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This trail is incredible. It’s is also incredibly tough in sections. The scenery is superb and quite other worldly. You will not have solitude on this trail. Rangers told us they recorded over 300 hikers on the day we went. My trail recorder said over 23 miles on this trail, so don’t believe the estimate that trails.com gives. It’s a long long slog out of the lower enchantments from the top to the snow lakes trailhead. There are several areas that drop straight down over boulders and slick rock surfaces. Aasgard Pass going up is a climbers trail. Straight up. My wife and I did the whole thing in one day. Never again! It took us from 6:45 am to 9 pm at night to get out. Via flashlight. Yes. It was worth it because the upper core enchantments is stunning. It was too long for one day though. We stopped for lunch and took our time in the upper area which might be why we were late. Long miles though! Do it!

Beautiful trail! Easy to follow. Some hard elevation gains but worth every moment.

Wonderful trip! Did this as a 4-day backpacking trip with my wife in August of 2017. Breathtaking views, wildflowers, historic shelters, and snow fields. This hike has a little bit of everything. If your itinerary allows, camp at Dollar Lake on the north side of the mountain. It’s a short climb from the main trail, but has excellent campsites, a beautiful view of the mountain, and a nice place for a swim or washing clothes. Water crossings vary significantly with temperature and rainfall. Sandy, Coe, and Elliott were the most challenging for us. It’s a fantastic and challenging hike.

Sooo pretty! The trees are changing colors so it’s perfect for your larches fix these next couple weeks. Follow the cairns and in the core zone, the trail usually hugged the lakes until it takes you back up to the left down down down many boulder fields. We clocked 20.1 miles with 5,534ft of elevation gain. 12 hours even with three breaks. 1 hr 45 minutes up aasgard.


I only completed 19 terrifying miles on this trail. Of the 19 miles at least 85% was narrow trail (less then 30”) along a cliff edge any where from 100 to 700 feet above the river, rock wall on one side and precipitous drop off on the other. I am afraid of heights and circumstances (private raft support) had me definitely completing more miles then I was comfortable with. The trail has many slides and several obstructions. It is a continual up and down. We were told that Devils Backbone was closed because of a slide leaving Huggins as your only alternative. This trail really should have a “fear of heights” advisory

I have been wanting to do this hike for a while in one day and last Saturday 9/8 /2018 started at 5 am from Stuart Lake Trail-head where my wife dropped me and finished at 7 pm in Snow lakes Trail-head. Asgard was definitely hard for me . Doing this hike in a day certainly pushed me to the limit and more , however the reward is fantastic , the landscape is very beautiful . I clocked 23 miles in 14 hours. An amazing hike !

Doing this in a day will push you to your limits, but it's insanely rewarding. One of the locals referred to it as "The Enchantments Death March" which sounds about right.

Start early: we hit the trail at 5:30 am and finished around 5:30pm, and we pushed pretty hard all day.

Thru hiked in 12 hrs, got lost a bit and ended up doing 25 miles, i was scared of the mountain goats and ran off trail cuz of that lol

Hiked threw in about 11 hours. Asgard was definitely hard for me and slowed the hike. This hike is totally worth a day hike. Bonus was no bugs!

Views are spectacular and the lakes are gorgeous!

Just finished this as an out and back (starting and ending at the Rogue River Trailhead on the West side). 80 miles in 3 days.

It was amazingly beautiful (though I liked the first 20 and last 20 miles the most). And one reason I picked this trail was because of the lack of crowds. Yes, there are rafters down below, but I saw only two small groups of backpackers and two other small groups of hikers the whole 80 miles.

Finding a spot to camp can be challenging. Especially because of the holiday (Labor Day weekend), people rafted in to camp ... so most of the spots right in the water were crowded. I ended up setting up camp far away from their noise.

I was not expecting part of the trail was on pavement ... I thought I made a wrong turn so added a couple of miles. Also, since there are plenty of other paths (especially to get to the river), you can easily make a wrong turn.

Also appreciated that there was a water source (that I filtered) at least every 4 miles (many times much closer).

This hike is NOT HARD. Moderate IMO. The blackberry bushes can be annoying ... and be careful walking through the flattened long grass as I tripped a couple of times.

Would love to hike this trail again starting from the East side.

This hike is amazing. We started the hike at snow lake and ended at the Colchuck parking lot. We started at 10:30 and ended at 2am. We had to hike at night and thankfully did not slip to our deaths down Asgard. Luckily we got rescued by 2 people on the road back to the main highway, who planned to stay the night, but didn’t have a permit. We hiked for 14.5 hours and possibly went 24 miles— if not more. The path is well marked but spotty at times — relies on totems/carens for a majority of the route. The path to Asgard is not well marked with Totems/Carens(?) and there were a lot of social trails that made us double back on the way down Lake Colchuck.

I considered myself a good hiker and physically fit before this hike. Bring a water filter, extra headlamps, and a tent/sleeping bag as a precaution. We got lost a few times which added to our mileage. I don’t think this changes my opinion of the trail I just think some people are optimistic in these reviews saying the hike is falsely 17.5! Add up the mileage on the map and you’ll get ~+20.

24 days ago

One star for a craptastic map of a five star hike.

This map is garbage. Do not rely on the author's way points (there are none, btw). The Sisters Loop is approximately 55 miles if you include a summit of South Sister. If you inspect this map closely you will see that it completely abandons the trail on the east side of the loop and appears to walk along the ridge line from peak to peak.

Absolutely amazing with stunning views! We started at 6AM and ended at 7PM for a total time of 13 hours and a little over 26 miles. We started at stuart lake and ended at snow lake.

Amazing! We did the hike in one day - clocked in at around 22 miles in 13 hours. We were lucky enough to do it the day the smoke cleared, Friday. What a blessing! The trek up Aasgard Pass was harder for me than for my two friends - took about 2 hours. The sights throughout the core of the Enchantments made it all worth it. Glorious, otherworldly views. We saw a mountain goat and her baby strolling past - very cool! The lakes and abundant streams and waterfalls are beautiful. There weren’t many bugs, but one of my friends got stung by a bee. The hike down to the Snow Lakes section was longer/tougher than I imagined - lots of bouldering. All in all, the best hike I’ve done so far. Great experience!

Great hike!! Did this hike in 2 days.

Amazing, so challenging, but worth it. The trail was marked better than I thought it would and there were enough people around to keep from getting lost. Aasgard wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It was that last 8+ miles going down that nearly killed us. Pack light. If your pace allows, spend more time enjoying the core before continuing on.

Did this yesterday as a through hike. Great conditions as the smoke had cleared out. Amazing scenery and challenging. Went in light and hike/ran the loop in 6:33 moving time just under 8:30 overall. Started at Stuart and finished st Snow Lake TH. Used a shuttle service and it was very convenient. Great day and hoping to get a Permit next year. I was very surprised to see a ton of open camp sites. Asgard Pass is everything they say it is......awesome and challenging.

Amazing hike, worth the pain the next morning:)

Did this is a thru hike in 15 hours. It was way longer than 18 miles and it is definitely hard terrain but such a beautiful and incredible place.

Excellent. Hiked the entire distance in one day - started at Stuart trail , finished at Snow lake trail head. Took 15 hrs ( swimming stop and rest breaks) a bit scary hiking last 4-5 miles in the dark.
Beautiful scenic yet challenging hike. Thank you to my friend Kristen who organized this adventure !

We started at the Stuart Lake Trail Head working our way up to Colchuck Lake. This is an outstanding hike, unfortunately the smoke got in our eyes, a lot of smoke in the are which interfered with views but worth it!


Just did a 4 night trek, up Aasgard, down through Snow Lakes. It was very challenging for me but so worth it. Bugs were only bad the first day. Last time I was here was 36 years ago and it was more outstanding than I remembered. (and harder!)

1 month ago

Trained by doing a bunch of challenging hikes leading up to this. Definitely helped. It's not so much difficult physically as it is mentally: if you can train your mind to understand time and space while doing the hike, you'll be much better off (not just for the Pass, but also the long hike down to the Snow Lakes trail head).

1 month ago

Yes, old guys can do this in a day. I took a bunch of great pictures, talked to other cool hikes , and had a great day.

1 month ago

First time test out big and long hike with my buddy who probably can run this trail in half or less the time he was hiking with me. It was satisfied painfully. It is the most difficult and mental challenge (the last few miles)
hike I have ever done. We started at a minute before sunrise 544am on 8/5 and was out in the car by 8pm! My feet and Knees are still paying for the unforgiven pain. I love what nature has to offer, wow! Thanks Boomer for staying with me. It was unforgettable memories.

1 month ago

Amazing thru-hike experience. We lucked out on a relatively cool day which was still clear with tremendous views and plenty of sun. Bugs were remarkably few, we had feared much worse. My stats showed 20.5 miles and took us 13 hours which included a dip in Snow lake (refreshing and wonderful) and few small wayfinding challenges. aasgard was as billed (tough and took us about 2 hours) but downhill rock field climbing was harder than expected but doable even for those not hard core hikers (like ourselves). We went down on our bottoms on quite a few rocks. Kept a steady pace with not much rest time but frequent small stops for eating and filtering water. Didn't stop and enjoy the core zone as much as we'd like due to concern about finishing. In retrospect, we could have taken a nice break at one of the core zone lakes and really take it all in. Hard to make that kind of decision when you are exhausted, so making a plan to do that would be better. Bring lots of fuel. Drink plenty of water (we did about 7L and used Nuun tablets for electrolytes) and some real food (PBJ sandwiches) were great for lunch instead of the typical nuts and jerky type trail food. It was an amazing experience and I highly recommend it!

One of my favorite Rainier hikes! You start in the forest and hike up into the alpine. You travel through untouched meadows with stunning views of rainier. You continue on until you descend into Indian bar. We ate our lunch and watched a black bear meandering in the meadows. What I loved is how secluded this trail feels, went on a Saturday and hardly saw anyone. Will definitely do this again!

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