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Nice walk with info signs.

3 days ago

I did this trail on Sept 9th (took about 3 hours), and it was breathtaking despite the cloud cover! Get there early to beat the crowds. I started at 8:30 am and took the little dirt path to Sunrise Rim trail towards Emmons Glacier overlook, inclined via Burroughs Mountain trail to 1st Burroughs Mountain, and came back down via Sourdough Ridge trail. The incline might be a small challenge for beginners since it's on a narrow trail at the edge of a cliff, but more experienced hikers would consider it a piece of cake. Nice weather, no bugs, and no ice on the trail. The scenery is diverse... forests, rivers, lakes, meadows, and at times barren, rocky alpine conditions. Coffee and a black bean burger at the lodge were much needed before the drive back to Seattle. Overall, worth it for the views!

7 days ago

The very beginning 15 minuets where the toughest as we were also carrying heavy overnight backpacks. But the rest of the trail was very easy and beautiful.

Absolutely breath-taking. An easy but fulfilling trail through ancient forests. Suitable for all ages and skill-levels.

Beautiful hike with an amazing waterfall!

Great hike. Beautiful view. Take the little detour to go down to bench lake, so worth it. Both lakes are stunning. No bugs in sept so that was good. The sign outside the hike says 700 feet elevation change and felt more like that vs the 400 this site says.

Easy trail with enormous trees. Mostly flat area.

Off of this loop trail you can also get to Grove of the Patriarchs and Ohanapecosh Springs. They are all interconnected trails. There is day use parking and toilets at the visitor center near Ohanapecosh Springs if you want facilities.

We were driving back from the Gorge on Labor Day weekend. We wanted to take advantage of the holiday and do a "less strenuous" hike as we had a long weekend. This was perfect. The views are unbelievable and you get a wide variety of forest, mountains, lakes, huckleberry patches, and wildlife. Other hikers were able to spot a bear. The path was fairly easy going and there was not any need for advanced hiking equipment. The elevation was roughly 600 feet through the loop. We hiked with another couple and took the clockwise approach which yielded stunning views of Dewey Lake and Mount Ranier. Next time we will try the counter-clockwise route. Be sure to check out Wapiti Wollie on the way out...

17 days ago

Great trail. Awesome views. wish I had time for the hard trails

Perfect trail to stroll with the family. There's so many fun features like the little wood bridges, rock overhangs, hot springs, the waterfall itself with the neat rock formations that you can climb to get close to the water, etc. It was not busy at all at 10am, Labor Day.

Great Family hike! Try to time the hike with clear skies to take full advantage of reflection lake.

We were her yesterday. 7yr old had enjoyed the up and down and challenges offered by the trail.70yr mom.had to take some breaks but steadily we we're able to do both bench and Snow lakes. route down to bench lake is bit unsteady , my mom had to literally sit and slide.down and coming up was bit work.Though view of Mount Rainier is awesome from Bench lake bed. Snow lake doesn't have view of mountain.through out the trails we get multiple view of Mount Rainier. we took it easy and took ~4 hrs to go enjoy both the lakes.lot of berries to eat along the way.no bugs.

Fun hike! Go left when you cross the street. LOL You'll figure it out.

The postcard photos can't be beat on this trail. I spent two hours at the base of the falls and it was so relaxing. Don't forget to bring a towel if you're going to hike down to the river. I'd recommend a pair of water shoes for you travels, it's a must for my pack now.

We were there today and it was a pretty lake, however, I went with my little daughter and I’d not consider it a kids friendly trail. Or at least not with little kids.
It was absolutely beautiful. No bugs at all. It felt
Longer than 2 miles
But I could be wrong. Totally worth it.

Gorgeous views and beautiful lakes Blueberries abound...we could have picked bagfuls. There were absolutely no bugs when we hiked it on Labor Day weekend. We didn’t even use bug spray. The trail is rather strenuous and hiking poles would have been useful.

Very beautiful lake and trail! Lots of blueberries to eat on the trail very tasty too lol!

Great hike!!!! you are screwed if you aren’t there by 10am. The line is over a mile long just to pay the park fee. Then you have 10 more mile drive up the mountain and there won’t be anymore parking spots. A bit many people for my liking but I’m glad I did it.

on Sunrise Rim Trail

20 days ago

Beautiful hike! In my opinion, better to start from the point where the trail is closest to the service road. This way, you face Rainier for more than half of the hike. 5 miles took us 3 hours which included a lot of stopping for pictures.

20 days ago

The waterfall is so gorgeous! The trail is am easy loop but provides a decent workout, winding and going up and down, making the hike exciting. It insects with several other trails, so you can combine this hike with another. The is a convenient bridge overlooking the waterfalls. An unforgettable experience overall.

Easy, short, very informative hike among many types of trees, lots of them very old. You cross a suspended bridge. Wooden walkways make the trail very easy to follow. You can learn lots of interesting facts about the trees, forest life, forest animals, etc., along the trail. A very well known and frequented trail. There is a small parking lot and a bathroom at the trailhead.

Beautiful and shaded hike. Not too hard or steep. The falls were stunning! Enjoyed climbing closer to them and sitting in the cool mist on a hot day.

23 days ago

Perfect for a quick, easy hike for all skill levels. Trail is easily accessible and well marked. Arrived at 10:30am, so the trail was already active with other hikers on a Wednesday in late August. Falls and the water are beautiful, and the other parts of the trail are lush and serene. Nice areas on the rocks to sit and enjoy the views but expect other hikers and families.

Gorgeous views!! Did this with my senior mom & 2 kids under 12. Not super challenging for anyone in the group, perfect for a family hike.

It was a little deceiving because there was a small pond, then a small lake but much further was Snow Lake. We thought at first the second body of water was Snow Lake.
But we kept going and were greatly rewarded with the Snow Lake. Great view from camp site #1. Not many people on the trail since it was a Monday. On the weekend it would be much more crowded.
Explored the toilet up near site #2. Wow! Interesting.
Do this hike! Beautiful reward.

29 days ago

Great family hike. The real gem about it is that if you access the trail from the nature loop trail behind the Ohanapecosh Visitor Center, you are rewarded with hot springs similar to ones at Yellowstone. There's more waterfalls than just Silver Falls, Laughingwater Creek was particularly beautiful. Silver Falls was gorgeous, I had never seen so much blue in a waterfall before, and the gorge that follows holds deep blue, crystal clear water. This trail also has a connector trail to the PCT and the Three Lakes Trail.

Beautiful hike that follows a river part of the way, and leads to the gigantic trees, accessible by boardwalk. Be sure to hike it early morning or in the late evening to beat crowds, there's a suspension bridge over the river that only allows one person to cross at a time.

Beautiful and worth it with plenty of breathtaking moments and wood bridges over smaller waterfalls along the way! *Bring a backpack with water and snacks for the trek and there is a lunch spot on the waterfall once you arrive! Also partially kid friendly lol

Loved this trail. A lot of steps but the scenery is worth it all! Will definitely come back.

great short hike but if you're more ambitious you'll see a branch off to the Eastside trail as you head to the Grove. steady incline on a nice path that 3.5 miles in will take you to an incredible waterfall and footbridge. Eastside is empty!

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