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For a beginner like me; this was a great hike with amazing views!

I've done this twice this week and loved it both times. Hiked up the south side and ran down the north side of the loop. The run was through the trees in soft, powdery dirt. So much fun! Make sure to cut into the trees when the full downhill starts, otherwise you'll miss the powder and will be stuck on a rocky downhill.

Good views of the city. No shade after the first climb.

did this hike last weekend. never found the falls but still a very fun hike.

Other reviewer is correct..pic of lake for this trail is not correct so don't go just to see a lake.... don't think there is one there. There is a river, some small bridges that cross it, and you get to do a hike that spreads the elevation change(1300+ ft) out across a longer distance so it makes it easier which is pretty cool. I think I actually liked two other things the most...the old broken down stone chapel(I think that's what it is)at the end and the metal contraption thing that everybody has pictures of on here that is powered by water. Despite watching it for 10 straight minutes I have no idea what the heck it's purpose was....but it was fascinating!! Oh..and as a geocacher I need to point out that I found one out there. Have a good one and enjoy the hike if you go!!!! Oh....watch out for the mountain bikers as they come down the trail....they were all really nice and said thanks when I stopped and got to the side, but if some of them hit me going as fast as they were there might not be anything left of me....it looked really fun.....I have gotta try it some day if I can.

15 days ago

Wasn't sure where the loop went, so when I came out on the road I turned around and came back the way I came up. It was pretty, and there were lots of animals in the bushes. Met a coyote on the way up and down.

This is a really fun quick adventure with kids.

I love coming to Millcreek canyon. It is so beautiful. I've done this trail a few times. Great for trail running but it is novice so it gets busy. lots of mountain bikers on this trail.

Love this trail, beautiful all the way to the final destination, many places to stop and explore. One thing to be cautious of is bikers!! There are so many.

I had a few issues with this trail. It was decently marked, but not too well. I definitely made some wrong turns and luckily realized before I'd gotten too far. Plus, that waterfall was hardly a trickle and I ate lunch next to it thinking there's no way it's that small. It was. The other views were absolutely stunning and the trek was actually easier than I expected, since we passed several "more difficult" signs. I'll probably come up here again, but not for this trail.

This trail is one of my go-to trails because it’s close to home. I love that it loops so that you don’t go back the same way you came. There’s always quite a few horseback riders and mountain bikers so it’s not for you if you’re really looking to get away! I wish there was more water toward the top because it’s pretty dry and hot this time of year. Would recommend!

This trail was awesome! I saw a ton of cows in this area and we were basically alone the whole time (plus there was service). Difficult, but doable. I'll be visiting this beautiful area again, hopefully soon!

Once you reach the top it is amazing.

With all of the hiking choices in Millcreek Canyon, I am not in a big hurry to do this one again. I was just out for some exercise this morning, so I hiked an hour up the trail. The first 8/10ths of a mile is a very steady climb, but then it levels off. After the climb, the portion that I hiked did not have much shade, and it was close enough to the Boy Scout camp that I could hear their music and cheers. When I try this trail again, I will start from the upper trailhead to see if I can find a more peaceful setting.

This is a nice trail for running. Once you make your initial climb, you get some good straight shots. We hike from the church fork picnic area and come out at the big pipe with a great view of the valley. You can start climbing again from there or call it a day.

Nice, easy, short hike. Not sure why there were multiple “difficult” signs posted.......it’s a mountain-there will be an incline-nothing difficult though.

It is not kids friendly. There are a lot of wild animals. We’ve seen snakes ( small and big), baby deer, hears, squirrels. The waterfall is real ghost in July.

1 month ago

Really enjoyed biking, going down was my favorite.

trail running
1 month ago

The better place to park is at the pull off right past Heritage Park on the left across from the Zoo. Nice running trail, but it does get kinda confusing at times because you get into some business areas and you have to kinda guess where the trail goes. But it sure is pretty with options to go up the mountainside to make things more challenging if you want. Otherwise it’s a pretty casual running trail with some hills.

1 month ago

not bad for a moderate Trail better to do it in the morning when it's not so hot

As a beginner and a big gal, I loved this hike. :)

The trail is very nice. Steep in the beginning with rewarding views. The people who bring their dogs need to be held accountable for leaving bags of dog poo on the sides of the trail. Don't bag it if you are just going to leave it, just throw it off the trail with a stick...

1 month ago

Really pretty views from this hike. Great shade along most of the trail. Some wildflowers and so easy to get to. Lots of people on bikes, everyone had great trail etiquette. Would be great for trail running as well!

Great trail! Dog friendly. Very steep at the beginning but flattens out once you get about a half of a mile up!

2 months ago

This trail is usually done on a mountain bike, and the actual Spiro section I think is a downhill only portion, at least for mountain bikers, and it’s FAST! I would double check with the Park City Mountain map first before hiking up Spiro. Typically people will ride up Armstrong and use mid-mountain to crossover to Spiro and ride Spiro down.

Nice climb on my mountain bike

We visited on 5/26/2018 and hiked about 1.5 miles up the trail. There was some horse poop along the trail but ultimately it’s not really much of a bother. We saw 2 small snakes near the trail and 2 small deer in one of the clearings. Overall we loved it and will definitely go back to hike further

Great trail system with solid views and well-maintained pathways. Loved the ombre purple-pink wildflowers, and the roses along the trail back to the parking area were absolutely stunning! We'll definitely be back

2 months ago

Beautiful day.
Alas, this did not feel like a hiking trail: overrun with trail bikes. All polite but hike very interrupted and unpleasant

Fun quick hike with my girls. The falls aren't much to see, mostly covered by plants. For a while we thought we missed it. There were signs all over to watch out for poison ivy...

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