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8 days ago

Very scenic. definitely need GPS. Glad we went.

It is a very nice place to take your dogs and just have a nice day walking and playing. Highly recommend.

9 days ago

what a surprisingly great hike. trails are well marked, scenery is amazing, nice climbs to get your heart rate up. definitely buggy, but nothing bug spray won't cure. I got just over 3 miles in and you can add more distance by utilizing the Brandywine Creek trail. I'm definitely coming back to this spot

Good beginners trail. Enjoyed the walk. Three hours with nature!!!!

16 days ago

Had to bail on the full loop halfway through because there were so many mosquitos! So don’t forget the bug spray. Looked like a nice little park though with lots of trail options, and I’ll be going back when it isn’t bug season!

Great hike, devils pool is refreshing.....but rocks are very slippery! Hardly any restrooms though

20 days ago

Nice for mb

21 days ago

I took a 4 y/o and a 2 y/o (in a hiking carrier) and we had a great time. We stuck to the green trail mostly but took some detours. There is a rather large network of trails in this small area. All are well marked and well maintained, though some seem better for mountain biking than hiking. That said a four year old and an out of shape adult with a 40 lb pack did just fine.

if you are going to park at the Skelp Level Rd. parking lot be aware that it is not really marked from the road. It looks like an unpaved private driveway going into the woods. The only thing you'll see from the road is a 4x4 post with the street address. once you are at the lot snap a picture of the trail map and head out. Every trail intersection is marked with a numbered post with colored blazes indicating the direction of each trail.

trail running
22 days ago

Great trail, my family enjoyed it!

I hiked the J walk and South Park sections of this Trail. Came up at 7.5 with the Eastern Loop still to do. So I think this is actually more like 10 miles. The jaywalk is easy to moderate. The South Park though is more along the lines of moderate to difficult. It's heavy Rock Trails reminds me of the Appalachian trails in Pennsylvania. Some beautiful scenery and Midway through I found a surprise at one tree. I don't want to give away the surprise so you would have to see it for yourself. It's on the South Park Trail. All in all, this was a great hike and especially challenging since it is geared more toward mountain bikers which means that the path is not level like most hiking trails. Lots of ups and downs, and curvy pants. It annoyed me at first, but I actually quite enjoyed it toward the end.

one note and update though. They closed off the road at the southern intersection of the South Park Trail and jaywalk Trail. so there is no access to the spillway. It's a shame because it looks nice, and they built additional fencing to keep people out. I could have probably gone around it, but I didn't want to take a chance on poison ivy or something else going through open Woods and the plethora of no trespassing signs kept me from going further.

one thing that did bother me a little bit about this Trail was the limited amount of rest points. There are two benches one Midway and one toward the end. But the Trail is so narrow that it makes taking a quick stop along the trail for a drink or snack quite difficult.

overall, great Trail for a single or couple hiker. Might be more difficult in large groups due to the width of the trail.

trail running
28 days ago

horseback riding
1 month ago

Gorgeous views, well marked trails. Be sure your horse is road safe as there’s a few crossings, as well as a few places you’ll need to cross the water. A few very steep trails - definitely not the place for a horse that’s not sure-footed! But otherwise lovely.

It is a good trial did it with my family any bike works and it was a breeze but the kids had some trouble going up the hills

1 month ago

Quite enjoyable for a novice

Love!! Went here because it’s close to my sisters in the city but still on the way from Chalfont area. Hike was a workout and kicked my butt! (In the best way of course). I loved that it was easy enough but harder than most of my go-to trails. Will definitely be returning :) watch for the little spiders that build their web right across the trails!

road biking
1 month ago

Best urban ride in southeastern Pennsylvania. Free parking on Sedgley street at Kelly drive. Sculptures scattered through the Fairmont park part of the trail give great spots for a water break and a photo. Heavy traffic on the trail up to the Falls bridge, after which It thins out until Manayunk. A strech of street riding until the canal path comes into play ,then a safe auto free ride until Phoenixville. Connecting trails along the entire SRT make this trail the main artery this side of Pa.

nice terrain variations and degrees of difficulty, beautiful woodland scenery

Sometimes muddy, always beautiful

horseback riding
1 month ago

Fantastic trail with some amazing views! Well groomed trails, great for barefoot horses, but has some pretty steep inclines. I can’t wait to go in the fall!

Great trail for beginners. Beautiful place, not crowded at all. Creek and waterfall were nice.

1 month ago

drive through the highschool to the parking lot, could not find a clearly marked trail head. there are some "holes" that looked like people walked in through there, but I'd be concerned about safety.

Great experience!

mountain biking
2 months ago

Very dangerous for mountain biking, must have experience and proper gear. Was an amazing experience

Great for hiking, not suitable for biking at all, unless you want a very rough ride.

Nice Hike, but the views were limited. A few discoverables (creek, old house, chimney, fireplace/seat). We started 7am, and by our finish at noon, the trails were starting to get busy. We did approximately 9.5 miles of the loops, by backtracking around on previous paths. LOTS of thorn bushes encroaching on the paths. This is more of a workout type of hike, but still pretty good.

We did the trail loop backwards by mistake-- if you see one red post if you look across the path there is another. Looking at the building at the end of the path, the counting up mileage is to the right (beginning of trail) and the left marker is the end (mileage counts down). We took the red trail, to the orange and yellow back to the red--which was said to be 8.9 miles and came out to be more like 10.5miles from my garmin watch (the last 1.5 miles was rough). The extra mileage would be fine except it's a lot of going up and back down, so if you have bad ankles and knees wear appropriate gear. I hike often but was mentally not prepared from reviews to go for this hike. There is limited shade (aka almost none) it was 86 without a cloud in the sky and was pretty toasty/hot-dress appropriately, bring sunscreen, snacks and tons water (my 3L pack got me just to the end). The views were nice, tons of birds singing, wild flowers and we got to see a fawn still with all its spots. Mountain bikers also use this trail and we almost got taken out by them zooming down one of the steep soon to be ups for us. We only heard the spokes on the wheels from the first biker to get off the trail-they had some speed and it definitely wouldn't have ended well.

Had a fantastic hike with my younger brother just under 5 miles. We turned left at the start of the border trail and then continued on until we reached the covered bridge trail. We followed that trail until we got to the teal trail and took that back to where we started. It was differently an intense hike!! I workout 4-5 times a week and I was so thrilled to have my younger brother there to push me those last 15 mins or so. Especially when we hiked mostly uphill the last mile and it was hot!! We both took ticks off our necks almost immediately upon noticing them on our hike. It would have been easier if we took a break but we went straight through. It was beautiful. Truly breathtaking views!!

2 months ago

This was an absolute perfect hike. Not to easy and definitely not to hard. Wildlife, spectacular views and not crowded. The app says no dogs allowed but that needs to be corrected.....dogs are definitely allowed here

2 months ago

Awesome views and scenarios. I completed the blue line and is short and easy. American bison and wildlife make a great experience.

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