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first time with the family best hike this far. beautiful scenery and fresh air. dog friendly easy hike.

5 hours ago

Arrived around 8am Sat morning and snagged the last parking spot. Small lot for such a popular spot. Apparently there's parking in the campground across the way. There are bathrooms at the TH. So just FYI...I found this a moderate ++ hike for me...I'm 70. Took me some time to get thru the rocky section mostly going up but coming down was really hard on my knees. Lots of tree roots and wet rock surfaces to maneuver. OK...enough. The trees are wonderful. awesome views, the smell of the forest, the waterfalls and the lake at the top with some lingering snow on the slope. All beautiful!!

7 hours ago

Trail is good, but watch out for pothole "minefield" on the way up/down the 1.5 mi Mt Pilchuck Access Road to the trailhead! Go very slowly, and even then it's impossible to avoid the masses of scattered potholes. Pray for your car.

14 hours ago

The view is worth it. Small parking - must get early or after 2PM.

20 hours ago

Such a beautiful and relatively easy trail. Went on it in May and there was still snow up at the lake. The trail itself is beautifully routed through the lush forest with multiple views of small waterfalls and grand views once you reach the portion of the switch backs. Be careful when walking on the log stairs as your foot may slip as mine did and you’ll take a log to the knee. But sore knee aside, this lake was truly breathtaking and the scenic drive out to it also matched in its beauty. You will need to purchase a North Forrest Park Pass prior to going as a heads up.

1 day ago

Perfect weather today for this short hike with a Beautiful lake at the end for a nice picnic! Concur with previous reviews though for the road condition. Trailhead is 5 miles from Mt Loop Hwy and that 10 miles combined probably took just as long as the hike. We made it in our Kia Forte but did scrape in a few spots. If you have similar vehicle and don't know how to navigate these obstacles (potholes, rocks) then may be good to choose another hike. The worst of road is first 2.5 miles I would say.

1 day ago

We just did some of the Pineclle Lake trail and did the short hike to Bear Lake. The road requires a high clearance vehicle, but is added fun if you like off-roading!

Wish there were more signs on where to go. But this is truely a hike of a lifetime!

2 days ago

beautiful view

on Boardman Lake Trail

2 days ago

Relaxed, fairly easy and short hike. The lake is beautiful, although there were a lot of bugs so repellent is a must. I loved seeing all the water lizards swimming around. There are a lot of huge pot holes on the road up so I wouldn't attempt getting there in any low to the ground vehicle.

2 days ago

Beginner friendly trail. Just wear proper shoes. Beautiful and very scenic! If you bring your dogs, please keep them on a leash and clean up after them or that will only ruin it for all of us who are responsible dog owners that love hiking with them! Can get pretty crowded... make sure you get there as early as you can if you don't want to walk dodging crowds of people along the trail!!!

The lake is absolutely beautiful! It is my favorite lake I have hiked to in Washington so far. The trail is rocky and was kind of wet in spots, which always makes me extra cautious. The waterfalls were an added bonus. I wish it wasn't such a busy trail, but it is easy to understand why it is.

This trail was great. It was very rocky all the way to the lake, but the view was worth it. For newcomers, it’s a hike uphill almost the entire way to the lake. If you’re not going over rock which is most of the trail, you are going over roots. The lake is worth the uphill trek. You might think about bringing sandwiches and having a picnic at the top.

love it! beautiful and peaceful place

Had a great day the trail varied from rocks,bridges,dirt the lake was gorgeous but cold we jumped off a rock on the far right side and it was amazing I will return again and I'm glad it was Tuesday because it was still well populated

Fun little hike. Took small kids... enjoyed the ice caves at the end.

5 days ago

Hiked on Sunday with my pup and a group of friends. Trail was rockier than expected and also pretty muddy. The bugs at the lake render it nearly impossible to take a break but the views are stunning nonetheless. I'm in good shape and it took me about 3 hours down and back with minimal breaks.

also: arrived at the parking lot at 9:30 and was lucky to find a spot. evidently later in the day cars were towed for parking on the street so get there early or late but not between 10-2!

6 days ago

Did this on Sunday afternoon (July 8th) to avoid the crowd, which turned out to be a good strategy. I arrived at the trailhead at about 6pm, and it took me about 75 minutes to get to the lake. Along the way there wan't much people around and there was a part that's very rocky, so watch your steps. As your approach the lake, you will see more and more mosquitoes so bring a spray. The lake is quite and clear. I give it 4 star because there isn't much else to see along the way up, but it is a pretty good workout.

Caves aren't anything spectacular yet.

Great trail for kids!

7 days ago

We could not get to trail head in a Nissan. Pot holes huge. Need a car truck with high clearance. Wish there had been better info on road.

Did this trail in the rain and it was still amazing! There is a lot of climbing over tree stumps and rocks though, a little hard on the knees coming down. But the lake is a view you can't miss!

Very good trail. Not a lot of elevation, so good for beginners too. Remember to keep your bug spray

8 days ago

We did this hike with a 6 year old, 4 year old, and a 2 year old (in a backpack). And we didn't get all the way to the end. Our kiddos got tired, But it was a beautiful hike. Lots of trees and small streams. We really enjoyed this one. We would definitely do it again. The parking lot is also a good size. There were a lot of people on the trail. But it wasn't insane. Bug spray is definitely a good idea.

Narrow path = lots of yielding. mosquitos enjoyed the snack. mountain = beautiful

9 days ago

9 days ago

hiked on 4th of July. great hike. trail still snow covered in places and a lot near the summit. crampons a help but not completely necessary. good time to do this one. spectacular panorama from summit!

Good & easy hike. One negative would be how crowded it it. People should step to the side if they are going too slow.
Lake was gorgeous. We found a nice rock to get on for a nice rest & lunch. Snow on the ground added to the beauty of the lake.

9 days ago

I feel like you can’t start a trip report from Ashland Lakes without talking about the road. Yep, it’s every bit as bad as every other report says it is. For reference, I drove a Toyota Tundra to the trailhead. One of the potholes was big enough to fit the entire truck. Seriously. All four tires were in. It was also filled with water so it was like driving through a pond. That said, just drive slow. Most cars can make it.

We arrived at the trailhead at 11:00 on a Saturday morning and there were no parking spaces available. So I kept driving and found a pullout about two hundred feet further down the road with room for about two vehicles. Speaking of parking, remember that this is a Washington Discover Pass trailhead. I noticed about half the cars were sporting Northwest Forest Passes hanging from their mirrors, even though there is a giant sign as you enter the parking area reminding you that you need a Discover Pass. Kudos to the guy who had both a Northwest Forest Pass and a Discover Pass in his window. Way to cover your bases! And shame on the two vehicles that didn’t show any pass… may karma and a ranger catch up to them.

Anyway, hitting the trail, the first half mile or so are easy going. You’ll come to a nice sturdy bridge crossing a creek. After that it starts to climb a bit and the trail becomes rougher. There’s plenty of slippery boardwalk (I slipped twice over the course of the weekend), exposed roots, and slippery rocks. I was with a group of Boy Scouts ranging in age from 11 to 15 and they all navigated it like they were pros.

The first lake is Beaver Plant Lake, it was my favorite of the three. There are a couple of campsites here, but none are suitable for a group so we had to keep moving. But if you are looking for a nice place to camp, there is an especially nice site for just one tent that’s next to the creek at the outlet of the lake.

It’s a short and easy hike from Beaver Plant to Upper Ashland Lake. Upper Ashland has more campsites, and they were mostly full when we got there. So we decided to head down to Lower Ashland. The descent was relatively steep, so we were hopeful that we’d find a spot to camp there since we weren’t looking forward to carrying our heavy packs back up the hill the same day. We were starting to get discouraged when we got to the lower lake and found the first campsite taken. It was a fairly large site that had exactly one tent in it. We kept going and found a much larger campsite just down the trail.

For reference, we had five tents in our group. Later in the evening a large family came in looking for a spot. We shared the space with them, they had four tents. We probably could have fit two more tents in the area if needed. So if you are hiking with a group Lower Ashland Lake should be your destination.

Sunday morning we hiked out, and when we got back to the trailhead the parking lot was even more full than the day before. On our way back down the mountain we passed seven more cars headed up. Apparently being featured as Craig Romano’s Hike of the Week have given this hike some new popularity. Then again, it was nothing like the mess at Lake Twentytwo that we passed on our way home…

the road up to the trail has a lot of potholes but managed to get a 2wd car through there, recommend bringing a 4wd. the trail was great, lots of snow up there!

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