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Fun trail, super snowy day. We tried to take the Newton Creek trail up to Timberline Trail, but it was too difficult walking on the steep grade of the last mile of trail.

a must do. I love this hike. It's a great weekend hike. 2 19 mile days aren't that bad if you go ultralight. so many waterfalls. paint brush and other wildflowers are plentiful. trail is in great shape.

Great training hike for Hood summit and other big peak summits! Definitely a good work out with great views.

To continue on to Lookout Mountain at the Gumjuac/Divide junction, take the trail farthest to the left (not the road). It's the only trail at the junction that does NOT have a sign. Spectacular 360 view on top of Lookout Mtn.

More like 42 miles around the entire trail.

was great. alittle bit confusing signs but we got it right. excellent view once at top. just follow the little Rock piles when down at river crossings.

7 months ago

Really fun hike, but will put your legs to work on the second half. Incredible view at the top.

I was out for almost 5 hours and only saw four other people and that wasn't until the last 30 minutes. Loved it!!! Nice hike, relatively well marked and easy to navigate.

My girlfriend and I completed this in 3 days from 8/19-8/21. Beautiful hike but difficult at many points. Try to plan major river/stream crossings for the morning. They get harder as the snow melts in the afternoon.

7 months ago

awesome place

Here is my trip report https://adventurecontinues.org/2017/08/19/timberline-trail/

Friday night- Saturday afternoon heat hike, recommend mosquito repellent, some section there were a lot of flies and in the morning lots of mosquitos.

Friday to Sunday (clockwise start and end at the Lodge). A truly spectacular hike! Absolutely perfect weather right now. The trail is in great shape overall. All river and glacial crossings are manageable day or night with some caution. Wildflowers are all on impressive display. Happy I brought the DSLR along. Fellow hikers on the trail were friendly and in high spirits. This was a weekend I'll never forget!

Trail ran the loop on Saturday. Weather was outstanding and the trail in great shape. All the crossings were good (Coe and Elliott were a little more challenging but fine). Wild flowers are in bloom which made the scenery that much more spectacular. We started/ended at Timberline lodge instead of Cloud Cap Campground. If I were to run this course again, I would start at Cloud Cap Campground and run clockwise (like we did). This would get the 'dry zone' out of the way while cool as well as the significant drop down to Zig Zag out of the way relatively early. Great day!

Did the whole loop last week. Most of the creek and river crossings were smooth and we were able to rock hop across. Coe and Elliott were a little sketchy, but doable. There was one section on the north side where the trail was under snow and we got off route, but were able to find it using this app. It could be melted off by now. GORGEOUS wildflowers everywhere! I want to do this trail every year!

8 months ago

there's the silcox hut trail and there's the silcox hut access road. Take your pick! No snow all the way to the hut.

Go early to avoid the crowds. Nice trail, well marked, and the wildflowers are amazing! You will need to cross the river either through it or on a log.

Bring bug spray the mosquitos and biting flys are bad!

One of my favorites. Going counterclockwise crossing the river is simple, even with my dog but once at the top I haven't found a good way to cross with my dog in order to finish the loop. Going counterclockwise, follow the trail left whenever it veers off to other marked trails. Amazing views and being so close to Hood for a moderately challenging hike is awesome.

Take the loop counterclockwise for a more challenging switchback hike, clockwise is a little easier. crossing Newton Creek is not bad, there are downed logs to walk on, though it was a hot day so we waded through the knee-high water while holding onto the log...refreshing and actually easier. The lupines along the entire hike were gorgeous!

8 months ago

Really awesome hike. The river crossing ~1.3 miles in has a few logs across it and was fairly easy to get over. Most of the trail is in the trees without much of a view, but once you get to the clearing at the top it is well worth it. The first clearing is a great view of the glacier, and Mt. Jefferson. There are also some nice areas to camp around here, and a full meadow of wildflowers. If you push on a bit further, you'll round the ridge to an amazing view of St. Helens, Rainier, and Adams all in a row. We set up our campsite here and hiked a bit further up the trail without our packs, which was a fun scramble and another amazing panoramic view. Overall a very fun hike. Moving time was about 3.5 up and 2.5 down, and the milage was pretty accurate to what this map says - maybe about a mile off round trip. If you're planning to camp, there is a nice stream between Ramona falls and the end of the trail that you should fill up at, because its the last water stop. During our hike there were a lot of flies - bug spray helped a bit, but some of the snack breaks we had to put on light jackets to keep them off. At the top it wasn't nearly as bad.

I would highly recommend staying at the top and watching the sunset. Its incredible.

8 months ago

You can hike up to the hut without any snow now. Great view from the hut and worth the steep hike up. Amazing purple wildflowers on both sides hiking up the mountain. Snow starts after the hut if you want to venture further. Still skiing and snowboarding up there as well

9 months ago

Hiked on 7/17/17. Worth every mile for the views. From the parking lot you take the Ramona Falls trail. Besides the fun (anxiety inducing) river crossing, the initial trail isn't great... very dry and dusty but worth it because the falls are beautiful. We got to the falls around 11:30 am on a Monday, and there were a few other hikers. Only one person continued you up the Timberbline Trail with us. This part of the trail is beautiful. Huge trees, comfortable pine needle trails and green everywhere. After .7 miles you come to a wider area of the trail where the timberline trail splits with Yocum Ridge. The sign is covered in sap so you can't read it, but you take the trail on the right... the one that goes up! Then it's 4.7 to the top. You stay mostly on the tree covered trail, but do pass through 3 small boulder fields and multiple alpine meadows filled with wildflowers. Several downed trees add interest. The trail is otherwise well maintained and clearly marked.

The views for the last 1.5 are incredible and just get better and better. We continued up through a steep meadow once the trail ended less than 1/10 of a mile to have lunch on a boulder. We could clearly see 3 snow capped beauties (Helens, Ranier and Adams).

There were 3 incredible campsites at the top. Wish we'd backpacked because we really wanted more time with the view.

Started at the Timberline Lodge and when counter-clockwise towards Cloud-Cap. Hiked starting 2-July-2017 and encountered some unsafe snow and ice conditions near Clark and Newton Creek. Hopefully trails have melted now with all the warm weather that will allow full access all the way around.

Cloud Cap and Tilly Jane campground were closed.

The turn off from the elk meadow trail has two large trees down at the entrance. Technically the loop is not even close to the meadow. Not a "hard" hike but challenging enough.

Did the Meadows loop. About 6,5 miles. Nice hike. The view at the meadow is worth the pain of the climb !!

Early sunrise trek is the best out on the slope at 2 am hike all the way up just in time to see the sun rise above the world. Best feeling

A lot of trees down across the trail but overall a fantastic hike.

Scary! Amazing! Skied off the top.

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