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2 days ago

frozen and beautiful

14 days ago

Nice accessible falls.

Amazing hike! Beautiful views all around.

loved this hike! I am not in shape in anyway shape or form and I made it... It wasnt easy but I made it and thats all that matters i have hiked this trail about 7 times and it was gorgeous everytime! Unfortunately I didnt know about this app at the time but now that i have this app looks like its time to hike it again lol

1 month ago

Nice hike to the falls from Paradise parking lot. It’s definitely a workout for the hammies but wouldn’t have it any other way.

We did this trail early October and I highly advise ice spikes. Initial ascent is a burner but levels out a bit with a gradual climb on ice and snow. Fun and somewhat strenuous hike with great panoramas along the way. Highly recommend.

A fantastic hike on the best of weather days. This is a moderate hike and not hard by any means. Just take your time - allow a good 3 hours which allows for tons of photographic moments and rest. A hike like this shouldn’t be rushed anyways. There are no cliff crossings or dangerous places. Nothing to hold on to or stress about! No knife edge ridge lines or uncomfortable moments.

The only drawback are the crowds of people you face coming up from the clockwise trail. I recommend going counter clockwise so you have more time to yourself and it slows you to face the mountain as you ascend.

With that said...the mountain can change in an instant. Watching people ascend unprepared for the elements was frustrating.

We added onto the hike by following the Skyline Trail to the right .9 miles in. So instead of following the herd straight up...go counter clockwise and enjoy the snowfield and more real estate without the crowds!!

Amazing fall colors in late September! The colors right near the visitor center were some of the most photogenic. As you ascend the trail, it's a good idea to turn around from time to time to see stellar views down to the river and across to the Tatoosh Range and Mount Adams on a clear day! We'd recommend taking the Skyline Loop clockwise with a detour to Glacier Vista. The hike up is pretty straightforward with good views of the mountain head on. Near the top, we saw a mountain goat next to a snowfield! The views from the trail beat out the views from Panorama Point, in my opinion. The footing starts out rocky on the descent before you hit the treeline but it's fine afterwards. We saw a couple of marmots on the way down. The second half of the trail also has some of the best photo opportunities with the mountain rising over a forest of bright colors. Be sure to stay on trail even if it gets crowded! Just take a pause to admire the view. :) We finished our loop in about 3:15 including lots of time for pictures. Check out nearby Reflection Lakes and Narada Falls on your drive out for more amazing scenery!

This was an awesome hike up icy slopes, with beautiful views of slow fields, glacial peaks, and alpine waterfalls. The trail was extremely wet on our counter-clockwise descent. Can’t wait to try the trail again in the spring! Pray for clear skies so you can see Mt. Rainier in all her glory!

I think this might be the most beautiful place on earth! The trail is a bit strenuous in places with slick or muddy footing where ice or snow remain. Above the panoramic point the trail is quite narrow and requires holding on to the rock face very briefly. There are waterfalls and noisy rivers, marmots and chipmunks and hawks. We were warned about black bears but we didn’t see any. There are dozens of trails in this park ranging from easy to difficult/strenuous. Pick one appropriate for you and prepare to be surprised by beauty!

Great hike.
A long day, close to 18 miles, plus distance for a few nice side hikes.
Amazing autumn colours high up in the hills. We saw bears, goats, hawks, deer. Not too bad.

2 months ago

Very nice short walk down a very well marked path.

One of the best backpacking trips I've done! Hiked this Labor Day weekend with a small group of friends. Absolutely wonderful trail with a wide sample of what Rainier has to offer. We camped at Eagle Crest 1st night and Ipsut Pass the 2nd. You get views of the mountain ahead of you this way rather than behind.
Hard enough that my legs were sore the next few days but still very manageable! Would have loved to spend a 3rd night on this trail to linger around Spray Park more!

3 months ago

This was a nice hike with a beautiful waterfall. We found the little trail that took us closer to the base and then we continued down the trail and ended up at reflection lake. This made the stop worth it as the waterfall itself is not much of a hike.

3 months ago

How do you get underneath the Waterfalls? We hiked past the viewpoint from the parking lot today.

Bring a camera because everywhere is a picture moment. Wonderful views. God country.

Gobblers Knob - Facts.
Get there early, the line to get into the park can take hours, I would assume at around 10:30 - 11ish and you're waiting like everyone else. We parked the car at the beginning of the trail at 7:30AM, plenty of parking spaces.

The hike is not that difficult , switch backs for about 4.1 miles to Lake George trail entrance. Be aware, you can miss it. If you make it to the Marine Memorial you gone to far. Turn around and look for the log mountain bike rack, there's a small entrance where the trail to Lake George starts.

It's somewhat steep some places, but not that difficult. Once at the lake, it's another 1.5 miles to Gobblers Knob, and it's steep.

If you can muster 15 min miles up it's not a bad hike at all. The return is all downhill. Something we welcomed since it was our first hike, and we turned the 11 mile round trip into a 15 mile adventure.

Did encounter too much wild life, outside of birds, squirrels, small snake. All-in-all was a great hike with great views.

4 months ago

Incredible view of the falls at the base with intermittent rainbows, cool mist, and steep decline. My 7 yo joined me, but would be too much for my 4 yo.

We couldn’t find the trail leading up to the falls. We just walked to the viewpoint which is .2 miles round trip. Absolutely stunning!

on Narada Falls Trail

4 months ago


A great challenge! There was a tiny bit of snow left today but definitely no longer impassable. Bright, sunny day and we could see for miles. What a view! Incredibly close to Mt Rainier and still able to take in the whole mountain.

Very pretty trail, nice waterfalls

Be ready to climb through the two fallen trees. Also don’t forget your bug repellent.

Other than the annoying fact that you have to hike almost four miles of gravel road until you get to the actual trail head that you could have easily drove up, this was an amazing hike and the view of Rainier from the lookout (especially at sunset) is second to none. So close. Don’t sleep on it.

A note to Android users: do NOT use Google maps to find this trail head. It took us up wrong forest service roads and we ended up turning around and heading back down until my iPhone had enough reception to use my All Trails app. Click the “directions” link in All Trails, this will take you to the proper location. We definitely needed 4-wheel drive, the roads are extremely rough with large trenches, pot holes, and rocks. It was an adventure, and when we finally made it to the trail head we enjoyed the hike and the beautiful views. Some snow patches remained between Lake Christine and Mt. Beljica, though they were small and the trail was easy to follow. Bugs/flies abounded but nothing was biting, just flying and buzzing (we did not use bug spray but brought it just in case). We enjoyed clear views of Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Adams, the Olympics in the distance, and of course the stunning view of Rainier. I brought my Golden Retriever who loves to hike, and he did great.

My 12 year old daughter and I biked the West Side Road to the trailhead, parked our bikes in the cool NPS log rack and then hiked to Gobblers Knob. Awesome views, good trail and a father/daughter memory which we won't soon forget.

For anyone else thinking about doing this trail, I would definitely recommend biking the West Side Road as it lets you bypass less scenic portions of the trail and cruising back downhill after the hike was a great way to end the day. It is a fairly steady climb on the road though, I commute by bike so wasn't having any issues, but my 12 year old had to walk her bike a good portion of the way. Still worth it considering not having to hike back down! There is a bike rack made of a log that also has metal pipe around it allowing you to lock up your bikes right at the trailhead. Both of us had bikes with front suspension, but I think a bike without suspension could have handled the road surface just fine.

Whenever we stopped, there were mosquitoes present, but the deet must have been doing its job as I only got one bite. Compared to the amount of bugs I saw, I was pretty surprised that they didn't actually get to us that much.

There were avalanche lilies blooming all along the trail and I saw one patch of bear grass that was starting to bloom. Gave us something to focus on when the trail was mostly in the trees.

Trail is in great shape other than a couple small snow patches that are easily crossed. Navigation is easy and junctions are clearly marked. We hiked up to Lake George and had lunch overlooking the lake before heading up to the fire lookout. This was the first hike with major elevation gain I have done with my 12 year old so there were frequent stops. It was probably more than she was ready to tackle, but slow & steady won the race and she was really proud of herself when we reached the top. Spent some time at the lookout which you can see into and walked around the decking for awesome views. I have done the Wonderland and this spot would have to rank right up there with some of the best views of the mountain I have seen. Hike back down was quick and easy, then just let gravity propel the bikes back to our car.

We arrived around 9:30 AM on a Sunday and all the spots near where the road is closed were taken, but we found a pullout on the side of the road just a few hundred feet away from the parking lot. Note that the road up is dirt and your car will be covered in dust by the time you return.

Strava links:
- Bike up: https://www.strava.com/activities/1690237549
- Hike: https://www.strava.com/activities/1690237712
- Bike down: https://www.strava.com/activities/1690237452

Great hike! Not sure if it’s kid-friendly. The trail was fairly steep and narrow. The trail from Lake Christine to Mount Beljica was snow covered. We were unprepared for that.

Everything about the road is accurate.
We camped at Lake Christine. There were a couple of campsites both of which were in pretty good shape. Overall the trails were in good shape. There is snow near Lake Christine. We were able to summit Beljica but staying on/finding the trail near Lake Christine with all of the snow was difficult. However the trail was clear slightly above Lake Christine making for a straighfoward hike up to Beljica.

for what I was able to see, it was gorgeous! Snow on narrow path which couldnt be passed unless you had microspikes or crampons..so dont bother if you dont have them because you wont get far. People are NOT playing with how bad the road going up is..take your truck or off road vechicle ..otherwise you could be hiking 2-3 miles to get to trailhead. The very beginning of the trail is a beast( straight up) So Id reccomend hiking poles for your way back down.

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