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11 hours ago

Starts off okay and quickly turns rocky and tree roots. Once to the top, wonder! Missed fall foliage by 2weeks but glad I did it while I was there!

An exceptionally beautiful area and stunning views. The tower and summit were frozen and with ice along the upper parts of the trail on the rock scrambles, microspikes are a necessity. A great hike all around.

hard just before the top.

Did this one today, later in the afternoon, so I finished in the dark. I like a hike that lets you warm up your legs before you hit the steep pitches. This hike is ideal for that. Today, even at lower elevations, there is snow and ice, so micro-spikes are essential, especially going up that final pitch to the summit. The views are totally worth it, although the lower set of stairs have been removed, so access to the tower is nil. Again a great hike, but micro-spikes are a must.

short, with some what of a steep hike with an amazing view. would be nice for a picnic.

Actually icy spots on the trail today. Time to start getting the winter gear in the pack. Very enjoyable hike. Some steeps but not too long. Great views from the tower. The communication towers nearby detract from the natural beauty although it is nice to have a signal.

Always enjoy this hike any time of year except spring but only because the black flies will eat you alive.

Easy start from the Meacham Campground. First 60 min are an easy walk in the forest. There is a nice shelter to rest. The last 30 min to the summit are pretty difficult and technical. Plan to walk in a small creek with slippery rocks. The view at the top is very nice.

1 month ago

The view was beautiful!

Not too bad of a hike and didn't take too long. We wanted to do the loop trail on the way down but didn't see markers and ended up in some cool rock caves. Next time we will start the loop from the beginning. Amazing views from the top

I loved this trail! It was tougher than I thought after reading its only 2 miles...ha ha. But the view was more than worth it! Amazing sunset from above!!!

2 months ago

Really great view, and a pretty quick hike! Only took us about two hours. If you’re looking for an easier climb, follow the red trail markers when you hit the bridge! They take you towards the “loop trail”. Excited to climb this one again.

That last bit was fun, but rough. Beautiful overlook with fantastic breeze at the top. Lots of flies in the lowland areas. Dress appropriately and bring bug spray.

2 months ago

Very nice bang for the buck with awesome views from the top of Blue Mountain Lake and way beyond looking South, East and West.

Hiked this in early may. There was still snow, but it was warm (70s by afternoon). There had been a rainstorm the night before, causing the rocky ascent to be pure ice after the first mile. It was amazing at the top, though.

on Chimney Mountain Trail

2 months ago

Fantastic hike! Roots, rocks, earth underfoot. Not difficult other than steadily steep with a few level parts. Take your time, it is a short hike and well worth the effort. Incredible views. Rock formations atop are incredible! This spot is a false summit as there is a trail heading out to the real summit which has a 360 view. We opted out this time. Wish we did not but there’s always tomorrow!

Great view and fun hike. My family took the loop trail up. It is a little longer, but also a lot less steep from what I heard. When we arrived at the top we ran into a lot of other hikers who were complaining about the hike up. The loop is a nice gradual easy walk with a few streams and a view of a small pond. My dog and kids (6 & 8 years old) had no problem and enjoyed the hike. Near the top there is a short break off the trail that leads to a small cave which is fun to check out especially if you have kids with you. We meant to go down on the other trail, but made a wrong turn and ended up back on the loop, so I can’t comment on the steepness or the conditions other than what I heard from other hikers.

Thought be more rock scrabble .. decent trail condition nice view

Gorgeous trail. I am in good shape and I definitely broke a sweat moving at a good pace. The grade is 44% sometimes. So, although it may seem short, it is not a quick hike to knock out with the family. If it is wet, you're going to need proper hiking shoes. All said and done, that view is incredible!

Awesome,it’s a must go to. Definitely recommend this hike

I admit that I'm not in my greatest physical shape. I underestimated how challenging this trail really is and I was humbled. I had brand new Lowa hiking boots and I'm glad I brought them. We had PERFECT weather. I do not believe this is "moderate" in scale. It leans more to the "difficult" scale. I live in California and hike the Sierras often. This hike was gorgeous once at the top. We saw 360°, it was windy, much cooler and the fire tower is the prize.

Really well worn trail. It's only 2 miles to the summit but it's a hell of a 2 miles. You definitely have to work to get to the top. When you get up into the cloud line the fungi become plentiful and exciting to observe. If it is cloudy and you are climbing up through a cloud the top gets really, really slippery. This makes the descent really difficult. I'm a late 20s male and slipped on to my butt at least 5 times. I would personally call this a more advanced trail. Some "moderate" trails on the app are super easy, but this was definitely not easy. I would personally not recommend this trail for your dogs or small children.

I imagine that on a clear day the views would be excellent. I knew it was cloudy while climbing up in the first place, so the views of the inside of the clouds were not a disappointment.

Hiked up on 6/1/18 and camped until 6/3/18. Lots of caterpillars at the top but it was a nice hike with beautiful views!

2 months ago

A great trail from Meacham Lake campsite. Once you park at the trailhead, you have about 6km up to the peak, total hike was 13km. It says 7.6km on the app but you need to add a 3 km walk down the path before hitting the fork where you turn left to get on the Debar mountain trail. The final ascent is near vertical for about a km. The views are impressive of Meacham lake and Deer river. It’s worth it.

2 months ago

Confusing to find the trailhead from the directions that were given- had to drive under some large power poles on a road that I originally thought was a 4 wheeler trail. Small parking lot with unmarked but easy to see trailhead. Nice moderately easy trail- gradual climb most of the way- nothing to steep but rocky in spots due to being fairly well worn- Check out the cave on the way up- really nice views on top- would be a great hike for kids and dogs.

2 months ago

Really enjoyed this hike, totally doable for my 8 year old!

2 months ago

Great trail, AMAZING view from the summit.

What is the point of hiking a sweaty 2 miles to zero visibility?!? We had thick fog that started the last mile and it was a very steep, slippery decent. I did it and will not be doing it again. I wish the view would have been there.

up and Back in 2 hours 15/mins pretty easy other than last 1/2 mile cloudy not much to see and tower is closed off missing bottom stairs.Not a bad hike I would do again

This was a great hike. It was steeper than I would have expected a kid friendly hike to be, but the payoff was worth it. The caves and rock formations are awesome, but you won’t be able to take full advantage if you bring a dog, unless you have someone to take turns holding the leash with you. The view is great at both Chimney Rock and the actual summit, but it is truly spectacular if you are brave enough to climb on top of the rock formation next to the chimney. The caves and Chimney Rock had a lot of traffic, but we were the only ones who traveled on to the summit. It is only about a 1/4 mi flat hike farther and was worth it. My kids had fun finding toads in the woods on the way up and down. Probably about 20 in all which was good for distracting them briefly from the steepness of the trail. My kids are 6 & 8 and do a moderate amount of hiking and this was rough for them, both up and down.

There is a $2 cash parking fee at the lot. Luckily I had it on me.

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