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My uncle and I circumvented the trail surrounding Fort Mountain State Park in a little over 5 hours. The trail is well-maintained and several of the views are spectacular, I hear. We were among the clouds during our hike and although the vistas were not available to us the scenery and foliage was and it is tremendous.

scenic driving
3 days ago

I have done this drive a few times while staying near Gatlinburg; usually during the summer. The loop can be a slow drive if crowded and this is the reason why I give it a four star rating. There are some places to park and exit the car to explore.

3 days ago

Nice leisurely hike. Great trail to run on. Fall foliage was beautiful. Trail was less traveled but well marked.

Very scenic and beautiful. Even more beautiful after a good rain. Makes a perfect early morning hike.

As others have mentioned this trail is not accurately described. The GPS track that looks like it is part of the trail is actually a dirt road that leads down to a small parking area that then leads out to the suspension bridge. This is also definitely not 9 miles, however we still had a nice walk with our dog in the areas that were less crowded and felt comfortable taking her off leash and exploring some of the other roads in the national Forest.

5 days ago

Wonderful hike especially if you have a photographers eye. Great workout as well.

not much elevation chnge, which us good for a 70 year old. trails are very well maintained.

First 1.5 miles of trail is a wide limestone gravel pathway with a slight incline. This portion of the trail is heavily utilized by a diverse and abundant group through out the day. The rushing creek is a very calming feature that is show cased through out the trail prior to the creek crossing. A feature that is not so prominent is a natural fountain on the left side of the creek before you reach the 3/4 mile marker. The waterfall just beyond the 1 mile mark is another highlight of the trek. The footing at the waterfall is a wet crossing. You can dry navigate this area by staying left and on the rocks, however choosing this route places the not so steady on their feet in an awkward footing situation and impedes traffic.
The trail beyond the creek crossing is moderate-hard there are multiple downed trees that you will have to navigate. The footing is rocky with some muddy passages. The width of the trail is clear for single passage as this appears to be a previous logging/fire road. The incline is moderate to semi- steep. Trail is not marked beyond the creek crossing.
Overall a fantastic trail that is conveniently located.

Great hike

10 days ago

Nice trail with plenty of deep wooded features. If you are a nature lover you will love this trail. Lots of wildlife along the way, today.

Moderately easy hiking with beautiful scenery. Make sure to give right of way to the bikes.

I love this trail. It has a streams, waterfalls and gorgeous mountain views. My favorite hike in Georgia.

No dogs allowed on the mountain. We took the white trail all the way up without a single sign to indicate this and got yelled at the ranger at the top. Was an amazing trail but it was ruined by the rangers attitude especially when he said there are six signs on the yellow trail that we did not take. I don’t like breaking rules ever so it sucks when I did so unintentionally. I’ll go back without the pup but just be warned not to do as I did.

12 days ago

Great trail for day hike or overnight backpacking trip.

Good trail for hikers and dogs. Once you get out of parking lot area not many people. A few “water crossings” not really water crossings but water on ground is great for dogs. Added miles making it an 11 mile loop in four hours. There was good up and down making it a great workout. Lots of fallen leaves at moment which did make it hard to see slippery rocks so watch footing.

Trail is exactly as advertised - flat, easy, well marked, and well maintained. Perfect easy hike or warm up. A few overlooks and covered benches along the trail. Views will be best after the leaves fall.

mountain biking
13 days ago

My review of this trail might change next time, but we made it about 10 minutes in and both bikes had flat tires from fallen branches covered with thorns. I don't know if it was deliberately done, if it was bad luck, or just not well maintained. I will try it again in a week or two and hopefully have a better review.

We started the trip from our camp site which added about a mile in length. The true beginning of the trail starts at a parking lot going to your right. If all you care to see if the lookout then it is at the end of the trail to your left about 50 yards. The trail was difficult at the beginning and end with many steep inclines. I would not recommend this trail for children or dogs. There are many spots in the trail that are very narrow and you have to cross water a couple of times. There are a few spots to stop with benches and many areas with large bolders where we stopped to have lunch. Our trip took about 6.5 hours with a total of 9.4 miles. Overall I would recommend this trail especially this time of year with the leaves changing color.

trail running
18 days ago

There's almost always something to look at. It's a very scenic trail.

If you plan on running
It's very, very rocky.
There are several down trees over the trail.

I had no issue following the trail. It's not overgrown.

18 days ago

Not much to see, minus the few lakeside vistas. I’d rate the trail as “easy” overall. Fairly flat out and back, well maintained, GPS watch found trail length at 7.8 miles total. I arrived at 8:30 on a sunny Sunday morning expecting many others. I didn’t see another on the trail until 11am, so it’s lightly travelled. Nice proximity to Nashville and do something different. Regular jet aircraft and boat noise heard on the trail. Real good trail running training route.

A truly beautiful hike to Tranquility Point on Little Green Mountain! Lots of ways to get lost though! Make sure you download a map and know which ways you are going. Beautiful fall foliage right now also!

Follows the river, but heavily trafficked (with people and dogs) and lots of road noise.

22 days ago

Pretty good trail overall. Seen several deer while we were hiking too, which was pretty cool.

Love my backyard park! Great for walking (pav d road or trails), biking, trail running. Trails pretty rooted/technical in some sections (esp white trail!). I never pay park fees- downtown Stone Mountain has plenty of free spots. Plan & Strategize-as some times /days pretty busy.

Loved this trail! but I really hated seeing all the trash toward the top of fire tower. I'm hoping someone sees this before going up and is willing to bring a trash bag along. I gathered up all the trash I could find in a single pile for easy clean up...but I had no way to get it all down. if you're reading this before hiking it, please consider packing a bag and carrying it down to help keep this trail beautiful and clean :)

25 days ago

beautiful scenery

Very fun trail, very secluded for the majority of the trail. Not well maintained however so you have to go off trail sometimes, not a trail for beginners.

27 days ago

Did CANE TRAIL 1.3 mile hike beside LAKE TRAIL behind lodge. Add lake trail 1.8 extra miles moderately difficult combined trails equals really good workout. Moderately steep ascent 2 or 3 times Nice forest hike!!

Trail is pretty boring but great to take the dogs or if you have any elderly relatives with you. We enjoyed the scenic views by the river and getting to take a picture with the National Park sign.

Wonderful self guided drive through the Cade’s Cove area of park. No “ hiking” necessary so this is good for seniors or mobility impaired. The midpoint offers an excellent place to stop and learn the history of the area. Don’t miss the sawmill and a chance to buy authentic stone ground cornmeal and sorghum. Behind the buildings, a small riverside trail leads left to where you might see a family of river otters! Traffic is steady, so allow 2-3 hours for the11 miles if you want to stop along the way

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