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very cool

Beautiful hike and great for the dogs!

Although we didnt make it to the falls (maybe half way there) it was beautiful along the way! definitely will be returning to finish

It’s not really an “Easy” hike, but fun! Beautiful and great for dogs!

Hiked this trail Oct 12th, snowing all the way in & about a foot at the lake but it was open. So fun to hike in snow again. I agree with other reviewers....this should be rated moderate. Will come back in the summer!

Very nice hike. I did it late in the day so the sun was preventing dramatic pictures of the mountains behind the lake. I would suggest doing this earlier in the day. I might increase the rating to 'moderate' though. It wasn't hard but was definitely more challenging than the Bear Creek Overlook trail which is rated 'moderate' on here.

Super mellow hike, get there in the morning for reflection pictures off the water!

No where near elk city. So don't be confused. The trail was moderate, some steep places not for the light of heart it's a little over 5 miles each way. It was a good day trip took 6 hours with a hour or so at the hot spring. We went early and it was warm coming back but sooo beautiful. Light traffic looked like quiet a few people had gone in camping over the weekend. Soo beautiful. Worth the Hike!

Not a hard hike. Lots of exposure so I wouldn't recommend doing it in the heat of the day. The hot springs are beautiful and worth it!

Decided to hike up to the lake and back in a day, and we defiantly bit off more than we could chew, but it is absolutely doable if you are in good shape and determined. Best for a 2-3 day outing. Good campsites along the way. Water from running streams and make is drinkable. Gorgeous views. Trail gets very hard to find at points after 6 miles. Several times it Crosses across streams or rock which can make it hard to follow.

9 months ago

Backpacked to Heart Lake 7/7/17. it was my 6th trip or so. Hike is moderate & soooo well worth it in every way. The lake & surrounding mountains are breathtaking but you won't see the mountains or meadow unless you hike to the far end of the lake. New bridges are in & we had no issues with the trail whatsoever. Set up camp & explored a bit then hiked up to Pearl Lake. At Heart Lake we had a herd of 9 mountain goats that were nearly too close for comfort at times.

Tried a different location and hike earlier today with my dog and ended up running from the mosquitos. I've been wanting to get to this hike for a long time and it was on my way back so we decided to stop and get a sneak peak. Did a really short hike, but was stopping often because of how beautiful it was. Found a few geocaches while we were here too. I'm excited that this trail may be my new favorite.

I did this a few years ago now. Beautiful hike although the end of the trail was not kept towards the end so to continue it needed some guessing to get to the lake. Also part of it was burnt which made it a little less scenic but should be growing back now.

Went on 6/19/17 and trail still intermittently muddy. I would say this isn't an easy hike for backpackers, rather moderate. I also believe in some maps it is 2 miles in, but my guess is over 3. We weren't able to make it to the lakes at this time, due to snow pack and fallen bridges. We did cross two streams and had to take shoes off. When we came to the third, we decided we weren't prepared to hike in snow and continue to cross rapid streams. However, it was absolutely gorgeous! We didn't see any big wild life or humans. I highly recommend this hike, but be prepared for the season or late season.

9 months ago

Did the trail yesterday, Friday 6 23 17. Trail was great. One bridge just down from the lake was out. Bring water shoes to cross it or remove your boots and go barefoot. Lots of water and snow still on trail but completely navigable. Huckleberries already green on the bushes. Snow pack on top of the mountain at the end of the lake appears to be around 10 feet. Pritseen and beautiful and great day to hike. Note the wood stock the mules brought in to rebuild several of the bridges.


10 months ago

Nice easy hike. Great camps along the lake Still mostly frozen with 2-5 ft of snow around the lake last weekend

10 months ago

As of 6.5.17 there is still a massive amount of snow... had to camp a mile up the trail, cant even get to the lake right now. Also, the directions on this are horrible. It will take you on a back road for 20 miles. Get off on exit 47 instead of 55.
Overall, I would recommend hiking or backpacking this trail for at least another month!

10 months ago

Great hike and wonderful hot springs! Spring 2017 June 3rd river crossing is partially washed out, but we crossed by very carefully stepping into the river and holding onto logs. I uploaded a picture of the washed out part of the crossing so you can get a sense of what it looks like. Some people we met at the crossing had dogs and didn't cross due to concerns about getting them over/back. Additionally, a couple we passed on the way out to the trailhead was going to add a rope to the crossing to improve it. Don't know if they were successful, or if there are official plans for improving the river crossing. We were able to make it, but cross at your own risk until it is improved. Don't want to scare anyone away, it's worth it!

10 months ago

This was one of the most incredible waterfalls I have seen in Montana so far. The trail is well marked and easy to follow. The vegetation beside the trail is very thick in places and lots of moose sign in the area however did not see any moose along the way. The trail is a roller coaster of ups and downs with several small waterfalls and incredible rock formations covered with bright moss along the way. You will know when you are near the falls as you will start to feel a rumble through the ground. As you come over the last little hill is a mind blowing natural water slide that shoots the water over the falls. Watch your step

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Amazing and treasured piece of the Earth.

Friday, December 09, 2016

It was a very cold day for a hike (9 degrees), but the trail was beautiful hiking in the snow. The snow depth is minimal, with a couple of stretches of ice that warrants using cleats to be safe. I would also suggest taking hiking poles to provide additional balance going down hills. I made it to where the trail ascends to the lakes before turning around. The frozen waterfalls along the creek were amazing!

Only hiked the first four miles. Nice creek with plenty of spots to chill. Nice views of the surrounding canyon. Ended up stopping where I could see a peak at the very end of the valley. Looking forward actually making it to the lake.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

The hike up to the hot springs was difficult but well worth it. The scenery and the views are awe inspiring and the hot springs are amazing and well worth the long trek uphill.

Monday, September 26, 2016

beautiful hike on a fall day!!#

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Easy trail, great scenery and fishing was great after the first 4 miles.

Sunday, September 04, 2016

Great hike for all skill levels. A bit of an incline at then end, but definitely manageable. Once you get to the lake, go to the left side. There are some rock bed beaches as opposed to super muddy on the right side. Did some fly fishing as well, got a few bites.

Thursday, September 01, 2016

Absolutely beautiful- popular trail but not crowded

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

love this area of Lo lo! Another route to take is the Stateline trail, from hoo doo pass. Take lots of water for there is none on the ridge route. Dalton lake is a great place too; a few miles father in. Lots of mountain goats, and the huckleberry are awesome this year!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Loved it! Beautiful hike, great for the dogs, although we wished it would have been a market trail because the first time we went, we didn't know which trail to go on and ended up 5 miles into the Nez Pierce Wilderness on the wrong trail with no lake to be found. We will be back!

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