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13 days ago

This is a beautiful and easy quick 12 miles! It’s mostly shaded and follows the river the entire length. This was our second trip and it was totally worth it again.


The Soldier's Creek trail offers some pretty views of the stream, and most of it is under a dense hammock, so you're shielded from the sun. However, the mosquitoes can be fierce.

The Cross Seminole Trail is a great trail for biking and walking, but it's just not my cup of tea. Trail is paved with grass shoulders, and this can isolate you a bit from wildlife, and I never see much when I walk this path. However, I do enjoy walking from Soldier's Creek Park to Big Tree Park.

21 days ago

Too many bikers. Not a lot of scenery. Was a great trail to get the heart rate up but had to share with a lot bikers and runners. Went on a Saturday morning though so that may have had something to do with it.

mountain biking
24 days ago

I really like this place when rain season is not on the spring looks very clear

1 month ago

Great 3mi loop in Grayson Lake State Park. Trail head is by the basketball court near the campground entrance. Thankfully they put up a new trailhead sign! Loop is well marked and well maintained. A nice walking stick is recommended as you'll encounter numerous spider webs across the trail, especially if you're the first one out that day. Follow the orange blaze markers to stay on the trail. The falls are really worth the hike, especially after a good rain. The first "half" of the trail(up to the falls) is a little boring. Some nice wildlife sightings occasionally, but nothing special. After passing the falls though, the trail follows the lake closely and you get some wonderful views of the lake and the rock cliffs surrounding it.

Very nice hike. Super scenic and well cared for. I’m sure the mountain bikers have a blast given the fun ramps that are placed throughout the trail. We only had four bikers pass us during the hike- so it was pretty quiet. Only negative is having to walk along the highway a bit. That was a little nerve wracking because cars are zooming past. The other thing to watch for is the narrow muddy paths. I wouldn’t recommend hiking the path if it’s rained recently. You’ll want it to dry out a bit. Another thing to note: this trail is 6 miles. Not the 5 it claims to be. But I definitely recommend it!

Trail was rated appropriately. There’s not a lot to look at though and there were only bikes on the trail. No other hikers. I wouldn’t recommend for hiking when there lots of other great trails in the area that are for hikers only.

Okay so first of all I was confused on how to get to the trailhead. So you arrive into Grayson lake state park and head towards the campground, right after the golf course on the right a sign that says trails will lead you to trail head. You will have to endure TONS of spiderwebs and ticks if you embark on this trail. You have been warned. It is a loop but easy to miss the detour that makes it a loop. I got lost and the only other person I passed on the trail was also lost. I didn’t see any falls but I’m guessing at different times of the year the “falls” is where I was misled, I eventually found my way. Pretty much make sure you are following the orange markings on the trees. If you have arrived at a dirt road you’ve gone too far. To me it was not worth it because of the ticks and spiderwebs. If it weren’t for those 2 caveats it would have been a nice, easy hike.

A great secret of a trail right near Orlando. If you want something with a little elevation change and some water, this is the trail for you. It’s shorter than what is marked, but it is always a treat.

Really enjoyed this trail. Lots of spiderwebs tho.

Loved it. Took the pup and the baby and ran a loop. I was expecting 3.3 but the loop was only 1.3. Still super fun and it was so hot I was actually grateful it wasn’t 3.3!

Good trail. My mileage was closer to 10.9.

mountain biking
2 months ago

Beautiful scenery on this trail!

Great views, very well marked trail, not a hard hike at all but definitely worth the trip.

2 months ago

Hiked Beech Glen to Wildcat Trail to Polly Trail for a 3.9 mile loop, starting and ending at Polly Hollow. Nice hike with several steep sections, but just before you feel like passing out the trail levels off and gives you a chance to catch you breath. Seriously, if was a great hike and I will do it again!

mountain biking
2 months ago

This is definitely a fun MTB trail for everyone.
It’s highly technical in some areas and therefore, definitely requires keen attention to the ride.
There’s a tree down on the trail and a few small muddy spots easily avoidable.
Overall, a great ride. Most of the trail parallels the creek and there were lots of birds singing and small critters. It’s a great trail to embrace nature and explore.

Love hiking here. It changes with the seasons.

3 months ago


Have walked this trail numerous times since I was a teenager. Very easy & is graveled the entire way. This is actually an old railway that was converted into a trail. Has an old railroad tunnel & trussell that is now a foot bridge. Probably the widest trail I have ever been on. It is great for hiking, biking, & walking the dog. Also has several popular swimming holes along the way. Overall a very nice trail.

4 months ago

Beautiful hiking trail with lots of rock cliffs, waterfalls as well as different birds to watch. I recommend this trail :)

4 months ago

Hiked the trail last weekend and it was great. Definitely recommend getting a permit for Horn Hollow Cave from the gift shop and checking it out, it's about the half way point on the back side of the trail.

To all commentaries if you don’t like the trails due to horse use then do not use trails where horses are allowed. Unfortunately there are a few elements that leave messes but they are not always horse people. My wife and I usually pack out garbage that others have left... including garbage from hikers.

5 months ago

Took my sister back for a day of hiking while the guys golfed, we loved it. At the point where the stream crosses a solid rock , the trail goes to the left and a 4 wheeler road goes through the creek bed, go to the right, you can actually see the falls from this side. Just be sure to back track to the trail. The view is amazing.

5 months ago

A nice trail to see Spring wildflowers on. Lots of mountain laurel in spots. A nice hike any time of year.

This was a tough hike not at a easy level. I would rate it moderate level. Beautiful scenery along the lake and mountain laurels.

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