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Phone read 7.34 miles in 2 hours 3 min with 2084 ft of elevation gain. First 2.75 miles are a gradual consistent incline. Last mile to the top is a quasi scramble. Hung out at the top for 10 minutes to sign the book. No shade whole way up. Views of downtown, Catalina, and snowy peaks.

3 days ago

This trail is labeled moderate but if you decide to be brave and climb the ridiculous steep hill near the beginning, it should be labeled VERY HARD, be sure you’re ready for it. Don’t go up without hiking shoes, you will slip for sure and get hurt. It’s a very long hike and the views up top are really nice. Not much nature though as far as trees. Definitely a winter only trail since you are always exposed.

Fine hike. Tons of people and little parking spaces at 6am, so get there early!
Good views of the city but I prefer to be a bit more outdoors.

The parking is crowded, and so is the ascent/approach trail for this and Los Liones Canyon. While the ascent trail is a promising single track, about the time you complete the ascent and the 405-size crowds die out, the trail becomes a flattish fire road. From then on, the trail is devoid of anything interesting besides the views over the Pacific.

a good workout, but will not repeat.

15 days ago

I find the app description lacking so I’ve decided to put my own experiences here:

Difficulty: 6/10 (intermediate-hard)

Duration: 2 hrs up, 2 hrs down

Distance: 7.7 miles

Parking: parking lot (need pass)

Views: 9/10; Antelope Valley, Angeles Forest, (N, NE), LA basin (S), 360 at the peak

Incline: intermediate, last mile is pretty steep and some rock scrambling.

Technical: single track dirt, some rock scrambling last mile, some steps

Equipment: hiking shoes (Merrill mesh), north face convertible pants, Underarmor T-shirt, (camelbak w water), hoodie, gloves, beanie but took them off after warming up

Weather: mid 40s

Shade: some sections of shade, a lot from southern mountain shadow

Environment: forest and desert vegetation

Wildlife: birds

Bugs: none

Details: intermediate uphill most of the way, last mile is pretty steep spots with some rock scrambling

TIPs: cooler weather makes this hike easier and more pleasant, sign in at the top

PROS: a good hard work out and amazing 360 view on top

CONS: none

Scott H (aka Swiper)

24 days ago

First time on this trail. Make sure you don't miss a turn or you'll end up going farther than what you planned.
The elevation definitely got my heart pumping, but it wasn't a steep incline.
Narrow passage going back down, plenty of shade.
Lots of rocks, so watch your step.
Watch out for dog poop!

25 days ago

A fun, relatively easy hike. I recommend also hiking the Farmer's Ridge Fire Road, an out and back which adds an additional mile or so, taking you further into the park.

Great hike!! You get a great workout out of it. Amazing views, a good amount of ups and downs to keep it fun and interesting through out the trail.

1 month ago

This is one of my favorite trails in LA! Beware there's little shade in the first part but this trail is incredible early in the morning. Ample parking and just difficult enough to get me into shape

1 = Access
2 = What to wear
3 = The hike itself

1. The trailhead does NOT start from either of the parking lots. You have to walk through the area with the picnic tables at the far end of the large parking lot, and then across the road you'll the relatively nondescript trailhead. Just download the map and follow your dot directly to the trailhead, you'll think it's off but it'll take you there.

2. Easy, highly exposed first few miles, then a solid 1-1.5 miles uphill. They aren't switchbacks, and it's very loose gravel and sand, so go with good shoes. You would be fine in tennis shoes, but a lightweight pair of hiking boots would make the last stretch nicer. Also, WEAR PANTS. There is lots of sharper foliage and you will be glad you wore pants.

3. The overall hike has some very nice viewpoints and overall varied and interesting terrain. There are alot of false peaks so if you reach a vista and think its the top, look for the steel box and to see if there's a clear continuation of the trail. As people note, it probably is a little longer than 6.8 miles, but 2 hours up and 1 hour down is a reasonable estimate if you're moving steadily, not including time you spend chilling on the peak itself. Bring water if you're going in the summer because it will get hot!

Happy trails!

Loved the first few miles.
You'll know you've reached the peak when you see a strawberry shaped ornament.

Amazing views throughout and wide, well kept trails.

Great views at the top. 2.5 miles of easy hiking and views, then climbing starts. For us the round trip was 7.6 miles. We started late, about 9– dont go later. It was hot by the time we were heading back.

Really nice workout

Great trail. Very clean and wide.
We encountered a baby rattle snake, so be careful. Be aware of your surroundings. It’s all part of the hike/walk.

Nice trail not to hard good work out

Great hike with a good elevation.
I will not do this hike in the summer

Reached this peak on the second try after taking a shortcut that led to Mt Lawlor instead...the views are definitely worth it but the last stretch is no joke! make sure to pack plenty of water...we brought strawberries as well as strawberry milkshake IPAs, perfect celebration for the top!

2 months ago

A nice little hike! Expansive view from the top.

2 months ago

great workout if you use the steep part right from the start...

Nice trails, you’ve to work hard right start from the parking area and work harder once you’ve reach the staring point of the trail. Just discovered that they’ve nicer view on the other side of the mountain overlooking the city. Hikers were friendly, polite and you’ll get greetings from them ease your fatigue. Klara, as usual waiting for me on the peak.

Enjoyed this hike. Pretty easy going until you start to actually climb the peak of which there are a few false ones.

Beautiful views at the top as well as along Crest Highway to the parking area (especially at sunset).

TIPS: could get hot if you get later - pretty exposed so plan accordingly: water, sunscreen, hat. Don't forget your Adventure Pass for the parking lot

This hike was amazing , however there is a very steep part when you first start , that is nearly sand and rocks , I almost fell numerous of times , that part of the hike is dangerous , the rest of fun and steep .

We started early at 6:45 AM and noticed a lot of cars park already. Coming from Los Leones Canyon entrance trail, it is 1.5 miles of narrow and relaxing hike with trail covered with trees. Then you will be exposed to open overlooking views of ocean and city and there is a bench for resting. Then the rest of your 2 mile trail to the Parker Mesa overlook will be wide and exposed with few inclines that will give you your cardio workout. The overlook is amazing and breathtaking on a clear day.

2 months ago

Short and not as bad as they say. In the early morning you will start in the shade of Mt Lawlor, but after mile 2 it is fully exposed and hot. Lots of prickly Yucca, so were long pants. The views are generous, but you never really get away from the roaring motor cycles on the Hwy - minus one star for that.

Very short and simple hike. I did not see any wildlife, but it's got some incredible views. No shade, so take sunscreen or a hat if you go during the day. Park closes at 10:30pm.

Dogs are allowed but be aware there are coyotes. I was with my daughter and two dogs. A coyote came up behind us and I think he was eyeing the smaller dog. Be careful!!

Very nice and clean trail. It was an easy trail, very little inclines. About 6.8 miles back and fourth trail. Connects to los Leones trail and got to see that beautiful ocean view. Hiked Labor Day 2018 at 12 pm, very little traffic. Perfect running trail for the way down.

I didn’t look up this hike on the app. So had no idea this was a hard one. Was trying to keep up with the group I went with (far more experienced than I was). Yes the last mile is killer as someone else said with fake me out mountain tops. Watch out for yucca and I must’ve hit a nest of small black wasps? Got stung in 3 places. No one else did so not sure what I did.

3 months ago

Go to trail whenever I’m in town! Pretty easy but with good elevation gain. And i always see a bit of wildlife—today it was a coyote and like a million rabbits.

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