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1 hour ago

Absolutely beautiful trail. Didn’t make it all the way to the lake, but lovely by the creek all along the way. Gently sloping, not very technical.

4 hours ago

Very well maintained trail with lots of picturesque scenery, including the river, waterfalls, forest, open space with obsidian boulders and of course - lakes and Mountain View’s. Went over Labor Day weekend, lots of other hikers but not crowded. The hike in was 2 hours. We took a 30 minute break to snack and take in the scenery then hiked out, which took 1.5 hours. Would recommend.

gets crowded, but great payoff

19 hours ago

Beautiful hike, old growth and wonderful views of Mt.Hood.

1 day ago

Hard for me to completely rate this trail fairly. Started out hiking at 11p so it was pitch black. Very cold that night and to make matters worse once we got to the lakes the wind decided to get crazy. If I was to guess sustained 15mph with gusts all night up to 40. Powerful enough to have branches fall on our tent. In the morning the lakes were pretty but again very very cold mostly due to the wind. We did a loop with soda creek trail back to the trail head and decided to forgo no name lake that night given how windy it was the previous night at a lower elevation. The lakes were definitely pretty and so was the western side of broken top and the eastern end of sisters. Great overall trail system in this region no doubt.

I e only ever done the very short part of this hike where we loop back after the suspension bridge but this time we decided to go right and continue on. I looked at the map and I saw where we could stay in the Lava Canyon trail by keeping left at the bridge. Once we hit SCOTT trail we took a little break over looking the river. We decided to go down SCOTT trail u til it met up with the upper part of Lava Canyon trail. It is t marked but you can see the trail to the left. Also I knew it was only .3 of a mile. They really should put signage there. The upper trail is all up! Looks like an old Forrest access road overgrown. But we had to take a couple short breaks to rest. It’s over 3 miles up. I believe we climbed about 1204 feet. I could definitely say no dogs past the suspension bridge and this is definitely rated HARD in my book. Scary at times. I am glad I did it.

Easy to get to, incredible views multiple times along the way. Never too difficult to climb.

Great hike! The fall colors around the lake made the lake even more beautiful!

Great loop hike. Beautiful views.

trail running
5 days ago

Great workout, stunning views at the top (about 5 miles in). First 4 or so miles are mostly uphill. Trail could be better maintained, overgrown vegetation at times. Only one downed tree, easy to hop over.

Did this yesterday (Friday) and LOVED it! Not many people on the trail at all. We found the trail a little confusing but figured it out in the end. Ended up keeping left on both loops going up and doing the other way down. This takes you the gradual way up to McNeil Point and we ended up going down the steep way. We agreed that we would have preferred climbing up the steep way over down- tough but it was pretty sketchy going down. If you go up the gradual way, don't feel like you need to wait until you get to the shelter to stop for views. We didn't sit in the shelter at all because it's enclosed so you miss much of the view. Wish we'd stopped to eat on one of the big rocks coming up!

Beautiful views. Ascent is rapid but the trail is short.

8 days ago

Definitely a favorite trail! Interesting and beautiful views. For sure would do this one again.

8 days ago

We backpacked mid-September and experienced a mixture of weather. The views were amazing and there were many trails we explored once camp was set up. Grab a good water filter so you don’t have to weigh your bag down with lots of water. There are many places to refill with the filter. Trekking poles were helpful as there are a couple spots once at the lakes where you can cross water on logs but they are slippery so be careful. There are lots of easily located designated camp spots and a back trail to hike South Sister if you wanted. Will go again for sure!

Watch out for bees

Great hike. Beautiful views. Small water crossing (plenty of rocks to jump on). Colors were changing so it was really beautiful.

16 days ago

Absolutely beautiful!

Spectacular views - creek, waterfalls, Broken Top, South Sister, lava, and lakes. Bring a camera and plenty of water. Fairly easy hike - moderate due to the distance.

18 days ago

Beautiful day on the trail yesterday. The weather was perfect, even though the Mt. Hood view from the point was a bit socked in. Still a few strangling wildflowers and great fall reds, oranges, and yellows on the foliage. Such a well worth it hike!

The best part of the hike is the old growth forest, some really massive trees. The lake is rather unimpressive although clouds were covering Mt.Hood once we got to it

on Green Lakes Trail

18 days ago

Awesome hike for all ages. Did this late September, NO mosquitoes

Great views!

What an amazing hike! Super easy and the weather was fantastic. We went from the parking lot to the glacier lake and around the Canyon Meadows Loop. Bring a water filter and fill up in the creek so you don’t have to pack so much water. Bugs were not bad at all and saw a mom and her baby mountain goat climbing the rocks. The road was good until we hit the dirt section for the last 5 miles. I have an AWD minivan and had to get out 4 times on the way up to pick my path to drive through the deep, deep powder dirt ruts. Low clearance vehicles won’t make it and it’s best with 4 wheel or AWD. Don’t try it in the rain unless you are sure you can make it through the ruts. All in all, well worth the work!

19 days ago

It was a little cloudy but no rain so that was nice. Did get a couple of bee stings on the hike so watch out for that!

Awesome hike, forest is green and luscious. Hike was good, and weather was perfect. no rain, mud or snow.(even had first time hikers with us and everyone made it up and down) fall was an incredible sight. 100% must see. Falls flowing. We saw folks with dogs, children and bikes.

not as easy as everyone would have you believe but just as amazing! very loose rock up past upper meadow to cirque lake and viewpoint. great views but I bet they get even better if you catch the wildflowers

great ride with only two hikers on the trail. lots of water for the horses.

we took the whole family, all five kids and what a beautiful hike!

Incredible views!

Beautiful views throughout with presence of great amount of shade.

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