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A well marked trail from Thompson Rd parking area to Middle Mtn to Peaked Mtn and back. Steep in some areas but a great view from Peaked. I was hoping for more from Middle mountain but a great hike.

A simple hike with enough elevation gain to be strenuous for me. I like to do a slightly shorter version of the trail (1.7 miles). . I turn around at the second and last outlook and don’t continue to the end. If you do that you’ll get a little more distance but almost no extra elevation and no more views. You’ll just walk a little further along the wooded ridge and I’m not usually interested in that.

My dogs love this hike!

Such a fun and manageable hike! Definitely recommend going up the blue an down the yellow, because the blue gets a little steep at the top! Such gorgeous views at the summit!!

Beautiful views from the top!!! Climb was OK, not too difficult and not too exciting. We did it VERY slowly - 4hrs (instead of what it should have taken 2hrs) total with 1.5hr of rest on the top and in between as one of us had injured ankle the day before on the other trail. Lots of people on the trail, but it didn't bother us, mostly young people, one group were likely professional dancers who once reached to the top played music and danced. That was kind of cool.

Great hike. Some challenge for children or older folk (like me) but worthwhile.

I was turned off by the no dog thing- but on my way up- someone had a dog anyway- rebels... but seriously- a good hike- good views- but nothing to really look at except that scenic overlook- summit was very disappointing. It was ok, tho. Definitely good exercise! Just kinda boring.

Beautiful View

Great hike! A bit hard in some places, but the views were nice!!

very fun trail with great views. Crowded, but then again, the best ones are.

we did the blue trail up, yellow down in about 2 hours including lunch at the top. It was a great hike with beautiful views and my dogs are now exhausted.

I’ve done this trail many times . Up and down the Blue only , one hour up and one hour down. I find it to be a good work out, with great views, and a nice little scramble at the top. I think it is one of the best hikes within an hour of Portland.

The map is kinda confusing. I thought it was a loop trail, but couldn’t figure out the loop from the top. Although it was a really pretty view.

I did yellow trail up, blue trail down. The yellow trail was a perfect level of difficulty. The summit was beautiful. I went on a 90 degree sunny day so I did not stay up top for long, but it would be a great summit to have lunch and stay awhile. The blue trail down was very steep. The hikers who were walking up it were some of the most soaked with sweat, panting people I've seen lately. Entire trail is well marked and it's basically impossible to get off trail.

September 1st 2018. was a perfect day to go hiking we went on this hike. trail os well marked just about did all of the trails. I enjoyed it.

Two friends went on this trail today 9/3/2018. They started up the blue trail but there was just to many people so they turned around and went up the yellow trail. Lots of uphill and rocks to climb. They went for a little bit when the heat got the better of them, turned around went back to their car. But at the car they found that someone had smashed in the back windshield and stole from inside the car. So they will not be back and this would not be where I would go with my kids.

Been hiking Pleasant Mtn for 10 years on the Fire Warden Trail and the trails off Mountain Rd, but have never done the SW Ridge Trail, for whatever reason. We have been missing out! This is now my favorite way to summit Pleasant Mtn. Many great views on the way up and a great workout. It’s rated moderate, but I would put it on the upper end of moderate.

The views at the main summit are always enjoyable.

Very little effort for great views!

Nice hike! Went up blue trail, came down yellow! Lots of white birch trees and beach nuts on yellow trail! Love them! Good day!

Short and sweet. Awesome view of lakes from the top.

18 days ago

Took the blue trail up, yellow down. Roundtrip took about 2 hours with beautiful views @ the top of the mountain. Mostly in the woods until the last 5-10mi s. Blue is steep as you get above the tree line with rocks but plenty of young children and dogs on the path so not too strenuous.

22 days ago

Great morning hike with minimum traffic. Peak has some nice views for the size.

Short little hike that my old dog can make it up and back down!

Great hike for beginners, families, & dogs, with just enough incline to get your blood pumping! Easy to follow trail with a cute little summit at the top that's perfect for a picnic with a beautiful view! Trail can be completed in less than 2 hours, so it's great if you wanna do a hike with limited time(:

trail running
24 days ago

It was a nice quick run. It was hard going up the face(blue trail), but I was able to run 90% of it. I went up blue and came down yellow. Next time I will go yellow both ways.

Fun hike with wife and dog. Went up the blue and down the yellow. A good workout with a couple scrambling spots, especially near the peak.

Took blue up and yellow down. I think some new marking may have been put up on the yellow trail as we didn’t have any problems once we were on it. Look for the large rock pile on the opposite side of summit and towards the left to pick it up the yellow trail at the top. Once you get going down the trail a bit, you’ll start noticing the yellow markers.

Will add Stone Mtn trail next time.

Did this one today! Wonderful hike up, great views, can’t wait to do it in the fall

Definitely doable, a couple of bold rock areas on the way up but nothing too difficult. We went up Blue and down Yellow, which was entertaining as Blue includes more climbing, and Yellow is more relaxed, with many streams and beautiful forest. When you go up Blue you’ll enjoy a couple of open rock spots with AMAZING lake views, so don’t miss an opportunity for a great picture! Summit is bold and has a lot of space for everyone, so take some food for a nice picnic. Good luck and enjoy the stunning views!

We hiked this trail on 8/25/18 with our dog. It’s a short hike to the top with great view of several local lakes. Definitely recommend the entire summit loop-the back side of the mountain is a bit more of a challenge but overall a fairly easy hike.

Love these trails. Well maintained with nice views. Can sometimes be crowded.

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