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6 hours ago

Magic is the only word.

22 hours ago

We did the Big Spring Canyon to Squaw Canyon loop, which I'd describe as perfectly pleasant but not mind-blowing. The highlight for us was climbing out of Big Spring Canyon at roughly the halfway point – definitely a fantastic place to stop for lunch. Some shade (especially in Big Spring) but not a ton. Only saw one other person on a Thursday morning in August. Decent bathrooms at the trailhead.

Bring water and something to snack on at the lake. Amazing views of the great salt lake from several areas. Wear good shoes there are a lot of rocks to scurry over on the trail all throughout the hike.

Great hike, though the smoke dampened the experience. Make sure to not stop at the first lake. There is no one at the other two if you go right as soon as you hit Lake Blanche and go to Lillian and Florence. Worth the extra mile or so. Wife and I (46 yrs old each)are in pretty good shape and are runners. We did the ascent in 1:34 and descent in 1:23, so if you are in good shape, you can comfortably do this pretty quickly and enjoyably. Would not be small child friendly IMO.

4 days ago

Loved this hike! A bit difficult but there are many opportunities to stop along the way and the entire time there are beautiful views so if you decide you don’t want to do the whole thing no worries you still get to see amazing views! Kind of crowded but friendly environment. 10/10 will do again.

5 days ago

A difficult trail but worth it! The view is amazing. Try to go early in the day if the weather is warm because a large portion of the trail is unshaded.

5 days ago

Loved this hike. It was pretty easy at the beginning. I did the first mile in under 30mins. Then it just got progressively harder. There were rocky sections off and on, which makes for a tough trail. It took me about 2 hours and 10 mins to get to the first lake and about an hour and 30 mins to hike back down. I clocked it as 3.7 miles from the parking lot bathrooms all the way up to where you see lake Blanche. It’s 4 miles if you make your way to the third lake.
I saw a deer, but sadly no moose. I brought bug spray, but never used it. I think if you are there early in the morning or in the evening you would probably need it, but late morning through the afternoon you should be fine without. I would consider the trail fairly exposed, depending on the time of day you go. I was in full sun most of the way down, which was around 2/3pm.
Have fun out there!!

We loved this hike. Started 6:30 am and had plenty of shade on the way up. We stayed exploring around the lakes for a couple hours and there was a lot more sun on the way down but lots of shaded areas still. Beautiful views at the top. Only a few hikers on the way up but passed by several who were headed up on our way down.

This was a beautiful hike. There was always a beautiful view to look at. I left at 7:30 in the morning. There were only six hikers that I counted. But on my way back around noon there was constantly someone coming up the trail, making it difficult to get down in some spots. This trail is very heavily trafficked during mid day. I also do not consider this trail difficult. The last mile is the hardest but totally doable. Going down was much harder on me than going up. I brought up 2 L of water and one water bottle. I didn’t go through all of my water but it was close. I did spend a good 2.5 hours exploring the area once I hit the lake. It is quite warm on the trail in the mid day so bring lots of water. Totally worth it!

We loved this saw Provo river falls on the way to the lake then walked the trail around the lake

I think this hike is beautiful. The beginning is moderate and then near the end it gets harder. I took a lot of breaks on the way up which is needed in this hot weather! Overall I enjoyed myself and enjoyed the views from the top. I did end up losing a green hammock on the way down and would love if someone found it if they could return it to me! Contact me at 8012450346 if you found it.

When the trail meets a giant mound of rocks, we found out the hard way you don’t have to scramble across. You just climb up a few feet to your right and the trail picks up on your right for a little switchback. This trail is hard on knees and ankles and much longer than it says, especially if you hike up a little over the rocks to the other two lakes and to a lookout, which you have to do if you’re up there- that was the best part for me.

Really nice hike going through the different elevations. Definitely not as hard as it is made out to be. I am not fit by any stretch of the imagination and made it up in 1.5 hours. Some parts are steep, but nothing that a healthy person can't manage.
The views at the top were absolutely fantastic. Don't stop at Lake Blanche- continue on to the other two lakes as well. If you go up top one of the rocks you get a nice view down the canyon.
I brought a hydration pack and unlike many of the reviewers still had plenty of water left by the time I got back to the parking lot.
Will definitely go again!

9 days ago

This trail is rated as hard but I’d say it’s moderate. It can be steep at times, but its not very long and easy to ho down. It took me 3 hours to reach the lake and 2 hours back down to the trailhead. Going down was the closest I’ve come to trail running. I wear hiking boots so I don’t normally run down, but the rocks are manageable and I would guess with the right footwear it would be a blast. The lake is beautiful but I didn’t see any moose. No snow anywhere on August 5th. It’s a beautiful cirque with Sundial peak towering over the lake.

trail running
9 days ago

Great hike for trail running. It's not too steep, more of a consistent grade. Go early in the morning, best to beat the traffic. Loved hanging out with the moose up there!

10 days ago

I have done 3 trails so far and I consider myself as intermediate. This trail got tougher as it goes and the last mile was super tough and steep. It took 2 hrs to go up and 1.5 hrs to come down. Carry lots of water, nuts and fruits. Overall recommended and a good one.

10 days ago

The hike felt longer than the 6.7 listed in the description, but I attribute that to the steep climb and hot day. Either way it was beautiful there and back again. For the work to get there you get two other water sheds to the west of Blanche: Lake Florence and Lake Lillian. There's a lovely waterfall feature draining from Blanche into Florence.

12 days ago

Hiked this trail with my wife and my 1 year old son. This hike is beautiful. We are from Nebraska so for us it was more difficult then someone who lives with mountains to hike regularly. We saw three moose walking around the lake at the top. It is totally worth it to reach the top. So glad we were able to complete this hike. Pack plenty of water and enjoy this beautiful hike.

12 days ago

We hiked Blanche four days ago. It is one of the most varied and beautiful hikes. You see many different landscapes. There aren't many wildflowers and, unfortunately, we didn't see a moose, but I would hike this over and over. There is a lot of shade most of the way and the trail wasn't too crowded. It took us about four hours round trip, including a long lunch break at the lake. We clocked 6.7 miles.

This is a moderate trail ending at a beautiful lake! If you continue past the lake you can see two more lakes! We spotted four moose just this morning along this trail. Wildflowers that we’re there are already dying and hints of fall are coming. I would repeat this hike!

beautiful trail to great lakes but....."kill me now" was a fairly constant thought in my head! Took us 10 hours round trip, but we traveled at the speed the 4 year old managed.

Worth the work. Don’t be fooled by the signage at the trailhead that says 2.8 miles. We clocked in at about 3.5. One of the most beautiful places this Virginia girl has been!

This is a hard hike, but well worth the payoff! On the way up there is breathtaking views of the north face and you can see where it’s broken off! There are two beautiful meadows of aspens and the trail is pretty well shaded the entire way. Started the hike at 4pm and was back in the car by 9. The lake and surrounding scenery is beautiful, be sure to take in sundial peak and look for moose!

14 days ago

This was a REALLY difficult hike but the view was well worth it! Go early in the morning and take more water and snacks than you think you’ll need. Walking sticks are a big help on this trip.

Great hike!! Did it today with my wife and my 14 month old son in our carrier. Took us 2 hours to get to the top and about 1 hour and 45 minutes down. We ended up hanging out at the lakes for almost 2 hours to let our son walk around. Amazing views the entire way!!

Just moved from South Carolina and am far from an experienced hiker. We left early in the morning and arrived at mill b south trailhead at 615am. Had the trail to ourselves and were lakeside by 745. Beautiful waterfall around eastern side of lake that is tucked away and you can scramble a bit alongside it! Would highly recommend but prepare for your quads to be mad at you for a few days - week after if you aren’t an expert hiker

Very scenic road with great scenic overlooks.

rock climbing
17 days ago

This is a challenging hike. My girlfriend and I are 30 yr olds with little hiking experience and not currently in the best shape. The hike took everything out of us. We also started at noon on a hot summer day, so that disnt help. We made it to the top in just over 2 grueling hours. Needless to say it was TOTALLY worth it. The lake was SURREAL. We saw a couple of moose chilling right next to the lake. We took a nap underneath a couple of shady trees, and we took a dip in the lake!! Taking a dip is a MUST. The water is amazingly refreshing, and Sundial peak is so majestic. We did a little under 2 hours climbing back down, for a total of 7 hours trip. (2 of which we chilled at the lake). Definitely recommend it, even if not in the best shape. It is a very rewarding hike!

take water and wear proper foot gear

Difficult, Hell yeah! :-)But its worth it to see Lake Blanche. Also we had a moose cross our path! Yikes

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