was nice, lots of large logs to push around to make benches. The hot springs themselves where clean, they have a scoop to dispose of the algae if it builds up. Overall it was a really nice hike, the weather was great and the pools felt great!

Beautiful moderate hike. Good camping by lake.as well

The trail really needs to be better marked, took the wrong fork and ended up headed the wrong way as I had no clue which way to take, finally realized and turned around, at the first fork take the one to the right. only made it to the second lake not to coquina though. It was very beautiful, a bit rocky. I will try again when I have more time.

The directions on here were wrong for me. They took me up an old logging road which ended up being closed when you can just go straight into superior and follow the signs off the exit to the trailhead. Getting to heart is easy and then getting to pearl and dalton is a little more intense. Heart to pearl trail is a little overgrown. Keep on the trail going around pearls and the trail to dalton is very visible. I did this as a day hike. Had some fish nibbles in heart, skipped fishing and pearl, and had big fish nibbling and jumping at Dalton.

great terrain diversity and beautiful sights both above and below!

1 month ago

Beautiful trail. last mile in was the hardest, but with a few switchbacks it makes it very doable!! We base camped at heart lake 3 days and took day hikes up to Pearl lake and Dalton lake, and also to the state line ridge and hidden lake! it was Absolutely beautiful all of it! We camped at the south eastern end of the lake. Awesome spot!! fresh water near camp and goats to entertain us....although they did get abit too curious! Just had to clap and stomp and they scared away...

First thing is the signage for this was pretty lackluster. The trailhead says its the trail for upper bear lake, no mention of coquina. secondly when you get close to the end, which for us was right around 3.44 miles, the trail is super rocky and it's eady to lose it. This lake was beautiful and great for camping. Tons of wood laying around for a fire and lots of great flat spots for tent. The hike in was pretty easy with a backpack although very rocky so it's slow going. We had a cow elk calling from time to time and even ran through our camp at one point. The mosquitoes and flies were not bad at all but it was getting really cold at night.

1 month ago

Fun easy-to-moderate hike in with beautiful views. River was low enough to cross easily. Nice to relax in the hot springs!

1 month ago

Overall amazing hike! We took our dog up with us, plenty of water access on the way for him. We hiked up Saturday (9/1) and came back down Sunday (9/2). Overall well maintained trail that is pretty lightly trafficked and not terribly steep. TONS of wildlife visited our camp overnight, make sure to tie up food for sure. Lots of fish jumping in the lake, we caught some nice trout. The trailhead is easy to get to, you are on a dirt road for awhile but it is in pretty good shape.

Such a beautiful, shaded hike. Will hike this trail, again and again.

Beautiful, rained the entire way but still so beautiful

great hike for kids!

This hike was amazing!!! It’s a very quick and easy hike up to heart lake (I am not a super frequent backpacker and weigh around 200lb so REALLY it’s an easy hike) the beginning is pretty much 2.5 miles of flat with about a 1/2 mile of elevation gain and then maybe another 1/2 mile to the lake. there are plenty of camping sights, we stayed at one at the very end that was fantastic. There are lots of mountain goats so pee far away from camp unless you want big, white, huffing visitors in the night. Great spot for first time backpackers or for a day hike. 10/10 planning to go back soon.

P.S. the map that this site gives you through google is kind of crazy. I would recommend just googling the hike, every other site recommends I-90 exit 47 for superior onto diamond match road and then you follow that 30miles to the hike, much easier!

8/7-8/9/18. Easy hike, 30 pound pack made it more moderate. Beautiful trail that is well maintained. Stayed at Heart lake for 2 nights, lots of great campsites. Day hiked to Pearl, its not as pretty as Heart. The Mt. Goats were awesome!! Had 7 of them come into our campsite, not aggressive, just hung out for a little bit. Lots of little furry creatures, my dog finally caught her chipmunk. Not too busy during the week. Bugs weren't too bad with spray. The hike to Pearl is easy to miss it goes straight up from the trail, if you hit the marshy section you've gone to far. It was only about .5 mile from Heart. 2 fitbits logged 4 miles to the site we camped. Only 1.5 miles to hit Pearl and back. 9ish miles total for both lakes.

This is a beautiful hike. The creek is accessible in many spots. The trail is easy to moderate with a lot of up and down. There’s both shaded areas as well as sun. This is at the top of my list of favorites in the Bitterroot.

Beautiful hike, well maintained trail

Awesome! Just Awesome! Hiked up to the north lake stayed the night and saw Wolves in the morning then hiked out.

A beautiful & scenic hike to Heart Lake! This makes a great day hike to Heart, or a fun backpacking weekend...several places to camp around Heart Lake, then day hike to Pearl & Dalton Lakes, or do an all-day hike on the ridge overlooking the lakes. Lots of mountain goats, wildflowers, & fishing!

Nice, scenic hike. The creek was running pretty good for mid July. We only went 1 mile up, but had our three young boys with us. Hope to come up again with my 11 year old so we can get further and maybe find a camping spot.

3 months ago

Mostly gentle sloping trail that climbs through lush forest, with a few small creek crossings, and passing by a cascading falls. Steep parts of the trail were very short. We found a secluded, shaded spot to camp for the night, and saw a mountain goat in the morning! Will have to come back and hike to Pearl Lake next time.

3 months ago

Beautiful overnight trip with my granddaughter to Revett Lake. The creek crossings were all easy. The waterfalls and trail were exciting for a child age eight (and a child age 67)! I was saddened by trash left from previous campers....

Lake Revett is a tresasure!

Made it a little over 5 miles in today. didn't hit snow until then. Lots of down trees. great otherwise!

Not quite sure how this got an easy rating. The first half is light for sure but when I got halfway towards the viewpoint of Heart the snow made footing tricky. Not to mention several streams and a small river you need to cross. I couldn’t make it to Pearl with my dog because after Heart it gets into serious switchbacks. I’m not all that experienced, but I’ve done much easier trails that have “moderate” rating. Great hike though.

Spent 2 nights June 11-13. Trail was muddy but passable. The creek was raging and would be very difficult to cross for most hikers. We crossed in hair-raising fashion, balancing on logs. The pools were a little grimy but 102-ish degrees and wonderful after a day’s hike. The creek is right nearby, as are small rivulets for water consumption. We day-hiked from the hot springs up toward the lakes, but halfway up the snow was still very deep, though it was packed enough to walk on. Very enjoyable camping location!

Mountain Goats!

My partner and I went about halfway, and it was absolutely gorgeous the whole way! Watch your feet, the trail can get narrow and rough. I've heard you can camp in there? Didn't try it.
Not sure how long it takes to get to the end of the trail, maybe one day we'll do it.
Definitely recommend for just about anyone, the trail isn't flat, pretty rugged, but I'm kinda fat and was able to hike it at a fairly quick pace haha

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