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Fun hikes in Mt Rainier National park best accessed through the Nisqually entrance in the SW corner of the park

Mt Rainier - Nisqually Entrance Map

Great trail! Nice and steady climb, still some snow as you get higher in elevation. I recommend microspikes.

Snowy the whole way, which made it a challenging uphill climb but the views along the back ridgeway in the tree clearing were amazing of my rainier (not a marked viewpoint) then took the tail end of wonderland trail back to the road. The down trek in the snow was so fun and much easier than the way up, we ran most of the way down. We wore micro spikes to help with traction, which I would recommend for icy/snowy conditions

This is one of my all time favorite hikes, its so beautiful!!!

A beautiful hike with great views and a nice climb.

Hiked in the spring with wild flowers blooming. Gorgeous and easy to navigate

Snowshoed this half way then back tracked.. next time doing the entire loop . Today was sunny and clear skies . Magical views that never stoped

Best hike of my life

Did it in thick snow

Did it in 3min snow. Love It

Beautiful day, weather held out perfectly for the hike. Trail is well maintained and easy to navigate still, not much snow on the ground.

2 months ago

hiked it a little while back. Thought I'd make it to reflection lake from the entrance of the trail. The bridge was washed out so I had to turn back. Overall the trail was pretty nice.

2 months ago

A pleasant enough walk with some nice views, perfect if you only have an hour or so. If you have more time, definitely head out onto one of the longer hikes though.

I loved all the information this hike had. It was super easy and a nice break from the car.

We did this hike starting from the Cougar Rock campground, following the Wonderland Trail up to the Reflection Lake and up to the Pinnacle Pass. On the way back, we followed the "Reflection Lake to Narada Falls" trail before taking the Wonderland trail back to the campground.
The views of Mt. Rainier from the Pass are absolutely gorgeous and on a bright day, one can nicely see Mt. Adams in the other direction. The hike itself was reasonably easy despite several large patches of snow (mid-July), which were not difficult to cross but some of them were in places where a fall could be dangerous if not fatal, so good hiking boots and poles come highly recommended. That said, we saw people hiking up in their running shoes, so there you go...
If you come to the Reflection Lake and have an hour or two to spare, this hike is a must. Definitely recommended!

3 months ago

Hiked this trail yesterday on a clear day. Lots of snow pack. LOTS of people. The views at the top are absolutely breathtaking.At this time of year it is actually not possible to hike the skyline Trail because it is completely snowed in, and there are a lot of drifts and bowls preventing reasonable navigation over all of the snow. However there is an alternative trail that everyone seems to be using that initially follows the skyline loop for 2.2 miles that takes you through Panoramic Point, then about a mile beyond that. It is all summit and all descent. There is one area about 2 miles in that is very steep, going up is challenging but doable. Going down glissading is the only option. Not for the faint of heart. Saw one guy hit his head, saw many uncontrolled slides. Must have snow shoes, waterproof pants and poles are a plus. If you ski, skis are a big fat plus for the way down

3 months ago

Simply beautiful!

3 months ago

Easy hike down, and then straight back up for return trip. The trail can get crowded, but overall it's worth it as the falls are beautiful!

Go on a clear day. The view is amazing!

Used just my waterproof boots & poles but would recommend small traction devices for the way down. a dusting to 3 inches tops on the trail. Cloudy day so no view of Rainier but it's a gorgeous trail through the forest with waterfalls and little bridges. Followed 3 deer for a bit too! Great day out and a perfect length trail.

4 months ago

I’d recommend going on a clear day! Snowshoed up yesterday but we were caught in snow, moderate wind and white sky views the whole time. The point was not accessible due to deep, fluffy snow and we didn’t want to cause an avalanche. This snowshoe would definitely have been more fun with scenery (beyond white hills disappearing into white skies, although that was surreal and gorgeous its own way). I recommend going with snowshoes that have a heel lift and teeth on the outside of the shoe, or you’ll be having to carve a new path like I was! Good lessons for my first snowshoe :)

11/10/17 Fantastic hike starting from Longmire. So quiet and peaceful.
We started at 10 am, stopped for quick lunch, then finished around 2:30 pm. Short breaks every .5 mile or so 'cause I'm not in my best hiking shape and have short legs. We guess that in another week or so, you may prefer snowshoes, but you'll definitely need microspikes or similar.

We entered the loop trail from the west entrance farthest from the Ranger Station (past the lodge and restrooms). This was based on a recommendation because the east side of the loop is steeper with boulders and steps throughout.

Nice steady gain about 1.5 to top with some moderate switch-backs. The trail is vigorous enough that you only need light, but very water-proof layers. Since you're in the trees, you'll want a hat or hood as the water drips from the trees. About 2 miles in, microspikes highly suggested, especially for the downhill descent. I always use poles, but my hiking buddies didn't.

Tire chains only required if driving past Longmire. The roads were very clear up to Longmire on the day we hiked.

We went in early November and the areas around the trail head was extremely crowded. We were surprised to see the paved trail during the first part of the hike. However, we’d highly recommend coming here and doing the full loop trail, including the upper skyline trail. It’s absolutely beautiful. We rode in from Seattle and even on a foggy day in the surrounding area, the trail was completely clear. We’d recommend hiking poles and layers during this hike (if you’re going the whole way) since there was snow on the ground at times.

5 months ago

Just hiked this path, October 26 2017. Spectacular! Path was very well maintained, we did not encounter any snow, the day was beautiful, actually found myself not needing the sweater. It is a bit of a challenge, but definitely doable. Lots of steep switchbacks but it leads to amazing views. Definitely recommend this hike!

Being from NY, with a little bit of hiking done in the upstate region, this trail was my introduction to Mount Rainier Park. It was perfect. Snow was covering the ground, so if you have micro spikes, it’s best if you bring them! The views of the mountain was breathtaking and it was good loop for beginners. Yay!

5 months ago

We went on a rainy, wet day, but the trail was still in great shape and easily walkable with proper footwear and rain gear. The views are beautiful and was a nice quick hike, with extensions to the reflection lake and the wonderland trail.

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