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Such a beautiful hike! My husband and I climbed to the top of the waterfall and just soaked in the view. The water is a pretty blue green color. The trail is fairly easy. I highly suggest this hike.

Great hike for families and young kids used to do hikes. Bring snacks and do a picnic

Only hiked up to the first set of falls. It's pretty chill the first half and steep the second, but there is neat scenery between the beginning and end, from the rocky river bed with a view if Rainier to the falls and the creek. It does get rather steep but we saw kids, elderly people and people with babies hiking it as well.

All uphill with a few straight aways...Its best to be in shape before taking this hike. Well worth the views! Real rocky watch your step. The jog down was nice

Beautiful hike! Took about 3-4 hours in and out. Stopped a lot along the way to enjoy the views. Moderate incline going in. Good trail, rocky and rooty at the elevation. This was not a difficult hike but not for novices.

Amazing hike but little bit steep with rocky stairs and roots. Surprisingly it was bugs free! Parking was good.

Easy trek to see the falls and flowers in August.

7 days ago

This is always an amazing hike. Added on the grove of the patriarches hike.

Absolutely stunning

Amazing hike and well worth the effort! Feels a lot longer than 3.2 miles. I would recommend trekking poles for coming back down the trail due to some of the steps. they helps steady you. trail is in fantastic condition and there were no bugs. parking sucks!

This review is WAY off on mileage. We hiked this today and recorded 2.2 miles to the falls ONE way.
Everyone’s comments are correct this is moderate to hard hike. Lots of stone and wood steps and rocky terrain, plus steep sections that are helped with switchbacks.
We pushed on the extra .75 miles up to the Van Trump part of the park. We had incredible views of Rainier even though it was a little smokey from the current fires. Well worth the extra push.
Parking got full by around 10 so come early. Then opened up again around 2:30. Bring lots of water on hot days.
Not that many mosquitoes, but annoying little black flies that didn’t bite.

I hiked this yesterday and it was definitely beautiful. I never got tired of the views. Also, it is a short hike. The whole thing took about an hour and a half with lots of breaks.
I feel like the elevation listed here might be inaccurate because we had to take a lot of breaks and it felt steep. The way there is a little steep. However, I am pretty out of shape and it only took us 50 minutes to reach the lake.
The other issue was BUGS. The flies are miserable. When you are moving they are just a minor problem but as soon as we stopped to take a break they swarmed us. I didn't actually get bit by any, but I had to constantly swat at them. The mosquitos were pretty bad by the shady part of the lake as well.

Beautiful hike. Would love to go back and swim and be more prepared for the bugs. :)

*3.8 Miles to Comet Falls, the Trail winds next to the river, which provides ambient noise. Trail is beat down with roots exposed. Definitely well trod. Still, beautiful views!

Excellent moderate hike. a bit steep and rocky, runs along the river, several waterfalls and plenty of mist at the end to cool off with

Prism Duro Sport

Great trail! Plenty of incline and declines! Beautiful view of the waterfall!

12 days ago

Was looking to hike Morain trail, but we ended up a much prettier hike. We took off from Visitor center, followed skyline and hooked up with Dead Horse Creek and straight up to Glacier Vista and return on Skyline down. We got as close as the Glacier meeting the tree line. The entire trip has great view of Mt Rainer. The first mile is rather steep, but ease up after that. We took lots of break. Could have done this in 1.5 hour or less.

I have been on a lot of pretty trails and this one was just plain hard. Lots of steps and tons of flys. The view was nice but you could not get to the lake like I thought you could. It was not long but took a while because of all the steps but if you stopped flys were all over you BAD. So if steps are hard for you this is not a good trail for you.

15 days ago

We hiked the first ~1.2 miles roundtrip of this trail in late July -- just far enough that, turning around, we could easily take pictures of us with a wonderful unobstructed view of Mt Rainier that included the pretty turquoise lake near White River. The wildflowers were pretty, but no where near as abundant as at Paradise or Lake Tipsoo. The biting insects were voracious; we unfortunately learned that Picardin was ineffective -- DEET is necessary throughout this park.

17 days ago

Most beautiful falls but it’s a little bit steep. You should come early so that you have to take pictures. Because everything is so majestic!

Fairly easy for our family with young kids

on Silver Forest Trail

19 days ago

Super easy hike, very flat. Worth it for the viewing area.

Mt. Rainier rates this as moderate, I would say it is moderate short hike, with a lot of steep stairs and descending. If you have weak knees , trekking poles are a must. The lake views are amazing, lots of flys! I mean lots, the whole trail. We sprayed off deep woods 3 times and it really didn’t help.

Pretty easy hike, ended up running it. Stopped for lots of photos.

Bring bug spray!!!!

We couldn’t find the trail leading up to the falls. We just walked to the viewpoint which is .2 miles round trip. Absolutely stunning!

Hiked this trail about two weeks ago. Unfortunately the trail was covered in fog so I can’t comment on the view. The initial climb is in good condition but large patches of snow blocked decent parts of the trail after that. Climbing up through the snow can be tiring, though it’s not terribly hard.

5 stars for the beauty of the trail but it’s very small good for kids

What a neat little hike! Such interesting information about the history of the settlers of Mt Rainier.

on Narada Falls Trail

25 days ago


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