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Incredible hike! Steady switchbacks all the way up but nothing too tough. The views are absolutely stunning the whole way. A little snow towards the top but definitely passable and the 360 views at the top are breathtaking.. Road up to the trail head is long and rough, but worth it.

Just got back from an overnighter at Yellow Aster. Absolutely amazing night for it. Still quite some snow, but it is quickly melting. Just wear your sturdy boots and you'll be fine. Glad we were going down on the Saturday because a lot of people were going up :). Seriously one of the best hikes ever!

on Sauk Mountain Trail

5 days ago

Great hike. Amazing views the entire way.

8 days ago

For as little effort this trail requires, the views are amazing!! There’s still a bit of snow at the top, but nothing terrible! It’s passable with boots and poles if needed! Also a lot of friendly marmots about at the top

8 days ago

We went Thursday to 7/5 to check conditions and hiked the trail on 7/6. The mosquitoes were as expected unbearable both days for about the 1st mile. After that they were non existent. The trails were good with some wetland marshes and creeks that were easily passable. There was water flowing down a 1/4 of the trail but it also wasn’t a factor. We had a group of 9 with small children and they all did great. The snow fields the last mile were slippery and we had to make new steps. The top was to steep for the kids to cross safely so we turned back to return later in the season.
Wild flowers were in full bloom and the weather was perfect. Aug 1 will be perfect. Road was is good condition for most cars. The last 2-3 miles was rough. We made it just fine in a 15 passenger van

One of the best effort-to-views trails that there is. Be sure to start from the Section 3 trailhead—not the trailhead in Conrad Meadows.

10 days ago

First time up and was very impressed! Last 4 miles of road require a vehicle with some ground clearance, there was a Subaru Outback that made it. Some bugs at start by section 3 lake. Trails in great shape and easy to follow. Some snow, but no problems. Last 1/2 mike is steep, but not too bad. Loved how the full view is hidden until the end. We will be back!

One of the most beautiful hikes.
The Forest Service road is heavily potholed, but readily passable in a car if driven prudently. Departed the trailhead at 8:55 under sunny skies, with only two other vehicles present. The first ~ 1 mile of trail is clear, but then the snowfields take over. Trekking poles were most helpful. About a 1/2 mile past the turnoff for the Tomyhoi Lake Trail, we put on microspikes as the snowfields steepened. At 3.1 miles, the trail crosses a high bench where the results of a fall appeared serious, so we opted to turn around. On the way back down, we turned to see the route that we had taken, and a marmot crossed our descent path. Bugs weren't too bad, but the sun off the snow fields was brutal.

I love this trail. It is a spectacular, invigorating hike. Went up today (7/4). Still a fair amount of snow up at the summit. We had a beautiful view of the North Cascades and Mt Rainier was looming like a spectral presence in the distance. Mt Baker was magnificent. Wildflowers were going crazy. Still a large piece of ice on Sauk Lake down below. If you haven’t been before know that the unpaved road up from Hwy 20 to the trailhead is rugged.

Very snow covered still in early July. Making it extremely difficult to follow the trail but some magnificent views of you stick with it.

16 days ago

Started around 8:45 this morning. Took us about an hour and a half. Very cloudy/foggy. A little rain too. Only ones on trail and couldn’t see more than 30 yards in any direction. Couldn’t make it to the top due to the snow, but will definitely be back in the future! Great hike.

17 days ago

Amazing trail! No snow, clear path and has a lot of beautiful views.

Id say the first and last quarter of this hike was pretty grueling. The middle of the hike was nice with all of the lookouts which gives you some time to rest. Took me 4 hrs to the top and 1 hr down with frequent photo stops on the way up.

Didn't see any goats until i got to the very top and saw about 10-15 on a rock in the distance. They all scattered when they saw me. When i got to the top i got to witness the fighter jets pass by while doing their training. About 4 of them went by 3 times.

19 days ago

This is a great out and back trail, that is not disappointing with views along the whole route. This trail should be rated difficult, as I can't see that most novice hikers would entertain the steep trails along the cliffs and switchbacks or ahem, lack there of. It was so quiet at the top, we didn't see any goats but we kept our eyes peeled. We would definitely do this one again. It took us about 3-1/2 hours but we were keeping a grueling pace up.

beautiful, challenging, saw a herd of mountain goats!

24 days ago

Hiked Goat Peak today with a few friends. This is a leg burner for sure - but the views are worth it at the top. We had a pretty steady approach, took many short breaks to soak in the views. Took our group 3.5hrs up and about 2hrs back. However, there were a few German folks we met that made it up in 1.5 hours!

It’s pretty much all uphill, the first quarter mile and the last section are probably the most difficult. No snow, and we saw a goat in the distance at the top! Thankfully it was too far away to smell our urine.

Highly recommend!

Amazing views all the way up! Easy ascent - well designed switch backs. Snow covering trail at the top. Ok with good shoes and pokes.

26 days ago

Still some snow on the trail. Wasn’t able to make it to the second lake, but still worth the trip.

1 month ago

Parking lot not be able to access, about 1/2 mile walk from nearest roadside parking to the trailhead.
The views are there all the way up, and gets even better we you reach the top and see the other side of the mountain.
The best return for the distance in WA state, highly recommended.

off road driving
1 month ago

I got all the way up to the trailhead with no real issue ... the parking lot ... or what I would assume is the parking lot is still a snow pack ... I DID NOT do the trail itself ... so no idea what the conditions where above parking. I did not even know it was there and was not prepared to actually hike.

Drive was awesome though! A couple real cool places to turn your vehicle vertical if your brave enough.

My guess is that is is freaking awesome to hike it though based on the scenery from the road alone ... now that I know it is there ... I will be back for sure a little later in the year.

1 month ago

Found this trail by chance. The road is closed due to snow and most of path leading to the trailhead is covered with a few feet of snow/slush. Beautiful views throughout and made it to the lake without much snow gear or snow shoes. The lake is gorgeous, still a bit frozen but in the process of melting.

Great trail. Didn’t make it to the lake because of snow, but went to a nice snow field about 3 miles in and enjoyed blue sky views of rainier through the trees.

Great up and back - light traffic and great views

Trail is still not accessible due to snow covering the access road starting at about mile 5 of 6. Hike up the road and the top half mile is deep with snow completely covered. Maybe in a month or 2?

scenic driving
2 months ago

Tried to get to the trail head, still covered in snow. Multiple cars were stuck including trucks. Was excited but going to wait a few more weeks.

Forest road snow covered at 4 miles prevented us from making it to the TH. Some large potholes up to that point but not terrible.

5 months ago

...we were gifted with crystal clear blue skies all day long as we explored the area on our snowshoes, constantly in awe of the landscape , the imposing mass of Mt Baker and not to be out done , the glaciated face of Mt Shuksan...... it is incredibly quick and easy access from the ski hill into the open , back country.... and even tho there was a fair number of people exploring the area there was no escaping the " out there " , wild feel of it..... the only draw back was a rather tedious cross slope trail that proved cumbersome in snowshoes going from Artist Point up to the saddle where the trail branches off for Ptarmigan Ridge, but small potatoes compared to the sights that surrounded us. will definitely be back , ..and i must explore this area in the summer months !

5 months ago

Gorgeous spot to camp. Bring warm clothes.

7 months ago

Went up in mid-October and conditions were excellent. We brought snowshoes but didn’t end up using them. I’m sure now you would need them. Some excellent switchbacks and beautiful (stunning!) views.

8 months ago

I have a question...can dogs get up this trail?



8 months ago

This is an awesome trail. The zig-zags in the beginning were a bit boring but once you turn around the corner (you'll know it), the view was gorgeous! All the snow mountains including Mt. Baker, Mt. Shuksan and Mt. Rainier, etc.. And don't stop your pace until you hike all the way up to the ridge. The view's even better there!

And the road to the trailhead was fun to drive on, too.

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