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1 month ago

Enjoyed this short cute stroll. The fall was still flowing with water. You can go behind the waterfalls.

Amazing hike super short but beautiful and historic!

We did Bunny Flat through panther meadow campground (on the hardball) up to Gray Butte. Had lunch on Gray Butte, awesome views up there! Very few people up that high this late in the season, so it was nice and secluded. Gray Butte and back was right at 7.2 miles.

This was a little tricky to find, but we managed just fine. The ruins are cool, and the falls are great. The actual falls were beautiful and the hike itself was not too bad. I did have my 8 and 9 year old kids with me, and found the trail down to the falls a little narrow. I will be returning to scramble along the creek on the boulders some more; there are so many exploration opportunities.

A nice break from a drive along I5.

Easier route is to follow Hedge Creek Falls trail to the end and cross the river. (I’ve done this with an 8 yo) Mossbrae Falls is a short 1/2 to 3/4 mile walk further along the tracks.

A Five Star Hike once there is a trail. Today it requires walking on the mainline railroad with most of the route leaving no place to get well clear of the trains. Bringing your kids is idiotic. It is illegal for everyone! However there is hope: The Mt Shasta Trail Association is making significant progress on extending the existing Hedge Creek Falls trail to Mossbrae Falls. Please support it. See their project update at: https://mountshastatrailassociation.org/2018/10/new-mossbrae-falls-trail/

This was an adventure! I took my kids, ages 8 and 9, and I was a little stressed out about the trains. There are many areas where it is narrow and not a lot of room on the sides of the tracks, and I worried about getting stuck in that section if a train rolled through. You're stuck basically walking either on the tracks, or on the rock, which is actually tricky to walk on and found it was worth the stress to just walk on the tracks. Stay on the EAST side of the tracks on the way in and out; the west side is really narrow and you'd basically be pinned against a rock face if a train came through. We had one train go by, but we had basically found a nice wide spot to sit and enjoy some snacks and wait for one so we knew we'd likely be clear the rest of the way there. The train ended up stopping, actually, and we continued on while it was stopped and moved aside once it started moving. The falls themselves were magical and absolutely gorgeous. My kids enjoyed the adventure. We parked on Dunsmuir Avenue and walked down through Shasta Retreat, and had no problems at all. We always eat at Yak's after a hike in the area because they have delicious food!

I love this app. It picks up such a great diverse selection of trails for all skill levels. thank you!

This was a short and beautiful hike. The drive to the trail head is pleasant and not the least bit difficult.

Never actually found the trail. Signage in the Bunny Flat area is really poor. We ended up on one of the climber routes headed to the summit and after a couple miles figured out we were way off track. But the climber route was pretty nice (although very steep in spots).

4 months ago

Very dry, dusty hike on a wide, dirt road with limited views of Shasta or anything else. Not recommended. There’s much better hiking nearby.

I was excited about this new trail that parallels the road, winding through forest, but quickly realized there are much nicer hikes through this area. The hike is sort of dusty and rough at this point; about 1.5 miles in I decided to head back to the car and up to Old Ski Bowl to do one of the hikes up there (Panther Meadows and/or Southgate Meadows - grey butte is also nice), which are much nicer.

Mossbrae falls is well worth the hike! I’ve visited over a dozen times and the waterfall is consistently beautiful year round. I recommend waking the railroad tracks but make sure you do not park in the Shasta retreat neighborhood. Park up on the main road and walk in. You will be walking along active train tracks, be safe!

Super short, moderate hike w a few switchbacks, but the falls are great! Geology buffs will love the cliffs of columnar basalt

5 months ago

Easy hike to what might be an interesting falls after a big rain or lots of snow melt. Not that impressive otherwise; still a good place to stretch your legs after a long day of driving along I-5. Needs some trail repair down by the falls. Watch out for the poison oak.

Great hike. I followed the directions below this post which were very helpful. when driving look for castle lake and turn left. On the trail make sure you go about a quarter mile past the ruins and go left.

on Kangaroo Lake Trail

6 months ago

Just as beautiful as the last time I visited. Very quick and easy hike.

If you need a quick fix in a beautiful meadow surrounded by alpine vistas this is it and it is just a 3 blocks from the center of town! Multiple places to start, but the closest is at the upper end of E Castle St.

beautiful falls that were not too difficult to find. The trail continued past the actual falls but didnt go that far today.

scenic driving
7 months ago

Nice drive up to the very end of Everitt Memorial Hwy on Mt. Shasta from Bunny Flat, where those that are hiking to the very top start, and to the end of the road to the Old Ski Bowl trail. Absolutely beautiful views of Shasta. Do not miss going to the end of the road.

Be careful taking dogs, the train told by every so often and scares the dogs! Also the rocks along the railroad track get scalding hot so try and go early in the day if you have dogs to prevent burns.

Road up to the falls is a little iffy (at least when I went) but definitely cute little falls!

Not easy to find but worth it when we finally did! Follow Ney Springs Rd. Park at the first turnout on the left and walk up the road to the right. If you’ve reached the bridge you’ve gone too far. There are no trail markers! Walk up to the right, the creek will be on your left. You will see some ruins from the old Ney Springs Resort on your right...almost there! When it starts getting steep veer to your left, climb down the rocks and behold Faery Falls!

8 months ago

Great little hike to and behind the falls and then on to a beautiful scenic overlook up and down the river. Definitely a hidden gem that I will go back to. Did this and 3 other trails along I-5 as part of a work trip. You can actually see this trail head from the off ramp it's so close. Couldn't give it a 5 due to it shortness.

Easy to get to. Not as far as you think.

8 months ago

I do this one often! The falls change regularly! The dog loves it!

The fact that ALL access to this hidden gem goes through private property doesn't seem to bother people, but to those of us with homes in Shasta Retreat and SP Railroad (with their legitimate liability and safety concerns), this has become a major problem since the advent of internet. As gorgeous as these falls are, they are not open to the public, which the All Trails description states in clear, simple terms!

No Parking and "No Access to Mossbrae Falls" signs are posted on certain sections of Dunsmuir Ave, at Shasta Retreat's entrance and inside our neighborhood community. Yet the public repeatedly ignores them and reviewers (like Nouvelle Terre or Natalie Lopez) incorrectly advise parking - illegally! - on our narrow, shoulder-less roads.

If the "shoe-were-on-the-other-foot", I doubt these same visitors would want the general public ignoring clearly posted no trespassing signs that bring a daily, endless flow of parked cars into their family's neighborhood! Thus, the reason for only 1 star.

The City of Dunsmuir has been diligently working on plans to build a safer PUBLIC route extending from the Hedge Creek Falls trail. When that happens, this review will be edited to 5++ stars. Until then, PLEASE respect the privacy of Shasta Retreat residents and honor SP Railroad's "No Trespassing" signs by hiking only trails that are OPEN to the public. Thank you!

10 months ago

Hedge Creek is always flowing. However when it is really flowing the falls are even more spectacular.

10 months ago

Beautiful falls hidden but very close to I5. Exit I5 at Exit 732 Dunsmuir Ave/Sisktyou Ave. The trailhead is in a small city park immediately adjacent to the interchange. You get to walk behind the falls. If you follow the trail to its end, you come to an overlook of the Sacramento River. There are plans (with some funds in place) to extend this trail across the Sacramento River and on to Mossbrae Falls.

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