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wide range of things to see. so much fun and by far one of my favorite hikes I've done. I did the glacier and back down the other side so it was a bit longer but absolutely incredible.

I love to go snowshoeing up there in the winter perfect and very nice in the summer for hiking

Catching up on some reviews, so note that I did this in early September. I know many people start around 2am to get to the summit at sunrise, but I just wasn't done for that this go around. Started the trail around 7am and got back to the car around 2pm. Lots of people going both directions. The log at the top was already filled with 200 names, just from that day!! Saw a mother moose and her two babies, as well as a mountain goat. Beautifil wildflowers filled the fields. Great time with some good friends--would definitely recommend doing this one.

I loved this trail up to the saddle. I must have done it on the busiest weekend of the year so it was a little treacherous actually summiting due to mostly a lot of boys jostling, and the summit itself was very chaotic with lots of people on it. But the part up to that was pretty mellow and had such spectacular views of the wasatch and was lush with flowers. When I do this again, I’ll just go up the the big meadow on the timpooneke side or the emerald lake, once on the summit was enough for me.

I hike this every summer. Top 10 most scenic trails in Utah.

2 months ago

exhausting, but amazing view.

Did this Trail in October. The views are incredible. Each section offers more and more just insanely gorgeous scenery. This hike is steep and long. Be prepared.

Very steep with some Icy parts glad we had our micro spikes. Thoroughly enjoyed it!

on Spiro Trail

4 months ago

Great day hike - headed up the mtn from large ski resort parking lot and took small trail to the right through an large grassy area. Once at the trail I continued up the mtn. It’s a bit sketchy when you get to where this trail merges into Middle Mtn and then later into Armstrong. Glad I had this app so I could confirm I was on right trail.

4 months ago

Hiked 10.21.17 - Loved this trail! Get to pass lakes Mary, Martha and Catherine and end up at the peak where you can see all 3 lakes together. This is one of my favorite hikes I’ve done in the area. Beautiful views!

The trail is easy to follow. There was some snow when I hiked a couple weeks ago, but it was completely doable. It took me 1 hour and 10 minutes to get to the top.

October 28th 2017..
Amazing is the best thing I can say. Every turn was a photo moment and the challenges were significant enough to make them exciting but still entirely doable!
I met some wonderful people along the way including eight year old Kylie who was near the top when I met her and her mother Julie. .. see what I mean very doable ...if I lived here I would probably do this hike at least once or twice a month..
I decided to take the Aspen Trail because I heard there were waterfalls and I am a big fan of waterfalls. Even though they were not running like they would be in the spring or early summer they were still quite beautiful. Even the frozen ice Falls we're enough to have made me want to take the trail. Ran into a family of moose along the way... a bull mom and two calves. They actually impeded my progress twice while hiking up and again while coming down. They like the lower Trail around the aspen trees so if you hike that area just be aware. I did not get confrontational with them and they do seem to be somewhat used to humans but they are still wild animals and you never want to take that chance. Also heard from one of the hikers with her daughter on her 21st birthday that the billy goats up near Emerald Lake we're somewhat aggressive. I imagine being the fall of the Year might have something to do with it especially for the Billy.
Once I was up past the shack and headed towards the peak I had to cross the ice field. I had a couple of options. There is a narrow precarious ice Trail right up against the edge of the cliff which I do not recommend you taking without crampons or katula's. Something to keep footing in the ice. I think what is more dangerous is the fact that ice is on top of the loose Rock and boulders that have fallen from above. If the rocks give away under the ice you are not going to have any options. My solution was simple go up over the boulders furthur back away from the edge. ( to Dave from Visalia thank you for the tip ) It's somewhat of a scramble but I didn't need the crampons. Then come back down on the other side (Northwestern side) far back from the edge of the cliffs walk through the snow to find the trail once it has moved away from the edge. one set of hikers I talk to on the way up said they didn't go past the ice field simply because it looked too dangerous along the edge and they weren't prepared. That was a good call on their part. you should always research the trails thoroughly that you plan to do and make sure you have the equipment you may need. All Trails here has some good reviews even though you may have to read down to find enough information to truly prepare. Have fun and happy trails!.... Gideon

A quick drive from Salt Lake, dog friendly, extraordinary views. This hike delivers so much in just 2.5 miles.

For a more detailed review and some photos, check out the link below:

Great hike! Beautiful weather. Did hike 25 October. Some small icy spots lower down but not problematic. 2nd time up, much better experience than the first! Will do again.

We hiked this on Oct 18 and it was great. Perfect weather and no snow still. Very safe. Mt. Timp hike is the best in Utah County.

Lovely sunny day. Minimally icy. Summited in 3:35 without pushing too hard.
Route finding up on to the saddle a mile before summit a bit tricky.

Started at 10am and the temperature was perfect. Emerald Lake was covered in ice and snow.

After Emerald Lake the path that goes under the ridge until you get on top of the ridge was covered in snow. I HIGHLY recommend bringing crampons/spikes going through that section. Also bring a light jacket / vest as there's chilling winds all the way to the peak.

5 months ago

The trail had 4-6 inches of new snow early this morning and had the trail to ourselves except for bird and deer.

it was actually pretty darn easy. I summited in under 4 hours while going at a slow pace. The neighbor to the north Box Elder peak is by far a harder hike.

Difficult yet rewarding hike. Best to do this hike in September or October when the temperatures decline. Bring plenty water and your camera!

Trail is beautiful right now. Snow starts to pop up intermittently around the halfway point but it isn't too bad. There's a decent stretch that crampons would've been helpful for, but for the most part a pair of good grip-y shoes will be fine. Super steep, though. Pretty much the entire way up. Zero signage though, so double check on the map here to make sure you're staying on track.

Beautiful hike! My husband and I did this hike on October 9th and the fall colors were amazing! We didn't summit because of time constraints, but we made it 5 mi in and 3100 ft up in about 2.5 hours. There was snow and ice on parts of the trail, which was a little nerve wracking because we didn't have crampons and if we had slipped, we could have fallen down a steep slope. We heard from other hikers that the trail is very icy where it splits to the summit. I would definitely recommend crampons. We met Ben on the trail. Super cool guy and he helped us through some of the icy bits.

This was fantastic. There was one area with enough snow I wished I had waterproof boots, but it was absolutely beautiful out there. This was my first time up and it did not disappoint.

Started at 6:00, summitted by 11:00, back down at 3:00. Easy hike to the saddle. From there it gets cold and windy, also more rocky. Very easy to lose the trail, pay close attention to switchbacks. A few scary spots but nothing serious. Bring warm clothes for the top. Super cold. Views are amazing and whole hike is worth it. Met Ben & hiked with him for a mile or two. Awesome guy.

The trail was steep, muddy and a tad snowy, with not much of a view. However, the view at the top is absolutely bonkers.

Love this hike...it's hard but so rewarding

Even in a snow storm: awesome hike!

Even in a snow storm: awesome hike!

5 months ago

Steep and slippery but fantastic views. Some snow and mud. Even with a hiking pole I slipped several times. Better than neffs for city views.

Hiked to the top for sunrise, breathtaking view. Difficult but worth it!!!

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