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6 days ago

Great Hike with stunning views!

11 days ago

Great hike good up and downs you can see forever lots of different views.

Nice area, but lots of horse poop. If you're on foot and are terrified of stepping in horse poop like me, this trail isn't for you!

16 days ago

Favorite hike in Saint George! Lots of breathtaking views, not too crowded, great rocks for bouldering, and just difficult enough to be interesting for experienced hikers. Bring plenty of water (most of the hike will be in the direct sun), and have your phone. The map provided on this app has been helpful a few times for zen trail (easy to lose the trail).

My first time there today. It was challenging but great. Very nice views when on top. Many people on horseback, I’m not sure it’s great for bikes though. For hiking, definitely it’s a go :)

For ADVANCED bikers only, hikers don’t even try!!!

Holy hell. I mostly fell all the way down.
I’ve been up and down Dry Creek several times with no incident. This time, I wanted to try going down Bobsled. There was a guy at the top who was like, “Have you been down this before? Be careful,” before ripping down the trail ahead of me. Ok dude, you wouldn’t have said this if I was a big guy with a fancy bike but whatever...
Except this is HARD!!! I’m a new biker and my bike definitely needs a tune-up. I’ll only do this again if my brakes are at 100% in the future.
The flow was absolutely fantastic, it reminded me of carving while skiing (which I’m much more experienced at) since the trail was very curvy and had a lot of jumps. I truly had no idea mountain biking could be like this. For my hardtail bike with weak brakes combined with my inexperience...I wiped out several times. And once really badly.
I think hikers would be fine up until Bobsled, but don’t even try going up or down Bobsled. It is absolutely a bikers trail and you will be obliterated.
I’d definitely recommend it for my more advanced friends!! I’ll be back in the future with a better bike and a few more rides under my belt.
Also, how did those cars get up there?
ALSO, is this even the Bobsled everybody keeps talking about?? Because this is way more advanced than they made it seem.

Awesome trail running and biking!

Not a bad hike, occasionally a little boring but I feel it’s more of a moderate hike than a hard one. Some very unique rock structures and a beautiful view at the top. Not a lot of shade, 2L or water is just about right. Lots of bikers.

Great place to trail run! Just be mindful off all of the mountain bikers.

2 months ago

This trail is a must hike in St. George! Love the terrain & scenery. Bring a reliable GPS with extra batteries. It is very easy to get off the trail. Bring extra water also. This is a must do hike!!

I have hiked this area probably close to 60 times in the last couple of years and have found the trails to be whatever I wanted them to be. I want solitude I can find it because of all of the branch offs that go up different draws. If I want strenuous, it is there. If I want leisurely, it's easy to find as well. I almost never see other hikers on mostvof the trail branches that I have hiked. There are lots of deer and other animals including cougars so keep your eyes open. :)

2 months ago

We started at the JEM trailhead off Rte 59. Mostly easy and flat with desert landscape and beautiful views of the red and yellow cliffs and mesas. No shade. Great for dogs but a lot of the trail loop has sharp drop off edges. Popular with mountain bikers.

2 months ago

There are many trails and roads you could take as out and backs or loops from the Rose Canyon Trailhead. I don't think many of the descriptions here are actually of the loop shown on the map. I went up almost to the radio towers on the way to Butterfield Peaks, mostly on the road, which worked out to 10.6 miles and 2700 ft of elevation. If I had known I was almost at the peaks, I would have kept going. There were some fantastic views walking along the ridgeline, but it's still very hazy everywhere from the fires. Good view of the copper mine in the distance. Some ATVs, trail bikes and pick-up truck traffic on some of the roads, and cows in random places. The trailhead has space for a lot of parking, and it was all full when I finished at 10:30 AM on Labor Day.

2 months ago

Was a great hike, started at the St Regis and ended up at the Mountainside Marriott. At the beginning the trails are not marked well but we figured it out.

mountain biking
2 months ago

This is a great trail! I usually ride the bus up to the montage and jump on the trail there to eliminate a little of the climb from silver lake. I like to go early get up there at about 8 and traverse over to park city and take one of the downhill trails from there before the lifts open. The views are amazing and there are some nice benches here and there that you can take a break on and take it all in.

I've done this twice this week and loved it both times. Hiked up the south side and ran down the north side of the loop. The run was through the trees in soft, powdery dirt. So much fun! Make sure to cut into the trees when the full downhill starts, otherwise you'll miss the powder and will be stuck on a rocky downhill.

Amazing views that are usually shaded, you have dirt bikes on the trail as well as horses.
Great hike for larger dogs; some parts get a bit steep but it’s well worth it.
You’ll come to a point close to Tibble Fork where a sign points to the trail, of you go the opposite direction you come out by the dam at Tibble Fork.

3 months ago

Fun Area! Great views and nice trail.

Beautiful hiking but have to watch out for bikers

This trail is one of my go-to trails because it’s close to home. I love that it loops so that you don’t go back the same way you came. There’s always quite a few horseback riders and mountain bikers so it’s not for you if you’re really looking to get away! I wish there was more water toward the top because it’s pretty dry and hot this time of year. Would recommend!

This trail was awesome! I saw a ton of cows in this area and we were basically alone the whole time (plus there was service). Difficult, but doable. I'll be visiting this beautiful area again, hopefully soon!

4 months ago

Ran this trail counter clockwise. Pretty technical, not a fast loop. There are some portions that are more runnable than others, but overall a ton of fun. Like some other reviews noted, the trail can be quite hard to follow in places, particularly where it crosses over solid rock. There are some cairns, but not enough to solely rely on them. But between the cairns, your sense of direction, the trail map on this app, and keeping an eye out for mountain bike tracks, you can mostly stay on the trail. Views are pretty great throughout. I ran it on a fairly overcast evening, about 90 degrees out. I went through 2 liters of water. Make sure you're carrying enough. There's very little shade.

4 months ago

We were visiting from Tucson.
My GPS showed 6.75 miles round trip from trailhead with just over 1000’ if climbing. This is a moderate trail, not really hard. Trailhead is just outside a housing subdivision. We went counterclockwise. The first and last mile are on a featureless road and uninspiring. The middle is an unbelievably beautiful landscape of rocks, boulders, ridges, and washes. I was really surprised at the beauty so close to town. Started at daybreak and met one other couple on a Sunday. Lots of evidence of MTB use. Relied on Trails map as rocky terrain sometimes hard to follow. Cairns help but network of trails caused us to get off-route twice.
Would highly recommend.

I Just took my new Scott Aspect 21 speed mountain bike down Bobsled it was an epic ride. Definitely for advanced riders!

4 months ago

Really enjoyed biking, going down was my favorite.

Great hike there but the ending is kinda bland. It ends at river bed with a little water going down and connects to more trails.
The hike it’s self is very pretty.

trail running
4 months ago

Did the full loop counter clockwise at Sunrise. Started at SE end of trail off access road coming up from one of the newer neighborhoods off Dixie. This trail offers great views of the area in all directions but does get harder to follow on the West - SW side going up through boulder fields before the descent. Lots of cairns to help mark the way in most cases. As already noted you also get an excellent look at the trail system in the valley to the South-SW. Giving it a 5 due to easy access and super views.

5 months ago

This trail is usually done on a mountain bike, and the actual Spiro section I think is a downhill only portion, at least for mountain bikers, and it’s FAST! I would double check with the Park City Mountain map first before hiking up Spiro. Typically people will ride up Armstrong and use mid-mountain to crossover to Spiro and ride Spiro down.

Nice climb on my mountain bike

We visited on 5/26/2018 and hiked about 1.5 miles up the trail. There was some horse poop along the trail but ultimately it’s not really much of a bother. We saw 2 small snakes near the trail and 2 small deer in one of the clearings. Overall we loved it and will definitely go back to hike further

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