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19 hours ago

Went this weekend. It was amazing. 3/17/18 it was snowy still, slippery in some places. Be careful, but otherwise wonderful!

Pretty trail. A lot of people. A lot of unleashed dogs. Be prepared to do some ankle deep wading.

Gorgeous trail. Beautiful river vistas.

beautiful old forest. easy trail

Short easy hike. Very crowded. Amazing waterfall. In order to enjoy this hike, snow spikes or hiking boots for icy and snowy surface is required. In my opinion, snowshoes are a little bit overkill.

Beautiful easy stroll. A few small and one not as small river crossings.

Really a gorgeous hike. Snow was covering the trail so leave your nikes at home and hike with good traction shoes. Spectacular view at the end of this trail!

My all time favorite hike. But it has gotten so crowded in recent years. I visited here just weeks before the fire closed it in 2017.

Very sad. But can’t wait for it to reopen.

Fantastic hike, gorgeous in every way, waterfalls, lush greenery, flowers, mushrooms, moss, all that's missing are the little fairies :) Took us about 5-6 hrs, just what we needed.

14 days ago

Absolutely gorgeous hike. Lots of great people and friendly pups along the way. Snow was covering the trail, good shoes with adequate traction or shoe spikes would be a wise choice. Not deep enough for snowshoes.

Miss this place

my very first trail in Oregon

1 month ago

Great hike. Treacherous without traction. Snow melt bogs at some points, but can be walked around.

This is my favorite trail!

This place is so gorgeous it looks even prettier with the snow everywhere loved it!!

Much longer hike than the 1.6 miles listed. The larger loop and loop along the shore totaled about 7.5 miles!! Great hike though! Lots of people with snow shoes but it was a nice packed trail and they weren’t really needed. We used ice spikes but we would have been fine in just boots. Can’t wait to do this again in the summer months!

My favorite place of all time. Absolutely magical!! The lake is so pretty this time of the year and the hike around it is breathtaking. In love!! Already cannot wait to go back.

Gorgeous mossy trees with an easy trail along the river.

2 months ago

Favorite waterfall in the Mt.Hood NF. Typically short easy trail


First 1/4 mi of trail was clear with spots of thick very slick mud. 1/4 way in trail turns to solid black ice...spikes are needed!

Found pair of shoes at trailhead mens size 9. So if they are yours I have them!

Packed ice but still beautiful and decided to use the new snow shoes but you could do it without.

Couldn’t complete because of the ice. Recommend spikes for your boots. Very dangerous with cliffs and ice. Will come back and try it with better traction.

2 months ago

Amazing hike I loved it. Some parts were treacherous because they were covered in ice and I did not have the right shoes on-- I had my converses. But I was determined to get to the falls and crawled my way through the hard parts. I suggest you bring some sort of traction for your feet you won't get far with out it!

2 months ago

Beautiful day on the mountain. View from south end of lake and Mt Hood is iconic!

Gorgeous old growth trees dripping with green moss and the river is so green! Amazing beauty. I give 5 stars to the first couple miles that is closer to Welches. The section that is past Green Canyon trail doesn’t have as much old growth but does have picnic tables scattered near the campground. It’s also super confusing that 2 trails have such similar names! Old Salmon River trail is #724 and the Salmon River trail is #724A. At one point they are literally right across the road from each other. Confusing when you are trying to rendezvous with someone.

2 months ago

Intended on snowshoeing but wound up leaving them in the car and just hiked in our boots. There was quite a bit of snow but it was pretty packed down. There were a lot of people but it is a long enough trail that people were pretty spread out. It was an easy hike but due to the difficulties of walking on the snow we broke a sweat!

Lots of traffic but a beautiful refreshing hike!

2 months ago

Went snowshoeing yesterday and it was amazing! Parking lot got full pretty fast, I got there at 8 and I had the trail to myself. You will definitely need snowshoes or crampons. The lake is frozen and the view is just amazing.

Great easy hike! Beautiful this time of year.

We only visited the lower part of this trail because we were on our way to Multnomah falls and made a quick pit stop. The waterfall is strong and powerful and if it's windy you'll definitely get some mist on you. It's a very nice area to stop and look at scenery and to hike if you're aiming for this hike. There's a huge pond at the bottom of the waterfall that you can walk down to but don't expect to not get wet!

2 months ago

loved it was very beautiful today!

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