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Did it with my 4 and half year old daughter. The end of the trail is steep and combine with the half hour rain it will be an hard trip for my girl. We did it in aughust and we collected blueberry and raspberry. She did not like that the tower is close. Honestly, this hike was too hard for her. The last half on our way back she sleep in my arms. An apologyse father.

Really beautiful spot, great view
Wanted to do
The loop but couldn't find the red trail from the top
So next time we will start on the red trail

Beautiful trails with amazing views. I was there on Aug 11th. Used a little bug spray and haven’t had a single bug bite. My dog hasn’t had any ticks and was able to handle this hike well. The park offers trails for all ages, a kid and dog-friendly nature center and a butterfly house.

Loved this trail! It has a nice grade most of the way up, levels off for a bit and then gets really steep before the top. It was a great challenge! Awesome views at the top, and tons of dragonfly’s!

Second time up Blue in July. Did this on a Monday morning. Trail was quite busy with families and summer camp groups. Trail etiquette was not very good with lots of candy/gum wrappers, groups with music playing on speakers, failure to yield trail to descending hikers. But I guess that comes with the territory, with a short hike to a fire tower so close to vacationland.

I dashed up the trail and made the summit in 57 minutes, and descended in just about 30 minutes.

on Castle Rock Trail

19 days ago

This is the 2nd time I have done this hike. The trail is VERY well marked and maintained. The path has a mixed terrain in areas with larger rocks to maneuver. There are two areas with a steeper incline and some people may need an assist depending on their skills/abilities/comfort level. The view from the Sumit is a beautiful sight of Blue Mountain lake.

23 days ago

I loved this trail. hiked it in July 2018, and it was an easy-to-moderate walk in the forest culminating in an awe-inspiring view. When you get to the trail you get an option of doing it as a back and out or a loop we did the latter, which added a little more distance, but it still took only about 2 hours to finish.

Boy did this trail kick our butt. We hiked this trail the morning after hiking two high peaks. I thought it would be a nice easy hike before we headed back home, but the second mile and it gets really steep. Your legs really get a work out. It was such a great feeling reaching the summit. We were the only ones at the top and we spent about 30 mins just enjoying the breeze and the views from the fire tower. It was pretty foggy when we first reached the top, but cleared up a bit by the time we hiked back down.

25 days ago

Before you reach the trail-head, you should get some amazing views of Debar Mountain from the road side, especially if you are traveling North from the Tupper Lake / Saranac Lake regions. The trail makes a great adventure for the entire family. We hiked this trail in early summer when the Wild Flowers were blooming and the Song birds were singing. Lots to see on the way up the trail, including the Debar Mt Debar. When you get to the summit, you are rewarded with amazing views of Meacham Lake & Clear Pond.

The trail starts easy, though becomes quite strenuous and rocky further on, and is slippery when raining. Views from the peak are some of the best in the Adirondacks, and even when the trail is heavily populated, it never feels crowded. Personally, this is the one trail I'll keep coming back to again and again.

The first mile is easy, with some small elevation gains. The remainder of the hike is much more challenging. You have to pay attention to your footing as the rocks and roots will be with you most of the way up, and then back down! The views are amazing from the tower. The view from the summit is limited, but still great where the openings are. Making your way down is also challenging. The hike overall is a good time, as well as a good work out. My son and I took some time to take in the views at the summit, and have a snack, but we were in and out in about 4.5 hrs.

28 days ago

Great easy trail, very well marked! AMAZING views at the top

Very steep and Rocky ascent. An exhausting trip to the top. Nice rock outcroppings when you get to the top but don’t stop there. Go another 15 minutes for full 360° view

Great mountain climb, although rocky and steep the views and vistas are well worth the hike upwards. Nice 360 degree view in the tower looking outwards.

1 month ago

One of my favorite local hikes/snowshoe. A best bang for the buck! I think I have done this mountain about 50 times since 2005. Can't ever hike\snowshoe to it enough. It has the most awesome views of Blue Mountain and BM Lake. Besides that, the hike\snowshoe is not demanding at all and the Talon caves just before the summit are a BONUS!

Hiked to this summit in the spring as part of the Adirondack Fire Tower challenge. This particular hike is a challenging one as Fire Tower hikes go. The last mile is very demanding and depending on the time of year can be a scramble of sorts. The only downside to this hike is that the tower has all kinds of communications equipment on it and new roads and building supporting them. The views of Blue Mountain though....are undeniably breathtaking!!!! While I was in the tower, a helicopter flew up to the summit and dropped a man off to work on the communications equipment. It really shook the tower while I was in it!

1 month ago

This is a short and easy little trail with a very nice view. We did it in 1hr with two young kids. If you like challenges it might not be enough. I would not say it is of moderate difficulty.

Blue Mountain has a commanding view of the surrounding territory, but only if you climb the fire tower. There is a view of Blue Mountain Lake just short of the summit, but 360-degree panoramas are available only from the top. The ascent is fairly steep and quite rocky, following a drainage channel with two ephemeral stream crossings, which were dry for our hike. In the second mile, you gain over 1000 vertical feet. There is minimal exposure and the trail is under canopy until you reach the summit block. Get there early if you want a parking spot; this is a very popular summer hike. Took us 2.5 hours, but we stopped for about 15 minutes on the way up for morale reasons. The descent is very quick; poles and hiking boots are recommended.

My wife and I are doing the fire tower challenge, and found this one to be harder than Pok O Moonshine, which was rated harder by one of the guidebooks. It’s a solid moderate hike with nearly 1,600 feet of elevation gain in 2 miles, and is very rocky. If you are not an experienced hiker, I would not recommend this one when the terrain is wet. The views were amazing from the top.

1 month ago

Great hike with wonderful views. Our family has done this several times. The top portion can be a bit steep, and younger kids will just need to take it slower. We have done this in summer and done it in winter with snowshoes.

Parking was not the easiest to find. You have to go through what looks like a private conference center. Once you park you walk through a dirt road to the trailhead. The hike was great and took about 1.5 hours. I brought my year old lab mix who is very fit and he had a blast! It was moderately challenging because of the steepness in a few areas. Dogs that are too young or old may have difficulty with this hike. My dog had to make some 2-3ft jumps up different rocks to continue the trail. Be careful to follow the trail markers to the summit. During one point we veered off and began walking toward the lake instead of crossing a small stream to continue upwards. The view at the top is AMAZING but it’s a small area so their isn’t much room if there are too many people. That would be my only complaint. Overall it was a great hike and I would definitely do it again.

Great hike! Be sure and follow the trail markers, there are a fair amount of unmarked side trails. Red markers will get you to the top of the chimney formations, near the top is a “Y”; left leads to the chimney rocks and right (following yellow markers now) will lead to the true peak. The hike is a bit strenuous as it does get quite steep near the top but it’s nothing a slower pace can’t fix if you’re not as used to hiking yet. Quite a good hike, not incredibly time consuming but allows for many different explorations near the top and a great view from multiple vantage points.

Nice trail, we did it in 4hrs with two kids age 6 and 9 and a puppy. The steepest part of the trail is the last quarter. It can be slippery too. we went on a beautiful july saturday and we were 10+ on the somewhat small summit under the firetower. it was a bit crowded. Then again it's hiking season ;)

Beautiful hike. In the beginning the trail is a logging road and it’s not marked besides the start of it and where you get put back on the trail. Moderate hike that turns into a harder hike towards the top as the incline gets steep and rocky. You can’t climb the fire tower due to people destroying it. I’d suggest to bring bug spray because the black flies are absolutely horrible.

Kids love the ‘caves’ and the view. Nice loop trail down the back side for a different return route.

Great family hike for all ages. We wandered off the trail to go into TI Park for ice cream and Victorian architecture before getting back on track. We saw some beavers and heard some great tail slaps as we walked by. Go!!

Start at the Nature Center and follow the Eel Bay Trail to the potholes. Then take the Narrows Trail to the Middle Trail for your return to the Nature Center. The Nature Center has a 3D Topographical Trail Map, so you can get a good preview of your hike. It was a hot one for us. The trail was empty, but Eel Bay was filled with boaters, so lots of engine noise. Once we hit past the potholes, the trail got quite. We saw lots of chipmunks and one garter snake (on the trail).

1 month ago

Great cave along the way good views

I often judge hikes based on whether I'd ever consider a re-hike. Blue mountain wouldn't be a re-hike. Glad I did it once but, you have to think about almost every foot step - boulders and potentially slippery rocks make the hike a bit of an ordeal.

Yes, there is a great view from the tower. Yes, it's a moderate hike in terms of elevation change bottom to top and any day out in the woods is a plus - but no, it wasn't a favorite hike. See for yourself.

awesome trail. the trail itself is great. a few roots here and there but nothing technical. they seemed to clean up a bit since I didnt see much trash. there was a few things but nothing crazy. took my wife and 4 yr old 2 miles out and back and they had no problems!

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