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3 days ago

Really enjoyed this trail. Saw raccoon and snake. Nice hike

3 days ago

Nice leisurely hike. Great trail to run on. Fall foliage was beautiful. Trail was less traveled but well marked.

I didn't care for the trail. Too narrow of a trail, either pulling my dog behind me or he is pulling me out front. The gravel and bigger rocks were clunky and somewhat annoying. The trail meanders sometimes close to the lake, but then immediately takes you away from it. Just a couple of nice views, but other than that a fairly uninteresting hike.

awesome pretty scenery

Great quick way to get outside with the family close to home!

Great hike. The view is amazing

No parking and really crowded

excellent place. amazing trail for hiking and biking with dig a everywhere with 3 color difficulty levels. and as you walk you can see the people fishing and you can take your dog as well, be aware of the ticks LOL. you have rest areas on the trail with benches and breathe taker views.

Awesome trail that winds around the mountain side. Just difficult enough with a pack and dog. We continued on the Chimney Top Trail and stayed the night at Mart Fields Campsite before backtracking the next morning. Beautiful views well maintained trail/site.

Overall a good, easy trail with a great viewpoint, waterfall, and swinging bridge. As others have mentioned, it’s only about 4 miles round trip from the parking lot to Edward’s Point.

Important! There is only a small parking area with no turnaround. NO trailers. We were visiting in the area with our kayak trailer and decided to hike here. After turning on to the little road, we hoped for a wider parking area further on. We had to disconnect, reconnect and park down the hill. This is not the reason for the rating, just to warn others from out of town. A sign would help..

Nice little run. Some steep sections. Clearly marked. Keep your head up for mountain bikers.

22 days ago

Pretty good trail overall. Seen several deer while we were hiking too, which was pretty cool.

Easy access to wooded area & fun for dogs

I agree that this is a neat trail for being pretty much right in Knoxville. The river walk and cave are pretty neat. My daughter and I also went up the tower trail a ways-nice spot to sit and take in the view. Will probably walk it again sometime since it’s so close.

What part of Stringers Ridge Trail can I enter near 1131 Stringers Ridge Rd “The Pinnacle”

beautiful, this is why we moved to Tennessee!

1 month ago

Fun hiking but inconsistently marked.

I was skeptical of Bowie Nature Park after a so-so experience on the Horseshoe trail, but I am so glad I gave this trail a try! I started out on the Lake Van trail which is very scenic but the terrain is quite uneven with a lot of tree roots to step over. I then connected to the Loblolly trail- very wide and even with some of the biggest loblolly pines I've ever seen. The Twin Lakes Loop trail took me to Lake Byrd and Lake Anna, small but very peaceful bodies of water with picnic shelters near by. I was struck by the contrast between the more wooded Lake Byrd and the openshore of Lake Anna. I took the Sycamore Springs trail which took me past its namesake spring with a tiny waterfall, the sound of which is louder than you might expect from such a small creek running parallel to the trail for a bit. I linked up with the Perimeter trail to return to the parking lot, and that last hill is quite steep to finish strong! I got a great overview of what Bowie Nature Park has to offer, and I will definitely return again for more. I also noted that this park felt exceptionally safe despite being rather isolated for stretches, and I, like other women I saw along the way, was comfortable being on my own here.

mountain biking
1 month ago

On the way from Memphis to Nashville my wife and I decided to try the “easy trail”. The easy trail was harder than we expected. Lol. Beautiful area. Trails were marked perfectly!

Ok. When you start stay to the left. Follow the purple dots. Then when you get to chimney rock stay left and follow the yellow dots. When you get to South Old Mac take that back to the trailhead. We clocked 8.3 miles. This trail is not for the weak-ankled folks. Listed as moderate but definitely on the harder side in places. Lots and lots and lots of rocks. Not the prettiest of hikes but it’ll definitely get your heart rate in the zone! We ran across 5 wild boar and mountain lion tracks so pay attention to your surroundings!

Did the river walk trail as a family. Great trail for all levels especially younger kids. My six year old loved it

1 month ago

My biggest frustration was locating the trailhead which is in the back of the parking lot next to the nature center. While there are signs along the trail that indicate which direction to go, there are many points that paths intersect and the signs don't tell you which trail is which. There are great ravines to cross through under the tall canopy of the forest. Unfortunately, this trail comes within sight of the Super Walmart toward the second half of the trail which really detracts from the hiking experience. The walk was pleasant overall, but it falls short of being an immersive nature trail.

nature trips
1 month ago

Ratings are all relative :) I gave this a 5 as this seems perfect when you think about a trail that is in a city. I’m not from the area so this was the first time I had checked out this area. This particular trail was pretty great. It was diverse in the type of scenery...from river views to rocks to seeing a cave to a pond etc. Definitely an easy path. I only came across a couple groups of people which was nice as well. I went at 6 pm on a Wed night though. I bet it gets crowded on the weekends though. I would go again and frequent often if I lived in Knox.

Ps. You can make this trail a bit longer by veering off the path periodically on the other side trails.

This also is more along the lines of an easy trail vs moderate.

1 month ago

Perfect trail for a lunchtime power hike!!

1 month ago

Trail head is tough to fine. It is on the side of the highway directly opposite the paved parking pull-off. It is faintly marked by some surveyor's tape, but otherwise hard to see. trail itself was well marked. I hiked up at night and down the next morning. watching the sunrise from the overlook was amazing. Some great bouldering at the top as well.

Good water source flowing into the cave, which is closed due to white-nose syndrome.

I’ve ridden over 3,000 miles on this trail over the past 6 years, usually averaging 3 rides per week. Since I’m riding I take the longer way around which is generally around 10 miles. If you stay close to the lake it’s a little over 6 miles. It’s a great place to ride and drains quickly after some rain unless you stay close to the lake which can take longer to drain. Volunteers maintain the trails including building bridges and removing fallen trees so be patient if you run into some. You can take the trail clockwise or counter clockwise. If you’re new to the trail just keep the lake to your right or left and you’ll do fine. Only downside are dog owners with no leash on their dogs, it is a state law and a safety issue on the trails. Enjoy, it is a great place to get away from the city and enjoy the outdoors.

1 month ago

Great Trail! Lots of different features including a spring house and old settlement ruins, caves, and a beautiful overlook.

trail running
1 month ago

Awesome trails which are very well maintained, wonderful technical trails to have at our fingertips!

I'd say this trail was moderate-hard, especially for a not-so-seasoned hiker. The trail was a little hard to find, but there were plenty of friendly people along the way to point me in the right direction - must get down to the dam, go left, across the little suspension bridge and then you start climbing up on the white marked trail. At one point the trail is literally climbing up rocks. Like everyone says, there's a couple of lookouts where you can see the Alexian across the way, but you have to keep going a decent ways before you get to Edwards. Overall really awesome hike of about 4.5 miles, and I wouldn't recommend wearing chacos; although it was nice to step in the water on the way back.

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