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it was a good Hike but the kids get tired really easily... When you get to the spot it not as good when it like cloudy and rainy and you do not get to see mount hood... But on the way down its easy better than going up.

1 day ago

Not going to agree at all with the last review. I completed the loop, walked to the right at the trail split (following the Ramona falls trail), which was probably a mile in to the trail. I finished the loop, meeting back at the sign (from the left side). The return trip was way better than the way up.

Crossing the river was pretty easy if you have good balance. Stick won’t help u much unless you intend to walk in the river to cross it. We crossed across a downed tree.

Hiked this trail with the family, ages 10-53. Perfect length and difficulty for the kiddos, wore out the pupper. Absolutely gorgeous!

This was a fun snowshoeing hike. We got there early to avoid large groups of people and it worked. As we were leaving probably 50+ people were coming in. The trail was nice, not too strenuous.

Spectacular waterfall! We hiked this trail to celebrate the arrival of 2008. We were excited to try out our traction spikes in the frozen wonderland, and boy did we need them. We cruised down the trail, surefooted, while others resorted to sliding on their butts at any decline and forming human chains at the inclines... Funny, but also dangerous- be sure to bring the right equipment for your season!

Loved this hike! Super easy for everyone with a pristine picture of mt good

3 days ago

Fantasy hike!

Amazing hike. It was a great work out for my family of 5 and I. My 12 years old son did great even thought this hike was tuff for all of us.

Things you must know. We had a hard time finding this trail. The dirrections took us at the begening of TOP SPUR trail ( witch is an other trail) with no indications for Mc Neil point trail.
You just need to start on that trail Top Spur trail and wen you come up to a big white sign after a mile or so. You take the TIMBERLINE trail on the left going down for a bit then up the all way to Mc neil point. . We went in mid june and we still had the walk on top of many snow patches. The day was splendid and once you get past the forest and the clearing open up on a spectacular view of the Mt hood, it only gets better from there all the way up to Mc Neil point where you will find a shelter made of stone. The view is breath takeing. If it is a clear day, you will see Mt st Adam, Mt st Helene, Mt rainier and Mt Hood very clearly.
We did not find many signs to help us, mostly we followed trails and foot prints. The all hike took about 7 h maybe more? So worth it!!
Marjolaine (from France)

Beautiful view of Mt. Hood and easy hike with kids ages 3 - 6.

This hike was beautiful!! 10/10 would do again. It was very moderate, didn’t feel the uphill at all (except in one short rocky spot). Lots of tree cover for sun shading/protection from the rain (it rained on our way down but felt very light with the trees). The waterfalls were beautiful, you can climb on the rocks to get behind it if you want to (a bit slippery but worth it).

Easy trail and mostly flat for approx 1/2 of the loop. We started at the boathouse area and headed towards the amphitheater and boat launch then started the loop. There were a few areas on the other side of the lake where we had to traverse water and muddy areas, but it was easily manageable and we mostly avoided the muck. At the start there were several campsites and people hanging out fishing, etc., but not once we got to the top of the lake. There were a fair amount of people out on the trail and a lot of dogs. People were friendly and courteous, as were the dogs.

Took my first trip here on 6/15/18. The trail is fairly easy to navigate, however there are some downed trees that require a little bit of ducking and climbing over.

trail running
6 days ago

I would highly recommend taking the Ramona Trail #797 as an out and back, skipping the PCT part of the loop. The Ramona Trail is much more scenic as compared to the part of the PCT that follows the Sandy River. So, out and back, don’t loop. (Carry walking sticks to help you cross the Sandy River or find a long stick. The logs that are acting as bridges are tad bit unstable. And as always, be careful when fording larger streams.)

7 days ago

Beautiful, quiet trail! Waterfalls & views all along the way! The view of Hood on the lake is a sight to see! Would absolutely do this hike again!!

This was a great trail for a smooth and forestry hike. We hiked just to the lake and thought the hike wasn’t that strenuous. There are a couple tricky streams to cross so definitely wear closed toed shoes. You also need a recreation pass before you go. We stopped at Zig Zag station. There is little parking, so get there early. The lake is gorgeous and the trees are very peaceful. Not highly trafficked so definitely a must do if you want peace in the outdoors!

This trail is NOT dog appropriate right now. Even if your dog can do the logs, if they were to fall they would be swept away by the snow melt current that’s happening right now. Do Burnt Lake with your dog until the water is better.

This was my first Oregon hike - what a stunning way to start! Great trail with relaxing spots to admire the river. The waterfall is glorious. If we would have packed lunch we could have stayed all day. Decided to hike back and enjoy lunch by the river where the trail begins. Highly recommend!

Perfect day & hike. Rhododendrons in bloom. Magnificent falls. Lovely creek.

9 days ago

A hidden gem! Not very much parking but it seems to not be travelled very often. Trail is a muddy in some places but no need for extra gear.

10 days ago

Not sure if anybody has done the same mistake. But wanted to make people aware. This trail continues on to the ZigZag mountain trail. We continued on it for some distance and then while returning followed the first marker that said 'Burnt Lake TrailHead' which ended up at the Burnt Lake South Trailhead. Thankfully there was a last car left there and we met some very kind people who dropped us to our car. But the whole experience was very panicking.

Btw, there was still snow on the mountain. Did not need crampons but waterproof shoes would be good.

on Lost Lake Butte Trail

11 days ago

Beautiful. Started at 9am on a Sunday and there was no one on the trail!

12 days ago

Easy trail , we went there on the rainy day , didn’t see the Mountain View but hike was still great and air is super fresh.

Great flat loop for walking/snowshoeing in the late winter/early spring. I went in early April and there was still quite a lot of snow. It had been compacted from all the use, so it was good for hiking in boots as long as you stuck to the trail. I also saw lots of folks in snowshoes. Very scenic on a clear day to see the reflection of snowy Mt. Hood in the lake.

13 days ago

Trailhead was easy to find. Huge gravel parking lot was mostly empty on a Thursday morning at 11am. Port-a-potties. Trail was well marked and easy to follow. Pretty sandy underfoot most of way. Nice mix of magical shady, mossy forest and sunny exposed terrain. The log crossing about a mile in was trickier than I thought it would be. I’m short at 5’3”...a few more inches would have made it a bit easier to span some of the logs. Not suitable for kids or dogs, though we did see some coaxing pups across logs. Falls were gorgeous. Had them to ourselves for the 20 mins we stopped for lunch. Beautiful mountain view from river crossing. Overall fun (except the log crossing)!

Nice hike with great views once you get to the lake. Wide trail, not hard. Moderately busy but nice.

Beautiful hike. Loved it.

Gorgeous trail, very easy and suitable for children or, in this case, sprained ankles. Keep your eyes peeled for rough skinned newts in the water!

17 days ago

Hiked over the weekend 2h15 up 1h05 back down. This hike is 95% through forest with beautiful mountain views near the end and at the lake itself. No snow on the trail or road! Gravel road approach is comfortable -- made it easily in a sedan. I agree with earlier posters that this should most likely be rated moderate, but don't skimp out on the water. And make sure to bring your NW Forest Pass!

Great trail. Love the falls at the end. So pretty.

17 days ago

As of 6/2/2018 no snow on the road or at trailhead. Some snow on trail about 1/2 mile in but other than that completely dry. Very easy to navigate. I love this hike! Bald Mountain is my favorite hike on Hood because it’s moderately challenging with an intense uphill push at the end. View is breathtaking!

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