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10 days ago

Nice hike. steep but not too long, and for such a short hike, beautiful view. the best part is we had the whole point to ourselves. the parking at the trail head was completely full but we only saw one other person on the trail with her dog.

11 days ago

Huge potholes on the way to the trail head, take an SUV or truck if you have one, if not it will take forever and a half!

The hike up we lost the trail a couple of times. You wont get very far off trail though, keep an eye out for the plastic markers to stay on trail. Trekking poles are recommended, as they helped a ton!

The hike up is steep, so be mentally prepared. You’ll make your way up until you hit some logs laying down, go up and then you seem like you lose the trail. You can either go straight up, or take a right. Both will get you to where you’re going. Once you’re almost to the lake, you’ll come to a spot where you can go left or right, and on the right will be pink plastic bits tied to a tree branch, around eye level. GO RIGHT! Its approx. 1/4 a mile till the lake. Once you’re here though, put on your bug spray before you get to the water.

Once you go right, there’ll be some nice spots to see a pond and the moutains over yonder. You’ll keep going till you see purple wildflowers on the ground, and then you’ll see a pond. You’ll think this pretty thing of water is the lake, but keep going and you’ll reach the lake.

The pond has a pretty spot if you veer to the left to sit and eat some snacks for a minuet while looking at the trees and a small meadow! Once you’re done here, the lake is right around the corner. Its very rocky at the lake, but beautiful nontheless.

The hike down will feel like nothing. Its surprisingly easy going down than going up. The potholes going back to civilization are not any easier. You can’t win at everything!

Hiked today (8/5), sunny and in the 70's. No snow.

We arrived at the trail head at 2pm and had no trouble finding a parking spot. We only saw a dozen people and had the trail to ourselves on the descent.

SO.. first off, the trail is actually 8.2 miles round trip (add it to the list of inaccurate distances in AT). I have to be honest, I hated this hike for the majority of it. The first 70% of it is switchback after rocky, rooty switchback until it opens up towards the final ascent. After that, it was more enjoyable and the views are, indeed, beautiful; 360° of surrounding peaks and enough room to enjoy a secluded snack at the top. We saw a few mountain goats in distance too! Then back to the unrelenting switchbacks...
All in all, I probably won't don't do this one again with so many other options in the National Forest with similiar, more attainable results.

18 days ago

Easy hike out to Monte Cristo, gets a little tough after that. Absolutely beautiful the whole way, but there were lots of flies.

I suggest a Truck or SUV. The road up has deep pot holes.

Some areas of the trail are difficult to find. Watch for tape markers it can help you navigate your way to the top and back.

Tons of blood sucking bugs. Be prepared.

19 days ago

July 28, 2018: Great solitary hike!

Road in decent condition, passable by car.
No snow, but there were quite a few downed trees to hobble over. Other than the downed trees this trail is easily navigable, straight forward, but it is steep and ruthless and wooded right up to the end. The shady nature of this trail is welcomed on a hot sunny day!

We were on the trail for over 6 hours and passed not one soul, which I found odd since it was a gorgeous day.

21 days ago

Easy to lose the trail in some places. that being said, we didn’t get very far before realizing we were off trail and a little back tracking we were able to figure it out. DO NOT GO WITHOUT BUG SPRAY. There were nasty horseflies and other small bugs everywhere. Not the easiest trail ever, full of large logs and roots. Lastly, The way to the trailhead is miserable, huge potholes and really only room for one vehicle so if you happen to stumble upon someone coming down while you’re going up, good-luck.

Amazing hike, micro spikes not necessarily needed. You can miss the trail about a 1/3 of the way up as it was covered in snow (being first one in the trailhead) hard to find fresh tracks, but it's an easy find back to the trail. Unbelievable views from the top though.

24 days ago

Amazing view Hikes on Saturday 7/21/2018 not too hot bugs are friendly this is our second time .
We stay for lunch for almost two hours pictures and video, we slow Hikers 6 hrs RT ( plus two hrs stay for lunch) it’s worth it

High clearance vehicle required for gravel road or will have to drive very slow. The trail was very nice and lake is beautiful. Careful on the melting snow as to not fall through.

did this on 7/14/18. still a little bit of snow towards the top, but no need for crampons. gorgeous views

29 days ago

The road to the trail head has a lot of pot holes and very rocky.
I highly recommend off road tires and a high clearance vehicle.
Although I did it in my compact Hybrid Honda Insight (Prius), it was slow going and a lot of navigating, I am a pro driver but I still bottomed out twice as there is no way around a few deep pot hole spots.
If you ever wondered what stairclimbing up a dry creek bed was like in the middle of heavily rooted forest.....look no further, you have found it.
The trail gives you a taste of the root steps, stones for stairs, large loose stones path, and the erosion before you even get to the Y.
Once you begin the trek it goes from a forest, over and with water paths, and a lot of fallen trees.
Once past the ridge, it becomes a trek through water and bogs, there are a few snow melts and it is easy to get lost or miss the trail.
the current snow melt along the rock path down hides many voids in rocks n branches, so beware.
The bugs were out in force, and were around me from the parking lot until I returned back.
the path down is just as treacherous, the path is steep and very unsteady footing.
rocks move, roots have soil eroded so it feels as if you are walking up n down ladder steps, and general soul erosion has many dips in the path.
make sure you are sure footed and have proper footwear and gear.
I was in hiking shoes and I almost twisted each ankle from the decent and slick footing.

29 days ago

The hike is hard, especially with the steepness and steadiness of the switchbacks, but much worth the view! We hiked in June and there was still snow on top, making it hard to reach the summit without proper gear of grapples and ice picks.

1 month ago

It was a beautiful trail. Very easy to walk. My aging mother, and arthritic elderly dog, were both able to handle this trail with no complications. I would classify this more as a walk in the woods than as a hike, but the scenery was beautiful.

on Mount Dickerman Trail

1 month ago

Always a challenge! July 15th, 2018. Started at 1pm. Back to the parking lot 9pm, spent a lot of time on the peak, absolutely stunning views, peaks, snow and green. One regret, forgot insect repellent! The trail is well maintained l. A little snow in the end felt good in hot humid day. Bring a lot of water, mosquito repellents. One note: it’s for sure longer than 5.5 Miles. My phone says over 11 Miles

1 month ago

We just did some of the Pineclle Lake trail and did the short hike to Bear Lake. The road requires a high clearance vehicle, but is added fun if you like off-roading!

Wish there were more signs on where to go. But this is truely a hike of a lifetime!

we did the hike today with 4 girls, 1,5,8 and 9, it was harder than expected, definitely a workout. its about 1.2 miles up hill. The 3 oldest started to complain a little before we reached the top. plenty of parking and not many people on the trail. view was beautiful!!!

1 month ago

Took my teenage boys out for the first hike of the year. Nice hike. Great view at the end.

1 month ago

Great trail! Backpacked my 2 year old the entire 6 miles. Easy, minimal elevation. Beautiful views of the river most of the trip. Shady, sandy beach area towards the end where we stopped for lunch. Only complaint was dog owners not picking up poop.

1 month ago

July 8, 2018: Ah yes, bugs, snow, and VIEWS!!! The snow patches' well beaten paths are passable without spikes or poles; just be cautious of the water below the paths weakening the snow, not that you'll fall to your death or anything, it'd just be an inconvenience. One dead end path to note, but it was an easy remedy.
Other than that it's pretty straight forward. I would call it the lower end of a hard rating.
A clear day like today provides amazing views of Baker, Glacier, Shuksan, and even Rainier.

1 month ago

Great hike on the 4th of July! Saw a young black bear on the roadside, about 14 miles in. Popped a tire on rocks about 1/4 mile from the trailhead and got a late start after changing it (don’t drive the road too fast!)
After about a mile into the hike through shaded forest, climbed beautiful sunny green hillside and the flowers are just beginning to pop. Hit lots of snow just before dropping down to the small lakes (ponds?) but easy to find your way. Lots of bugs! After the lakes, we stuck mostly to the trail but saw that others had found various routes through snow up to the lookout. Reached the lookout in 2.5 hours, around 5:30, and only saw one other person beyond the lakes. Amazing views!

the road up to the trail has a lot of potholes but managed to get a 2wd car through there, recommend bringing a 4wd. the trail was great, lots of snow up there!

Turned around at the snow at a half mile, maybe less, to the end of the trail; it was cloudy anyway wouldn't have seen anything from the basin. The waterfall was still gorgeous, as was the scenery of the hillside and the forest below. Climbing the steep, rocky and bouldery trail section was a little sketchy when wet, but it's doable. For not intending to do this hike at all today, I was still pleased with it, clouds and all.

1 month ago

I hike this trail every year. Great views and wild flowers for probably the top 1/3 of the trail. Epic 360 views from the top!

Such a quick and easy hike to such a beautiful waterfall!

Good trail, fun to navigate ✔️

hiked 6/12. really nice, easy 4-mile walk to the Monte Cristo townsite. past there, start to encounter serious elevation gain. almost made it to Glacier Basin, but too much snow obscuring trail right near the end. tried poodle dog pass and made it up to the stream crossing before snow once again foiled plans. can't wait to try again in a month.

road up needs a lot of work but manageable in a front wheel drive car. you will need to walk a little bit to get to the trail head due to still deepish snow on the service road.

the trail needs a lot of love. first part was rough but easy to follow. after about a half mile into the trail after is Y off from bear lake to pinnacle lake I had to turn around. a good amount of snow still and lots of fallen trees over the trail.

2 months ago

there is no way for the car drive all the way to the lake because the rod its been wash three deferent spot and look scary the lake was full in snow but its worth it

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