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Climbed on Thursday 11/15. Did Quandary the day prior. Sherman was much more of an adventure. Only had microspikes; no snowshoes. The forecast called for sunny skies, a high of 19F degrees and 10 mph winds (the saddle and summit ridge were a different story). The road was plowed until approximately 11,200 ft. We had an AWD vehicle and didn't have much trouble getting up to that point. I don't believe anyone had been on the mountain in a while as we did not see any footprints (old or new) the entire day, with the exception of some snowshoe prints on the way back to the car at the end of the day. The snow was about 8-12 inches deep leading up to the gate. Nothing too bad. However once past the Dauntless Mine (12,300), the snow was much deeper. In some places I tried submerging my trekking poles into the snow and could not make contact with the ground. We eventually made our way to the Hilltop Mine and then post-holed our way up to the saddle between Sheridan and Sherman. As soon we crested the saddle, we were greeted by the strong winds Sherman is notorious for, probably anywhere between 20-40 mph, most of the way up to the summit. The hike up the southwest ridge wasn't too bad though. Very windy but the views were breathtaking. I did see some animal footprints around 13,400 ft. I decided to turn around prior to most difficult section on the ridge (my highest gps reading was at 13,697 ft). It was getting late in the day and my buddy, who was moving much faster than me, had already summited. I decided to wait for him by the notch at 13,600 ft. He said the section past 13,700 was very wind and extremely cold. However, the summit was calm and enjoyable. The descent was a lot of fun as we slid down from the saddle. We saw some snowshoe tracks on our way back to car. I believe they made it up to the Hilltop Mine and decided to turn back but not sure since we didn't run into a single person all day on the mountain. All in all, the climb was a lot of fun, especially compared to the relatively straightforward climb of Quandary the day prior. No one had been on the mountain since the last major storm and it was amazing being out there in those conditions. Can't wait to go back and bag that summit!

10/22 the trail is completely covered in snow, so wear appropriate footwear. It was well-trodden but slippery in parts. You get to the tree grove quickly and it’s a beautiful view.

Rocky covered with scree a d talus. Trailhead at about 12000, well above treeline. Easily accessible from hwy 285 just south of Fairplay north on County Road 18. Travel on this dirt road until a closed gate parking along the road in front of the gate where ever available. Parking is suitable for a weekend crowd. The dirt road is flanked by a healthy forest of limber and bristle cone pines. There is a short trail called Limber Pine Trail along the way that flanks a creek filled with willows. Great for possible moose sightings. The hike from the closed gate to the summit of Mt. Sherman is about 2.5 miles and about 2100 feet elevation gain. There is a very short area of exposure along the ridge near the top as well as strong winds.There are two false summits as well. Like any alpine peak, the view from the summit dismisses all experiences of wind rocks and fatigue. Great hike for a first 14er. It was considerably easier than most of the other alpine hikes I did this past summer. Sadly, I missed the wildflowers on this peak due to the lateness of the season.

off road driving
2 months ago

My husband and I took this trail in my stock Toyota Tundra only two points where we had to Check the clearance otherwise it was a fun easy trail with some great views.

Roommate and I completed the trail in ~4.5 hrs, which we feel pretty good about considering how out of shape we are. No snow yet, but a lot of the trail is loose gravel/scree, and by the end I was wishing for my knee brace. It was extremely windy up on the ridge but calm at the summit. My little '07 Honda Fit made it all the way up to the trail head just fine -- can't say I'd recommend it, but if your only option is a low-clearance vehicle, it's doable.

Beautiful views, great for hiking in off-season (late fall/winter). Not anything gnarly like other 14ers, but it’s a great first one.

We hiked the Iowa Gulch side coming in from Leadville. The instructions on this that include Fairplay aren’t correct. Drive all the way up county road 2b from Leadville and there is plenty of parking right at the trailhead. You cross a creek bed with willows which can be wet and muddy but isn’t bad. You start up across rock and talus but it isn’t bad. Once you round the corner and start up the southwest side of Sherman, it is very steep and not many footholds. Our concern of going back down were confirmed as we pretty much slid down parts of it. You encounter some switchbacks in the saddle of Sherman and Sheridan which help. Once you merge with the trail from Fairplay, it is straight up on a lot of rock. The wind starts to pick up and really hits you when you get to the ridge and slight saddleback. I agree with what the others have posted. The wind really discourages you but push through as the wind dies down once you summit. The summit is flat and quite roomy. We enjoyed a sandwich at the top before we went back down.

Absolutely perfect day for the hike. Hiked on 9/23 spots throughout the hike were pretty windy but once you get to the top extremely calm. Make sure you have some layers as the temperature changes throughout and something for your ears.
Views were spectacular!

off road driving
2 months ago

Mosquito Pass is a great trail without any major obstacles. There is one long loose rock hill with a bunch of basketball sized rocks but nothing too crazy. Just put your tire on the tall rocks instead of your oil pan. Many stock _______'s have made it but that'll have to be your call. The views are awesome pretty much the whole time with many plants, animals, and old mining structures. Unfortunately the day I was there the smoke was still crazy in CO so my views were obscured. I do have a video of the run up at:


2nd gen Xterra, 33" tires, 2" lift, no sway bars.

9/22 - Not a cloud in the sky, pretty windy but otherwise perfect conditions. Large, flat summit with amazing views! Easy for a 14er, just some pretty loose rock so be careful. The road to the trailhead can be a bit rough, but it’s far better than the Grays/Torrey’s Road. Would recommend highly as a first 14er or just a plain beautiful hike.

Easy trail with quick climb at the beginning.

The dirt road was kind of a bumpy ride. But the trees are all yellow! It was a sight for me being from Houston. This was my first 14er and I had to take a lot of breaks. I took my time drank lots of water. My bandana helped a lot by breathing into it. It was hard but not imposible. The trail is soooo rocky, there was times when I couldn’t help but slide down. Watch your step. Don’t reinstall an ankle. I think I finished in 5 something hours. I run a lot in Houston so I think that helped me a lot. I felt really sick on the drive down. Could have been car sickness mixed with dehydration. I drank a lot of water and got really good sleep and felt brand new the next morning.

2 months ago

2nd time I finally found the right trail! turn left at the 2nd turn off past the leavick parking lot. we parked where the road forked and hiked. about .75 miles into the hike you'll see Horseshoe. Just follow the road/trail. Lots of cool mining relics on the way. The lakes below look really pretty and coming back down we did see a Jeep but that was pretty much the 1st person my friend and I saw the entire hike. At the saddle between peerless and horseshoe the views are amazing and we climbed higher I'm not sure we made the "summit" but we we're well over 13,000ft and content. I would recommend it for how quiet it is compared to seeing the tons of cars/people headed to Sherman

off road driving
2 months ago

Fun high trail

off road driving
2 months ago

Great fun in the jeep

This was me and my husbands first 14er that we've done! We definitely enjoyed it and were surprised that the altitude didn't really bother us. We made it to the summit in 1 hr and 35 min which I think is pretty good. As the other reviews state, the road is bumpy at points but I have a truck so it wasn't a big deal for us at all and made it from fairplay in about 20-30 min. Only negative for me was the people who had their dogs off leash. Couldnt control their dogs when we hiked pass with ours on leashes. I'm sure it was just those few people though as others were thanking us for having ours on leashes. But, the view is worth it!!

It is relatively easy unless the last small ridge to the summit. The weather is so nice today and the trees are turning yellow along the road to the trail head. It is so beautiful!

Nice hike today. Road was rough, but still made it up to the 12,000 ft gate and back in a 10+ yr old minivan with touring tires. Watched our 12 and 11 year olds waltz up to the summit as we huffed and puffed along behind.

Great off road trip from Alma to Leadville. Wouldn’t consider the drive hard, but multiple tough spots where my clearance helped out. The road down from the top to Leadville is tight without many spots to pull off.

off road driving
3 months ago

We finally conquered this trail in our stock 4Runner after literally breaking our Jeep Commander a few years ago just past London Mill. This time we got all the up and over from Alma to Leadville enjoying the mining artifacts, some bazaar Dr. Seuss looking thistle, wildflowers, pika, mountainscapes and amazing cloud formations. We even got snowed on just a bit so take warm clothes for exploring.

I would not describe this trail as "easy" or "for beginners" as some other reviews described it. While we were able to complete the trail in a stock 4Runner, we did scrape the skid plate several times and managed to get ourselves into some minor sticky situations. Going slowly, the trail took us nearly 3 hours with several stops to explore.

Great hike today and fantastic views from all along the trail. Very cold and windy at the top today so only stayed at the top for a short time. Climbing the final ridge to the top was fun with steep talus slopes on both sides. Not a particularly difficult climb as 14ers go so a good place for beginners. Don’t let it fool you though. Still not easy!

This was a great 14er! Much less crowded than the only other one we’ve done (quandary). We arrived on Sat AM around 630 and there were only about 10-15 cars parked. A few snow flurries on our way up and beautiful views. We finished around 1045.

No problem driving in our CRV, but slow going for the last several mile drive to the TH!

Our poles came in handy!

Trail was great. Views were incredible. Plenty of abandoned gold mines and old mining equipment to look at. Hard to imagine them mining above 13,000 feet.

Almost everything above the saddle was loose rock. Take your time. Poles are helpful. Very windy in the saddle and especially along the ridge. The summit was calm.

Had an F-16 pass at just over 14,000 about a quarter mile away. Very cool.

Road to the trailhead was crap. The last 1.5 miles was even worse. it may be normal for backcountry trailhead roads, but it was still bad. Allow a full hour from Fairplay.

Pretty easy for a 14er, we made it just fine up to the gate in our FJ Cruiser, I suggest you don't bring your Cadillac. There are no bathrooms, so make sure you go in town. A lot of loose gravel and boulders.

8/29 - up and back in 3h30m with a long break at the top since there wasn’t another soul in sight. Road is do-able; made in my AWD charger just have to be cautious.

Hiked in Saturday, August 25. Conditions were great! No snow or ice on the trail, easy to follow. The only maybe confusing part was that there is a fork in the road past the first two mines, stay right. There are rocks in the shape of an arrow pointing you in the right direction . After about 12,800ft, the trail is nothing but rocks, so wear sturdy shoes. I was cold enough to wear gloves at one point and hot enough to wear a tank top at another point. Lots of people at the top, but everyone was super Nice. The road to get to the trailhead was bumpy, but doable. We saw two moose on the way out!!

Definitely a rough road up and difficult hike but I like a challenge and the views were beautiful :)
Dress in layers, can be windy

Be ready for the cold and wind. Great climb!

This was my first 14er and as a 62 year old flat lander from Minnesota I thought this was a great hike. It was relatively short and had great views at the summit. Like any flatlander you’ll be somewhat short of breath, but a good steady pace will get almost anyone to the top and down again.

One of the easy 14ers. Great view from top

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