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on Mount Sizer Loop

trail running
bridge out
19 hours ago

There is no bridge when crossing Little Coyote Creek twice. Water goes up to knee length. Expect to be wet if going during rainy season.

23 hours ago

A great day hike if you’re up for the challenge! I highly recommend. The trail got icy and really snowy but we plowed through to enjoy some of the best views I’ve ever scene.

4 days ago

The trail is honestly pretty difficult, if done in a backpacking trip. My girlfriend and I went from Del Valle to Mission Peak in three days/two nights. We camped first night at Maggie's Half Acre and second night at Eagle Spring. The hike from Del Valle to Maggie's Half Acre was quite intense with elevation. Lucky for us this time of year is not too hot. Maggie's Half Acre has an outhouse and water, although the water needs to be treated before use. It also has a garbage can for you to unload some trash. The campsites were nice, and a short hike will get you to the top of Rose Peak. The second day was way worse because it rained nearly the entire way to Eagle Spring. The hike between Maggie's Half Acre and Eagle Spring starts out rather easy, going down most of the way until Sunol visitor's center. After that, though, the climbing is again quite intense. Particularly the section immediately after the Sunol visitor's center is quite steep, although it is a nice gravel trail surface. We were able to get to Eagle Spring (~15 miles) with a couple hours to spare before it got dark. This portion of the trip has some great views of both backcountry and the East Bay towns (Sunol, Livermore, etc.). The Eagle Spring camp is again rather high up. Because it was raining for us all night, it was like hell up there. Freezing, extremely windy, and raining beyond belief. If you know it's gonna rain, I would recommend avoiding this campsite as it is very exposed. But we endured the night, getting very wet in the process. In the morning we went out at Mission Peak Stanford Staging Area. The hike down from Mission Peak was extremely muddy from the previous night's rain! It took us probably twice as long as it should have to get down. But this section had some great views of the South Bay. The parking lot at Stanford Staging Area seems to always be incredibly crowded! So if you plan to park there, as we did, expect to wait 15 minutes for a spot to open up.

8 hours there and back, expect to see nobody on the trail but cows and a lot of maneur, rose peak is between marker 28 and 29, with a table at the very top

9 days ago

Hiked yesterday 1-12-19. Maybe 3-4 inches of snow at the top, no need for snow shoes. Always a good hike with sweet views of Shasta at the top (make sure to hike a few minutes past the official “end of trail” sign for better views to the north)

Great views!

over grown
10 days ago

The first part of the hike is a steady climb through some tall grass overgrown in some sections, which reminded me of hiking in Hawaii. The second half is a gentle climb on a open dirt road with the final half a mile through forest ! I saw only three mountain bikers during the entire hike. There are number of interesting detours to extend the hike with some interesting views.

11 days ago

Rose Peak is a great and challenging trail. We started from Del Valle and ended at Sunol HQ. Took 11 hours total.

Note, the parking lot at Sunol does have a gate that they lock, but it has an exit only side w/ spikes that you can use to exit from after they close the gate at night. Del Valle has a lot (after the bridge) that is not gated where you can park if you are going to return after the gates at the HQ close.

We encountered lots of cows on the trail which was cool but also scary at times too. Glad we climbed down through Sunol as the trails seem more gradual and the views are better. Also, there were lots of planes flying over the entire day, so if you are planning on staying overnight, bring ear plugs!

14 days ago

What an amazing gift in our back yard. Can’t wait to go again! It was a long journey for my kids but the payoff was HUGE and well worth it. Felt like we could see for eternity.

Hard Core with excellent views hiking up and at the summit! Coming down...tough on the knees.

DO NOT EXTEND HIKE by going down scraper peak serv road to make a loop. It is FAA property which then leads to private property where there are 3 large dogs! Turn back around when you hit paved road. Other than that.....it was a very beautiful hike!

Did with my 60 year old parents at the end of November. Some snow on upper part (past lookout point). Amazing views. Using poles and frequent breaks it took us all day.

Great in winter to get to Glacier Point. Also amazing views throughout multiple valleys.

Depending on the weather it can be killer in the heat or cold (during winter)

Make sure to wear proper hiking shoes, as I saw a vast majority of people wearing running/sneaker shoes. There are a few patches of loose gravel. You’ve been warned

I’ve done this trail twice: once in September and once a few days ago in December. It’s a great workout and quite a challenge! The scenery is beautiful the whole way up but particularly incredible at the peak. There was a little Christmas tree at the summit in December! Bring plenty of water and sun screen. If you don’t stop, you can get up and back down in between 2-2.5 hours. I recommend bringing a snack to eat at the top and enjoying the scenery before your hike down hill. I’ll definitely do this again!

It is really windy today and lots lots of people. It took us, two adults, five kids 4 and a half hours to finish the entire loop. My phone showed we actually walked 6.8 miles, not 5.8. One of the hardest trail we walked so far.

21 days ago

Not for beginners. This was my first time ever hiking with weight on my back. I wanted to do the whole loop back to castle rock but I got picked up at camp the next day instead. I’d recommend spreading this loop out over 2 or 3 nights. There are lots of intense changes in elevation, especially the route I took. If you want to do the whole loop, start counter clockwise to get the steep parts out of the way with first. Overall, this is some great hiking and I can’t wait to see the other half via Skyline to the Sea trail.

A day’s trip from Sunol to Rose Peak and back. It was a great hike, although I wouldn’t recommend doing this one in summer. The whole trail is really exposed with no shade whatsoever. On the other hand, when you go in winter (and like to take in the views like me) bring a head lamp. The gate opens at 8am; be there ready already. I got back at about 5.30 or 6 and it was complete dark already.

We started at 8:45 am and finished by 10:30 am . Hard hike but Felt great after done . This year achievement has been successful . :)
It was freezing up on the peak , can’t feel my ears and arms . so sensitive hands ,please carry gloves .

Amazing views. parked at ohlone, used peak trail to do a loop and I clocked in 10 miles!!! So make sure you have plenty of time. One of my fav hikes in the bay. Beautiful sunset though it is crowded. All in sun

Just did this trail today, Dec 27th.Park sign says closed mid way up yet we made it to Glacier Point - other fresh footprints before us. 10 miles total roundtrip... bring food, water, layers and crampons. we didn't need them but could easily see how we would've had conditions changed just a tad.

Love this hike! Great views.

Coastal view is awesome on the top of mountain. But wind is pretty strong, remember to wear warm coat!

Steep but worth it.

Hard hike, awesome views but BE AWARE where you park. There are low lives prowling around looking for unsuspecting victims. My car was broken into. Really heart breaking when you accomplish such a hike and come back to realize your car was broken into

30 days ago

Great hike with views pretty much the whole way up. Not a hard hike as long as you pace yourself. Did this hike once when Glacier point road was open and once when it was closed. If the road is closed due to snow I would bring hiking sticks or spikes as the trail can get pretty icy. The last time I did it at the end of November the last mile was pretty much a sheet of ice on the way up.

Great workout. Saw lots of cows, make sure you avoid their dung on the trail. View is incredible

Beautiful flat hike! Best for winter months with cold winds and mild sun. Cows are pretty friendly, just stay away from young ones, they feel threatened easily.

1 month ago

Hiked this trail in July 2017. A bit strenuous because of the switchbacks. But, totally worth it. Stunning views along the hike.

1 month ago

Completed Dec 17th. 3 days 2 nights. We started from the Del Mar side as was highly recommend by others.

The Del Mar side packs all of the elevation gain into the first day including the dive into William's gulch. This climb is no joke, be prepared.

After Rose peak you come into a very gradual downhill scenic trail heading into the sunol wilderness area. You will cover alot of ground soaking in the best views of this trail.

Once you reach the sunol visitor center, you begin your ascent to mission hill. This is a steady climb but refreshingly easy compared to your first day.

Temps hovered around the low 60s down to the low 30s at night in mid December. We did encounter heavy rain on the last day. This trail was great besides the constant sounds of jets from the bay area.

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