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This is one of my all time favorite hikes, its so beautiful!!!

The hike is worth it. The falls are amazing.

Snowshoed this half way then back tracked.. next time doing the entire loop . Today was sunny and clear skies . Magical views that never stoped

Hiked this today 02/12/2018, on a gorgeous sunny day! Only needed micro spikes and poles, but brought snowshoes just in case. First time up to Camp Muir, ice covered most of the way, making it a bit sketchy on the steepest terrain. It was very rewarding hike, can’t wait to do this during summer, I hear it’s much easier.

Best hike of my life

Absolutely stunning. Climbed to the summit via DC route from July 15-17 (took a rest day at Camp Muir due to high winds on the upper mountain). Bluebird summit bid, with a few ladder crossings over some deep crevasses. Would love to climb it again! It's definitely a challenge, but if you study the route, are in great physical and mental shape, and are willing to push your limits, there's no doubt you will make it to Columbia Crest!

1 month ago

Last June (2017), we decided end our two week long rode trip with a mini backpacking trail, and this is where we ended up! It was definitely not a trail for beginner hikers, as it took me three and a half hours to go up, and then two hours back down. But it sure was worth it! The views were STUNNING! The lakes were perfect and there was just the right amount of snow that it cooled off the heat from the June sun. We hiked to a little ridge to watch the sunset over the Cascades and damn was it beautiful! We just brought out our little tents and camped off the trail a bit and had a great night. Amazing spot to hike in the summer.

Go on a clear day. The view is amazing!

Would not recommend as a winter hike past the first 1/2 mile. Followed footsteps about 3/4 of the way until they stopped. The second half of the hike is very exposed and on a mountainside dropping down to the river.

I’d recommend going on a clear day! Snowshoed up yesterday but we were caught in snow, moderate wind and white sky views the whole time. The point was not accessible due to deep, fluffy snow and we didn’t want to cause an avalanche. This snowshoe would definitely have been more fun with scenery (beyond white hills disappearing into white skies, although that was surreal and gorgeous its own way). I recommend going with snowshoes that have a heel lift and teeth on the outside of the shoe, or you’ll be having to carve a new path like I was! Good lessons for my first snowshoe :)

4 months ago

Snow shoes & route finding needed, shortly after breaking away from the Skyline trail.
Well worth the effort & braving the whordes at Paradise. Once in the moraine, don’t forget to look to the south, for views if Mt St Helens & Adams!

4 months ago

great views of the former glaciated valley, modern glacial terminus and Tahoma (Rainier) -- go early or late in the day to avoid the sun backlighting the giant pile of rock and ice

I had an amazing experience hiking this on Tuesday, 10/27. I had a late start and was not off the mountain until after dark but that only added to my experience. Watching the sunset from up on Rainier was amazing. Most people going up are skiers and snowshoers this time of year and I understand why. There was snow and ice right from the Paradise parking lot all the way to Camp Muir. Hiking this climb this time of year is for experienced and prepared hikers/climbers only. I suggest solid boots with spikes, poles, warm clothes, a headlamp, and the ability to track your progress using GPS. I'd also suggest making sure someone knows your exact plan and when you expect to be off the mountain. I normally wouldn't write all these suggestions but I saw several beginner hikers that had to turn around very early on because of not doing the things mentioned above. Of course it was nice to have the trail to myself too! Awesome experience but a serious endeavor for sure with this much snow and ice. PS, lots of falling ice from both sides of the Muir snowfield.

Great mountain to hike and skin up. Enjoyed skiing down the snow face. Great view from up top, experienced the change of altitude and felt sick. It was worth it for the views!

This is the same trail as Skyline Loop Trail, so I have repeated my review here. The only reason keeping me from giving this trail five stars is that Ranier was completely covered in fog that day. It was impossible to see the mountain from any angle along the trail. I was able to catch a glimpse of Nisqually glacier through the fog at one point, but overall my hike was dominated by marmots, grassy slopes, steep alpine sections up to the overlook at Panorama Point, and beautiful wildflower meadows with trickling streams and looming trees out of the fog. It was still so beautiful! From Panorama Point, I looked out at...nothing but fog! The sign describes all the mountain peaks you'll see from there, but that day, nothing was to be seen. It was also quite cold at the Point. Highly recommended hike but maybe when it isn't so foggy!

Really hard but really rewarding!! Grate view at the top!

Best views of Mt.Rainier. Moderate hike

I am planning to summit Mount Rainier, anybody interested in joining?

Here's how the trail goes ...
You start off with a steep elevation gain literally straight uphill for about 1mile. After 1.5miles of hike you reach snow! If you are out in the noon of a clear sunny day(like today) then this snow should start melting creating slush and water puddles and black ice and a whole new level of challenge to 'not slip'... right about now you wish you brought trekking poles! About 1.7miles in you reach panorama point ... wow! Stunning views of St. Helens and Adams ... about 0.5m later is the high skyline view and it feels like you are way above the tip of all the mountains around! So high five yourself for that view.
Then you start walking downhill for the second half of this trail ... and you reach a point where you have the option of taking golden gate trail (myrtle falls) of 1.5m or continue on skyline 2.5m to reach Paradise point!
Well I took the GG trail and it did not disappoint, views of colorful meadows with the nisqually glacier view in the background.

moderate hike. lots of switchbacks. you will climb up some smaller boulders. well maintained trail. definitely worth it. saw a goat which was pretty cool!

you took my picture....didnt get your name. South Carolina

Amaizing experience I will back soon

very strenuous hike. took us almost 5.5 hrs to climb up and 2.5 hrs to come down. But in the end, it was worth the hard work. coming down, we glissade almost all the way. it was really fun glissading.

we hiked this on 9/9/17. we parked between the visitors center and the park rangers cabin and started up the trail at 0740. it was 45 degrees, foggy, and windy. the first 2 miles were pretty straight forward but the last 2.2 were an adventure. 2 hikers on their way down said it was too treacherous to attempt the snowfield but we continued. the visibility was 20 yards max once we hit the snowfield and we had a hard time finding any trail up. we made are own way and over 1.5 miles up the fog would break for a minute or 2 and make it all worth it. we made it to the camp, had a snack, and talked with some of the climbers just getting down from the summit. it took us 3 hours without poles or crampons. the poles would be very helpful for the trek down as it is very slippery. we brought contractor grade trash bags to slide down some of the mountain and that was a blast.

the temp at the camp was mid 30s with a 40mph wind.

all in all a great hike. there is plenty of water along the first 2 miles but nothing but snow once you hit the snowfield so plan accordingly.

These inclines were tough for me, even though they are paved. You start climbing right away from the Visitor Center. I personally thought the stairs and rocks were easier than the steep inclines. It's a beautiful place! I'm looking forward to exploring more here!

I didn't quite make it to the top of the loop because I got a late start, but I plan to go back soon and often. Beautiful views and great challenge for this southern girl whose mountain ranges look like foothills in comparison.

Great views walking the clockwise direction. Soo many people on the trail. Especially on the beginning asphalt part. It starts thinning out as you climb higher.

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