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10 days ago

Nice quick hike with beautiful views of the valley.

26 days ago


Lovely easy accessible boardwalk trail, can be very quiet, love the water views and that everyone can go here. Nice benches for picnic or meditating.

2 months ago

Great views! Parked at Mt Joe then went straight up being careful not to step on a rattlesnake. Cool basalt rock everywhere. Found myself at the para-sailing jump-off point and watched one dude sail away...very cool. Then went to search for WWII B-17 crash site and memorial and found that down paved road that was once the cable car railway. Great history but unfortunate end for 25 American servicemen. Came around the southeastern side on my descent to catch a nice sunset. So excellent!

I found this to be a very enjoyable hike. Overall, it’s fairly easy. It’s a bit steep towards the top, but doesn’t require any scrambling. Great views from the fire tower.

Super nice hike. Well marked trails. Most people are really dog friendly.

Pretty hike with a nice view from the fire tower. Detour to Roaring Falls is well marked, plus a fun scramble on some impressive rock formations. The detour to the pond is worth it as well.

4 months ago

Great hike. Fairly well marked, though some of the trees with marks on them have fallen. The waterfall is not part of the loop, but is easy to find. The trails are well maintained but tend to be buggy and muddy so I reccomend wearing appropriate footwear.

Trail is in excellent condition. Great views. Would rate higher, but we forgot bug spray.

Wear bug spray!!!

The trailhead linked in the directions is bad...there's no parking, it's just the end of the road and private residences. Better to just use the Rte 23A lot, about a mile west of the country club. There's another lot off Bogart Rd. that's referenced on the trail signs in the park, but I'm not sure where on the road.

From 23A around the Harding Rd trail and Sleepy Hollow horse trail to the overlook is about 4mi, another 2mi back on the Quarry trail. The Quarry trail hugs the eastern side of the mountain and snakes down from the overlook. Don't go back to the horse trail, that just leads back north toward the campground areas. Quarry trail is dank...lots of wildlife.

A little grown in, no swimming in the reservoir, the views were very nice. The beginning and end were the best part.

6 months ago

I'm not sure I've ever been this disappointed by a hike that's received several five-star reviews. I did this as a point-to-point hike with three friends, leaving a car at one end and hiking the 8+ miles from Monroe Bridge to Zoar. Much of the trail is severely overgrown, and a lot of that is fields of grass, meaning that we had to constantly stop to clear ticks off of ourselves before proceeding onward. The initial vista (from the Monroe Bridge side) and final vista (the cliffs overlooking Zoar) were impressive, but the entire plateau in-between was entirely unremarkable. The reservoir itself is surrounded with barbed wire fences, and is situated in a way that there's no way to see it except through a small window in the trees. There were a few raspberry and blueberry bushes along the way which helped to break the monotony of the middle stretch of trail, but I would strongly recommend hiking each end from the river upwards to the vista and back down, rather than hiking the middle section. As a side note, the Alltrails mapping of the trail and the marked route don't match. Near the reservoir, the recording follows the road, not the trail, and a bit further south, the trail isn't actually the Bear Swamp Trail but the recording follows the correct route. This would receive a better rating if only hiked from each end, but not worth the point-to-point distance at all, and definitely not worth a 16-mile round-trip hike.

Beautiful views. Lovely afternoon walk. Very kid friendly.

Totally accessible by chair. Good for running and walking. Very well kept trail-- forest feels almost tropical and completely enclosed. Bring your binoculars for birdwatching and your camera to remember the cute turtles in the swamps!

7 months ago

Quiet, serene, mild hike to beautiful falls. My dog loved it and you'd probably will, too. Good for kids, too. I recommend bringing some bug spray if you don't want to be swarmed and eaten alive by the skeeters!

Pretty good easy walk

9 months ago

Steep on the telephone trail

10 months ago

A decent beginners trail. The first half is a gradual up hill walk, then to the fall. Fall are very relaxing, best seen march - may after rain.. the walk back is very easy and all downhill... 1.9 miles round trip.

Monday, January 15, 2018

this is a decent hike but was underwhelmed. the woods are beautiful, but the trail follows phone lines for about half the distance making it just a little less special. the fire tower had a great view though. also many spoke about a steep final ascent, but it wasn't all that challenging. it did get the heart rate up, but no scrambling necessary.

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Beautiful woods walk, gets a bit steep from Junction to fire tower.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Fantastic hike, only saw one other person. Definitely earned its hard rating it took my friend and I about 6 hrs.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Hike was nice. Went counter-clock route. Steeper part first. Very poorly marked. Had to follow the map on the app. Got to the top and the tower is the only way to get a view and the tower is blocked, you can't get to the top. Multiple picnic tables to take a break.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

We had a great all-day hike. No other people were seen. The steeps at either end may keep folks away. Great woods with lots of birches. Several good outlooks.

Saturday, September 02, 2017

Nice quick morning hike. Parking on the side of Reservation Rd by the trailhead. We did the reverse loop (up the steeper northern trail and down the longer southern road) to get a better workout and save our knees a steep downhill. It really isn't a bad incline though, and pretty short (from the loop fork it took us maybe 40 min to the top, if that). Good workout and nice views from the fire tower. I would do this again for a short hike, especially over more crowded options like Sugarloaf. (Note- side trails are not too confusing, but if you're worried about it the app helps follow along very nicely.)

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Had a lot of fun. My little pup had a blast too. Beautiful scenery and awesome little streams and brooks, though the water wasn't really flowing, maybe earlier in the year. Squirrels can be heard above as insects sing there song. As we were on our way down we could hear the owls. Tower has awesome 360 view, you can't get into lookout on top. A couple parts are steep and quite rocky.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Great excercise. Steep, loose rocky hills once you get past the first mile on gravel roads. Peaceful little waterfall near the bottom of the mountain. Buggy all around. Pretty views on the mountain peak if you climb up the fire tower, otherwise it's more of just a clearing. Definitly reccomend making the climb up the tower if you're gonna hike the mountain.

Monday, July 03, 2017

great trail. we went up and came down the steeper route but it was good exercise. the view from the fire tower is really worth it!! the path wasn't very buggy but there were some very muddy patches (because of the rain).

Sunday, June 18, 2017

good hike... trail markers and app routes do not go hand in hand. no waterfalls on this trail.

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