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Mountain Bike - No Trailer Map

I run this trail a lot and never get tired of its twists and turns. Hills are rolling for the most part.

5 days ago

Hiked this with my 8 year old twins. Had several muddy spots but were easy to navigate around. Both of my 8 year olds loved it. Was just long enough to keep their attention. One was ready for more but one was ready to hit the highway. Lol. Just strenuous enough to get the heart rate up but easy enough that had no problem making the whole loop. There is a trail/power right of way at the halfway point that will lead you back to the visitor center parking lot. There are two additions that can easily be added to lengthen this trail. My kids kept up an over 2 mph pace which also involved breaks along the way for teaching moments on the trail. Bikes also use this trail but there are several spots to step off the trail to get out of the way of bikes.

Nice trail to hike. Eerily beautiful in the winter. I made a walking stick and left it at the entrance. enjoy.

Perfect easy trail for a long walk in the woods, or a nice run. We found it to be absolutely enchanting. There were some patches of ice, but not enough to require spikes or boots.

trail running
15 days ago

Ran this trail yesterday. The parking lot only had one car in it when I arrived at noon and about five when I finished 1hr27min later. Saw a few couples hiking and one MTB. This was a fun trail - not too difficult. I tend to go counter-clockwise. So, if you’re going counter-clockwise then you’ll start going downhill all the way through the back side of Jefferson Loop. It isn’t until you get back on Canyon Loop where you start to climb back up. I didn’t do the 1/4 mile detour to the road as shown on the map. So, 7.1mile with 672 feet of climb.

on Loops 1-9

16 days ago

Lovely park, some gorgeous autumn colour still at end of November. Many small birds, heard several woodpeckers. Sat and watched a Red Headed Woodpecker; quite easy to keep track of as many tree leaves had fallen at this time. Also sat on the dock watching a pair of Belted Kingfishers zooming & hovering over the water as they fished. Once they got thier fish they'd sit on the No Wake sign, wack the fish's head on it, and eat. Fabulous to be able to watch them so easily. At our home in Ireland the kingfishers are rather hard to watch! This pair stayed in view for about twenty minutes as we sat on the floating dock in the sun.

What a nice, well maintained park! The trails were well marked and easy to Follow. There were splendid wooded views and pretty river views as well. I will say that the description needs to be corrected. We did loops 1-6 and it totaled 5.5 miles. Not sure how much mileage 7-9 would have added but this is no 2 mile trail. But we highly recommend and will do again backwards so we experience loops 7-9. Dog friendly and dog approved.

Nice hike through the Forest Preserve. Trail is well-marked. Users are considerate. Watching people train on the Swallowtail Steps is seriously inspiring.

great trail, all users are pretty considerate, has nice ups and downs

Moderately long trail. Many ups and downs amidst the ravines. Normal wooded trail. Skirts portions of the creek. Bring a map as only the intersections of trails are marked.

mountain biking
27 days ago

great little loop, nothing to hard, some decent hill climbs and runs. For a little longer treck add in the small loop that cuts off Hawk loop. Hopefully the trails are open again by the weekend

28 days ago

I primarily use the Creeper for trail running, but have biked and even gone swimming in some great swimming holes along the trail. The Virginia Creeper is gorgeous, and offers a variety of great views no matter which section you are on. I love the farms and trestles on the Abingdon section the most.

It was very boring and you could not really see the lake. There were lots of pretty leaves. An easy hike.

a lot of bikers. wouldn't recommend running here on the days bikes are allowed

So so. Nothing special.

Moderate hiking. There is no spectacular view point but good to hike with young kids

A stand-by if you want to run a 3-miler on all dirt in North Boulder and not have many hills on the route. In general it is a nice area, just not spectacular like other Boulder trails. For as many people as frequent this area, it can be remarkably still.

what a greAt trail to take family out on bikes. the trail runs beside the river and gives a beautiful view. I love this trail and cant wait to go back.

2 months ago

beautiful. busy with bike traffic.

2 months ago

There's definitely no lake, but this is a beautiful hike through a woodland setting with intermittent shrub land. I did run into one jerk on a bike who pretended not to know that he wasn't allowed there on Wednesdays despite there being 4 signs pointing out the law, but thankfully only saw him once.

The grade is gentle throughout the whole loop and the trail is hard packed dirt with some very easy to avoid rocks. This should really be considered easy rather than moderate. In fact, most of the people I saw there were elderly and had no problem.

Saw deer, squirrels, and plenty of birds, including bluejays.

Go counter clockwise for a slightly easier ascent at the end, but easy either way.

Just biked from White Top, down to Damascus, was very new to biking a trail. I had a super fun day of biking, Our trail was about 17 miles downhill, the views were beautiful and the rental place we used was phenomenal, awesome trek, would do it again!

A nice trail to ride horses on.
I recommend riding during Winter months and on weekdays, because of the heavy traffic of bikes.

Super fun trail for beginner-to-moderate riders!

Perfect for faster running

This trail is pretty easy. I would definitely do it again. There's few trails you can choose from. I did most of them within 3 hours, looped around twice. Good day hike with your dog. I noticed some small log jumps around the paths for mountain biking. There's a small pond where few people were fishing.

Great place to walk/run. Love the middle loop that connects to other loops to provide longer mileage.

3 months ago

Nice hike. It did get a bit warm but we started late around nine. We were the only car at the east trail entrance parking. We certainly saw wildlife. A mother bear and two cubs right in the middle of the connector trail about a third of the way down. They took off as soon as they saw us. We turned around anyway since we were only going to do the connector and get back on the loop.

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