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I did not go full length of trail, but the first third is mostly fairly level with only mild grades. My out-of-shape husband did fine. :) Occasional short stretches where trail very rocky but otherwise pretty good footing. Be aware the trail crosses the North River - bring water shoes or prepare to get wet!
Entire trail in the woods, about 1/3 in dense growth (like walking through a tunnel), rest open enough that you can see around you.
A little tricky to find the trail head, and parking is not necessarily at the trail head - we had to walk up the road a bit to get to it.
Trail shared with bikers and horses so stay alert.

8 days ago

Good hike. We wanted to finish going down hill. If you want to do it this way, follow the driving directions AllTrails gives you. After you park on the right side of the gravel road, you’ll have to walk down the gravel road in the direction you just came (about a quarter mile) and turn right at the white bar or Oak Knob fire road. The sign was overgrown with weeds and we missed it. It’ll be in your left when driving in, or on your right walking down from the upper parking area. The gradual elevation change wasn’t too bad.
The pond is very small and we laughed when we saw it. This is where 3 trails come together. Tricky, but if you’re coming from the upper parking area, take a sharp turn left at the pond, if you start at the oak knob trail head, make a sharp right at the pond. Do not go past the big number “8” on a tree. There are big open fields filled with wild flowers, that are numbered with huge numbers painted on the trees.
No views when the leaves are on.
If you want to start at the upper parking area, just cross the road and walk to the white bar and start your hike. It’s only a .2 walk up hill on the gravel road to your car at the end. We didn’t see any bikes just their footprints. Two dear.

Fun river crossings and a easy hike up and back. I recommend going in the mornings to beat the crowds.

1 month ago

Great hike. Our dogs loved crossing the water many times.

Nice day hike to lovely falls at the top. Several rock crossings may leave you with wet boots! Or wear your swimsuit and take a dip.

1 month ago

This was a beautiful trail. I started in Rice and walked all the way to the bridge. Be sure that you take the trail down to the river as well. Totally worth it. Backpacked a lunch and enjoyed it by the river. The main trail is very wide and has crush and run so it’s good for those who need more support and stability. Bring sunscreen as the mid day sun leaves no shade.

Really nice hike for a family of four with a 9 and 5 year old in tow.

Nice fun trail with awesome scenery.

This trail was a lot of fun for an out and back trial. There are a couple waterfalls with lots of stream and cascade views. Fairly flat and anyone of any physical ability could do it. I will probably be doing this one again as well.

This is a great hike for families with kids. My family loved playing in the water. Wear shoes with the expectation of getting wet. This is an easy hike in my opinion with very little elevation change.

A good hike to do on a hot day. It was in the 90's but next to the river and in the shade, it was very cool. A nice short hike to swimming holes and enough area that it doesn't feel too crowded.

1 month ago

The displayed trail starts at Boone's run, and is about a 3 mile hike in before hitting the loop. There is a campsite right at the intersection of the trails, as well as an AT shelter about 2 miles in. The trail is VERY wet and involves a lot of stream crossings, and overgrown trails. The trail has many variations, one being the AT, another being a light blue blaze that will take you up to Massanutten Ridge. I would recommended starting this hike from
a little further down Cub Run road, where there is an access trail that is only a mile and will take you to the same campsite.

1 month ago

The description should be changed. The first half is a fire road and the last Half of the trail is marked “bikes only”. It was easy enough to find alternatives close by.

Fun to wade through the water as we crossed to follow the trail. A bit buggy with the standing water pools but overall fun and moderate hike with baby in a backpack. We took a nice dip at the end.

2 months ago

Mountain Laurel was in full bloom on Memorial Day weekend in 2018, surrounding and papering the well groomed trail surface. We clocked the distance for a bit under 9-miles and passed through or over mountain spurs to the peak. There were no other hikers on the Kennedy part of the trail (about 7 miles) on a holiday weekend. The view at the peak was excellent when we were there.

Parking is good and the trail (actually a circuit) is well marked by orange, yellow (or tan?) and brown blazes. There is camping at several locations.

We will definitely do this trail again.

mountain biking
3 months ago

Flat and a little boring at times but the bridge view makes it worth it.

The beauty of this trail is unsurpassed. You hike through a forest with the river by your side. There are 3 river crossings. The third one was high (due to recent rains) so we removed our boots. The waterfall at the end of this hike was spectacular.

3 months ago

I like this loop. It’s pleasant, well-marked, and undulating. It’s not really scenic and it’s almost completely wooded. That’s not bad for me, but i can see how it could be a bit monotonous for some.

One of our favorites! A lot to see along the way; rivers, swimming holes, old dwellings. Very dog and kid friendly. Easy to spend a half day exploring.

Beautiful trail. Went in second week in April. Trail system in Douthat is different and sort of confusing, but nice at the same time if that makes sense. You can’t compare this to Niagra falls like some people seem to be doing. Take it for what it is: a pretty and tranquil trail in an excellent state park.

We camped at the campsite and enjoyed this hike the climb up was a challenge in a good way. There was a few trees on the trail but nothing that hindered the experience. I will say the trail markings are all the same color and it appears to be off shoots of the main trail, we didn’t go down any of them but could be very confusing.

4 months ago

While we had fun on this hike, the terrain varied like our emotions on the hike. The actual trail begins at the trail head of Boone’s Run which lead to some confusion. The trail is hard terrain and requires boots as it has insane changes in elevation, but amazing views and water scenery. There is no parking except on the street or by a shooting range.

4 months ago

Nice hike. It is a well maintained trail. Fair amount of horse droppings along the lower trail. Even after reading the previous reviews, I missed the turn down from the upper trail. The turn is marked with white survey tape on a branch and the trail markers Change from orange to yellow. I recommend using the apps gps function for this transition. Enjoy the views.

5 months ago


7 months ago

Cold day (17F) with a light layer of snow. Well kept trail with worthwhile view at the top. Nice way to end 2017.

I have ridden this trail many times. 1 and 3 are the most interesting with 2 being mediocre. the trails are really well maintained with little chance of getting lost. there are a couple of small streams to cross, some rock gardens and small logs across the trail to hop. there are a few small climbs, and a few spots to really fly, mostly on 3. you will find a couple of benches and a nice place to stop and look out over the lake. we've seen deer, snakes and birds. it can get a little rooty in spots, but it's mostly nice packed dirt. it can get technical in spots so I would say this is for intermediate skilled riders.

8 months ago

My wife and I stayed to trail A. Only passed by a couple of bike riders. Trail is easy to follow and was a very enjoyable hike for the day.

nice trails.

Great park loved running on the the difficult bike trail.

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