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We loved this trail. The view at the top was amazing!

This is a really beautiful and manageable cliff side hike in Acadia. We did it our last morning in the park around 8AM — it was pretty foggy but lovely views down to the rocks anyway. Some scrambling and some stairs but otherwise a pretty easy hike. We brought our dog and she loved it. No dogs allowed on the Sand Beach so instead you can park on Schooner Head Road and access the trail from there.

Great trail but a little basic in my opinion

This is an easy path with incredible views.

A wonderful hike which rewards you with excellent views at the top! Much of the trail is rock and slab... bring proper footwear. It’s a lot of gain over a short distance, but still, a moderate classification is appropriate I think. Also, there’s many flat spots on the way up to stop and rest, which also have amazing views. Biggest downfall is that once you get to the summit it is beyond crowded with people who drive up. Maybe it’s just me but it looses some of the majesty being surrounded by people who burned gas, not energy haha. There’s a spot about .1 miles before the summit that feels like it might be the top... perfect spot to grab some photos and enjoy your accomplishment away from touristy eyes.

This was a nice, lovely hike. It was as our first hike on our trip to Acadia National Park. It was not difficult, but it was a bit strenuous ascending. I had to stop to catch my breath a time or two. Also a very sunny hike. We took the path that led us to Sandy Beach, and the kids enjoyed getting their feet wet in the cold water:

We took this trail down from Sargent after going up the Gorge trail (hitting Parkman and Gilmore peaks). It was a beautiful hike with a full 360 view from at the top of Sargent. Highly recommended

Nice hike. Cold and cloudy at top, so could be nicer on different day. Gotham Mountain Trail has a little side hike called Cadillac Cliffs Trail - Highly recommended!

Fun hike! A good bit of rocky stepping, which was fun. Breath taking views! We were the only ones on the trail at 7am. We came across this trail from Ocean Path and decided to go for it! So glad we did! It takes you up to the back side of the Beehive. If you’re not into the climbing aspect of Beehive, you get the same summit without the “fear of heights” challenge.

Easy trail with absolutely beautiful and amazing views!

I’m surprised by the complaints regarding this trail. Difficult is not an accurate description, as another rater mentioned, moderate is absolutely fair.
You should have decent leg strength for this one, but no actual skills are necessary. The elevation is gained quickly since it is the shorter hike to reach the summit. If you question your endurance or leg strength, do another hike. But if you’re looking for a beautiful view at the top that you have to work a little for, do this!
We met a lot of hikers who seemed to think this would be easy. When you’re at sea level, you can see the top of the peak. It’s obviously going to take a little work!

This hike took my 16 yo son 52 minutes to reach the summit, it took me 1 hr and 14 minutes. Please don’t be dissuaded from this hike based on comments on difficulty. A moderate rating is fair. This was a fairly easy hike with great views. It’s a 4 because you can hear road noise from cars on parts of the trail, and because the summit is accessible by car, there are a lot of people up there. It was about 3 hours total up and back with time at the top.

9 days ago

Love this short hike- as it provides some of your best Acadia "wow moment" views of the entire Newport Cove and coast all the way to Otter Cliffs. Most guides tell you to park at Sand Beach lot (yeah, good luck with that ...), but there is another option: drive out of Bar Harbor on Schooner Head Road (basically to the end) where you find a small parking lot (usually not full) at another Great Head Trailhead. I find that clockwise is the better way to take this loop (go left when trail splits soon after the parking lot), and you then have the best views over Sand Beach and the coast toward the end of this hike. Great places to sit and picnic on the flat ledges overlooking the beach. This trail is always rated as easy - but the sections directly over sand beach are actually a bit difficult for many as you must climb and navigate some climbs over high rock faces. We often see many hikers coming from beach deciding to turn back when they first confront this tricky section.

9 days ago

Hiking Tip: great morning walk to beat the crowds at Otter Cliffs portion of Ocean Path. We find Ocean Path to usually be its best in the morning - most tourists move together along the Loop Rd each morning, filling the same parking lots as they go. However, you can skip this parade of cars and get to one of the best areas at southern tip, Otter Cliffs, while parking lots are still available. Instead of taking the Loop Rd, take Rte 3 out of Bar Harbor, turning Left onto Otter Cliff Rd, then either park at the Fabbri parking lot or the 2 lots directly at Otter Cliffs. You can then make a 1.5mile loop around the most dramatic part of Ocean Path above Otter Cliffs, then around to excellent views over Otter Cove, ending near the Fabbri parking lot - all before the masses arrive at the southern point. And you completely miss the crawl of cars entering the Loop Rd guard stations before Beehive Trailhead and Sand Beach.

excellent views!

9 days ago

Beautiful views, relaxing hiking.

An all-time favorite which we hike every year (20yrs) and bring guests and those reluctant about hiking. If you have time for only 1 hike - consider Gorham. We always hike clockwise from trailhead, and then combine with either Beehive or down to Sand Beach returning on Ocean Path. Note that the trail will split- for hardier hikes take the spur to the right cliffs trail. Not really hiking "cliffs" but lots of scrambling and stone steps and not recommended for kids or weaker hikers, it looks short but it's strenuous. For others - take the Left for a smoother ascent. Both will merge back together, and that's where the awesome views really start to open for you. An excellent picnic spot. Also note that during rain, the first part of trail basically becomes a mountain stream for all rain coming off the granite surfaces and you're hiking in water that quickly rises to about 8-10" (which is also pretty cool). Despite all the crowds below on Ocean Path - Gorham never seems very crowded. An excellent introductory trail to Acadia.

4 people, ages 26-28, took just inside of three hours to ascend, admire the view, and descend (deliberately fast pace). On this hot June day the hike was very draining and sorta tough, but I'll call it moderate as I've encountered tougher trails.

Go up to the Cadillac summit through this trail that scrambles up the gorge before emerging, quite suddenly, between Dorr and Cadillac summits. Ascend either summit (or both) once you reach upper gorge. It’s a great difficult climb up and has some fun rock scrambling to achieve the Cadillac summit. Descend the Cadillac North Ridge for spectacular views of Bar Harbor on the way down

11 days ago

Great moderate intensity hike. There are couple areas that can be challenging for a dog. A boost might be needed. Took about 2 hours to get up Cadillac mountain and return. Spectacular views.

Unless you are a rock climber, this is not a “moderate” trial. It’s definitely very difficult. The entire trail is very steep and rocky. Very, very challenging, and I was not the only person who felt this way. We met a number of people on the way up who agreed that this was much more difficult than they were led to believe.

I was actually frightened to go back down the trail once we got to the top of Cadillac mountain. Be aware that the bus that goes around Acadia does NOT go up and down Cadillac Mountain.

In retrospect I’m glad I did the hike, but it should be reclassified as Hard.

We hiked this trail clockwise starting at the Gorham Mt. trailhead and it was amazing. The views from the summit were stunning. We were able to see people climbing the beehive which was close enough to doing that for me! Also, loved stopping at sand beach and thunder hole on our way back.

Some terrain was challenging , rocky and uneven but that made it very unique and a great hike. Theres so much wide open space you can see for miles. The view at that top is georgous!

I parked at the trailhead parking this morning. I watched the sun rise at 4:50. Then I started the trail. Nice views around the top of Gorham Mtn. It is good trail for the family with kids.

Awesome trail and views. We hiked Beehive first and then Gorham.

Highly populated, walked it to go to the big sights.

I was soooo nervous about doing this trail. It had been on my husbands bucket list and I was fretting for a week knowing it was something we were going to do. What an amazing hike though!! The adrenaline kicked in and I was able to tackle it with the help of his coaching. Loved it!! Must do! Maintain 3 points of contact and do it slow, no worries. Continued on to the Bowl and Champlain Mountain. Hitched a ride from a lovely group of women back to vehicle in Sand Beach. Awesome day!!

15 days ago

16 days ago

We had a little trouble finding the trailhead, but just go left at the foot of the stairs entering the beach and follow the sandy beach all the way left until you reach the woods. Great little hike we finished in about an hour.

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