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11 days ago

Mountain biked this one. The climb is worth the views and downhill adventure. Great trail. Drink lots of water; it's up hill most of the way.

hiked this trail over the weekend. would be fantastic for mountain biking. good climbing for a rewarding descent.

Beautiful views! Definitely more of a mountain biking trail, especially on the downward part of the loop. You’ll need a vehicle with a high clearance/AWD to get to the trailhead though! The road is incredibly bumpy and we got stuck.

1 month ago

Not a bad hike, but the trail itself is also used by ATVs (though I didn’t see any while I hiked it). It will end up taking you back to a beautiful lake! The trail runs through thick woods the whole way and there is a creek that parallels most of it. This is a very gradual hike that could make for an easy backpacking trip or day hike. There are a TON of mosquitos, so bring plenty of bug spray!

If you’d like to avoid ATV and motorcycle traffic and take a single-track trail in, go up New World Gulch and cut east once you reach the intersection with the overgrown forest service road. You’ll reach this intersection after crossing the east side of Mystic Lake. This’ll also add a few more miles to the trip.

We actually hiked part of this trail a few days ago but. ame back and mtn biked the entire route. Challenging for mid westerners but the views are all spectacular. More mtn bikers than hikers.

1 month ago

Fantastic hike. We only did 6 miles due to time but the uphill hike was a great incline. A few muddy spots but everything was passable and the trail was in great condition. Def a must do if your in the area.

wildflowers everywhere. seemed more moderate than hard.

Thought this trail was great! Had to hike first part but run down was great! Clean trail and saw about 4 bikers so felt safe the whole time!!

Agree with Don Pat’s previous review. We couldn’t find the “loop”—and also ran into other hikers with the same problem. We took the well-manicured West Shore gravel trail up the right side of the reservoir but never saw a clearly marked trail to loop back to the right. So we followed the gravel trail to its end at a Forest Service cabin, beautiful views of Hyalite Creek from a road bridge near the cabin, and amazing views of the mountains. Worth it, but a 5-mile out-and-back—not a 3-mile loop.

Beautiful loop but somehow we missed where we were supposed to “loop” around. Signage was poor. Another hiker we met felt the same and had also missed the loop. But in missing it we went further up the trail and were treated to a surprise of green flowered alpine meadows and mountain vistas unsurpassed by any I’ve seen. Reminded me of hikes I once did in the Swiss alps.

Pretty decent trail! Lots of variety such as switchbacks and up and down flowy trail parts. Lots of pretty views and wildflowers. Watch out for mountain bikers. Best time to go would be earlier morning. I didn’t see anyone the first half of my hike. The old mining shack at the top was a pleasant surprise.

2 months ago

Mountain Bike trail. I recommend using 4x4 high enough to clear dirt moguls on the road to reach parking lot. Had to park minivan quarter short of parking lot. lol. Hike was a good workout. Had my 16 month old son on my back. Lots of Mountain Bikers to be aware of as you can't hear them coming behind you. Over all it was a nice hike, however do to frequent traffic of mountain bikers, I recommend a different trail for hiking.

mountain biking
2 months ago

This is a pretty fun/short route to ride. Can get busy with people so it is great to bike during the morning.

3 months ago

First it's important to note there are 3 trail heads in the parking area. Bear Canyon is down the road a bit more, the parking area is directly in front of New World Gulch and another trail. I took New World Gulch by accident for a little while, I turned around after a ton of snow, mud, slush, and eventually a stream too big to cross....mostly because I had on trail runners instead of full hiking boots. The snow and water made it hard for me to find the trail and keep on the trail.

Bear Canyon was a great trail until I needed snow shoes. I was knee deep in snow and had to turn around (again!). Easy trail to follow. More open than the New World Gulch trail.

Early morning was empty. Quite busy by the time I came down around 1pm . Lots of climbers headed to a crag.

3 months ago

Road wasn’t too bad until about 0.2 miles from the trailhead; some pretty big moguls. You can get passed them with a high clearance vehicle. Be aware of high bear activity in this area - bring bear spray! There is a dead carcass alongside the beginning of the trail along with lots of torn trees and bear prints every where. The trail was beautiful and almost all the snow was melted until you reach higher elevation. Then there is about a mile stretch of snow that you have to hike through. Starts to clear out as you descend. Otherwise it was a beautiful hike with some good views of Bozeman and the Bridgers.

Parking is not available in the winter. Nearest parking is 1.5 miles out from trail and snowshoes would have helped a lot. No one was on the trail and it was gorgeous.

First, it’s very difficult to get there by car, you won’t be able to unless you all AWD. Once you get there, start walking the trail and then you’ll see it splits, go to the left. It took me about four hours...I took it slow. I loved it, but the bikers think they own this trail.

mountain biking
9 months ago

Very fun ride! The tough climb is well worth the descent. Bikers need to watch for hikers, hikers need to watch for bikers.

Great trail, really fun, and pretty well maintained.

mountain biking
Tuesday, July 25, 2017

great ride but it is safer if hikers do not take the down hill. mtn bikers fly down the back half of the loop

Friday, July 21, 2017

This is a mountain biking trail that works great for hiking and trail running too. The listed distance of 4.5 miles roundtrip will only get you up to the ridge. I had a plane to catch so I had to set a hard turn around time. My route is 1-1/2 hours in and out. I made it about 3-3/4 miles in to a saddle. Looks like there was one more set of switchbacks before the local local peak - I saw another route here that was about 4.5 miles. The bike route continues 25 miles back down to Hwy 86 and then, I was told (by bicyclists I met on the trail) about 30 or 32 total back to the trailhead.
Very good trail that was deserted on a Wednesday afternoon. Amazing views and wildflowers. It reaches the ridge at about 1.75 miles and then follows that up and up and up. The top would be about 2200 feet elevation gain up to 7,800 ft. The grading is so good that you can indeed run back with very very little effort. The trail only loses 1 star 'cause you gotta share it with bikes, not to knock our pedaling brethen.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

It's a great little hike with a small lake at the top of the loop and easy access to the reservoir. My only complaint is the "improved" trail of gravel, which is hard on dogs' paws. We'll likely take the unimproved west side trail back, rather than making the loop in the future.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

easy quick loop, there are signs saying bears are active around there tho, so don't forget the bear spray!! Also a little mosquito-y in parts.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

A good workout. Didn't see anyone on the trail. Also hard to tell where the trail ends. I went a half mile past the attached map for AllTrails.

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

I did about half this trail today. There was absolutely no one else there for 80% of my walk. The trail is nice and hilly, not just up but up and down. Lots of sun which wasn't as welcome on this extremely hot day. Enjoyed my walk anyway.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Rigorous but totally worth it! Great views at all stage of the hike

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Beautiful views. Very quiet with a back country feel. Bring bear spray

mountain biking
Saturday, May 13, 2017

Most fun and challenging ride I've encountered. I agree with a previous post that hikers should beware as getting in the way on the downhill would result in bodily harm for both. Wish this trail were in my backyard but alas, we have no such rides in Minnesota.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

great single track. looks like it would be good on a bike. you can hitch a lift back to the parking area fairly easily.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Had a great time hiking this trail in late November. There was an inch of snow on the ground, which made the trail a bit slick, but not too difficult. I agree that the 4.1 miles is inaccurate. I tracked 5.4 miles, and the sign at the trail head reports 5 miles.

I would consider this a moderate difficulty hike. I am a seasonal hiker in decent shape, and my mom and I completed the trail in two hours including stops for pictures.

Regardless of the distance it was a nice hike. There were some very beautiful views peaking through the trees, and lots of animal tracks!

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