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2 days ago

Absolutely worth the hike to get the awesome view up at the fire tower! Definitely feels longer than you might think at times. Bring some food to replenish & plenty of water. Had no issues with parking or bugs when I went over labor day weekend 2018 - arrived around 9:30am. We spent our time after the hike over at Mowich lake for the rest of the afternoon. Great way to relax and enjoy your accomplishment.

We were fogged in and didn't get much of a view, but when the fog cleared a bit it was beautiful. Would love to go there again on a clear day.

3 days ago

Great trail. Road to the trail head is very bumpy, but I was able to make it up there with a VW Jetta. Easy first mile, the last mile and three quarters is definitely a climb.

Such a beautiful hike, the waterfalls & wildflowers were breathtaking. We did have two young black bears cross in front of us, highly recommend taking some bear spray

6 days ago

The very beginning 15 minuets where the toughest as we were also carrying heavy overnight backpacks. But the rest of the trail was very easy and beautiful.

6 days ago

Wow what an amazing hike! The scenery from start to finish is beautiful, and the ending is definitely worth the effort, resulting in a superior view of Mount Rainier.

8 days ago

Stunning hike that starts by a lake. The first mile or so is extremely easy as you’re either walking on flat ground or heading down. The second half gets far more difficult with the elevation gain. Both lakes are beautiful but Eunice Lake is far more visible. Once you make it to Eunice Lake the trees open up and you can see the fire lookout perched on the mountain. The fire lookout itself is beautiful and has an amazing 360 degree view. My only complaint is the 16 mile gravel road that leads to the trailhead which feels like it will destroy your car. Also $30 for a week pass to the park is a little steep (when I highly doubt anyone goes for more than 1-2 days).

Stunning view from the fire watch tower! The drive up there is the worst part. It’s an hour of driving on gravel. It costs $30 since you’re in Rainier National Park so have cash or a check ready OR visit the ranger station. The lake is a nice way to cool off during the hike

Beautiful hike with an amazing waterfall!

12 days ago

Fairly easy hike. Beautiful views! Had lunch at sheep lake and waded out in the water. Not much shade do bring sunscreen. No bitting bugs.

First hike ever. The ends justify the means. I almost gave up if 3rd of the way to the end, met some hikers that convinced me to keep going and wow was it worth it. Definitely recommend this hike

We were driving back from the Gorge on Labor Day weekend. We wanted to take advantage of the holiday and do a "less strenuous" hike as we had a long weekend. This was perfect. The views are unbelievable and you get a wide variety of forest, mountains, lakes, huckleberry patches, and wildlife. Other hikers were able to spot a bear. The path was fairly easy going and there was not any need for advanced hiking equipment. The elevation was roughly 600 feet through the loop. We hiked with another couple and took the clockwise approach which yielded stunning views of Dewey Lake and Mount Ranier. Next time we will try the counter-clockwise route. Be sure to check out Wapiti Wollie on the way out...

15 days ago

Great trail. Awesome views. wish I had time for the hard trails

beautiful trail! it was labor day weekend so very heavily trafficked. Rocks in trail and somewhat uneven but there were several young families and some much older hikers on it having a blast.

16 days ago

This is a relatively easy trail. The terrain is a little rougher than I expected just in terms of rocks and roots but nothing terrible. I was developing a nasty cold on the way up so I think that may have been why it seemed a bit harder.... the lake at the end is really beautiful and peaceful. No biting bugs. The trail around the lake is nice and there were quite a few people camping up there. My dogs enjoyed it as well.

I haven't done a hike in a longtime. This was my first in 2018. Beautiful meadows, marmonts running about, and a quick change to an Alien landscape. I'm out of shape by about 30 pounds, and parts were quite strenuous, but worth it.

Great Family hike! Try to time the hike with clear skies to take full advantage of reflection lake.

Fun hike! Go left when you cross the street. LOL You'll figure it out.

The postcard photos can't be beat on this trail. I spent two hours at the base of the falls and it was so relaxing. Don't forget to bring a towel if you're going to hike down to the river. I'd recommend a pair of water shoes for you travels, it's a must for my pack now.

16 days ago

Loved this hike! It's true, the road is rough, but shouldn't deter anyone who wants to reach this incredible outlook!

We arrived at the trailhead around 8am and had plenty of parking available. We spent a rejuvenating time at the top, taking in the spectacular panoramic view with not a cloud on the horizon. We were back to our truck by 11:45 am and were stunned by the parking mayhem!

No problems with bugs or critters! Advice... Get there early!

Great hike easy at first harder towards the end great view of panhandle gap

17 days ago

This trail was amazing. Once you reach the opening through the trees and can see the fire lookout, be sure to back track and find a path breaking into the field to work your way closer to the lake before the ascent to Tolmie Peak. It is 100% worth it!

This trek starts out relatively simple and only becomes more strenuous at the very end; however, the view of Mt. Rainier from Tolmie Peak is definitely worth it. Even if you wanted to slow down, the bees will keep you hustling to escape their buzzing roar. I in fact did get stung on the nose during the trek up so prepare yourself mentally before you set out—and this was in the AM. Have fun regardless!

17 days ago

Nice hike. Beautiful views on a clear day. Not crowded. Only downside is that you can see the road far below. I’d do it again.

Awesome sunrise spot. I started the hike at 5:15am and got to the fire lookout an hour later. No bugs during this time (or crowds), with beautiful lighting as the sky changes colors and the sun lights up Rainier. The 11 mile gravel road coming in sucks, but the hike and view are definitely worth it.

17 days ago

Absolutely Beautiful!! This is my favorite hike yet. There were waterfalls, bridge crossings, wild flowers, stone stairs, 11 mountain goats, marmots, butterflies, and a beautiful turquoise lake. It was a moderate hike and was 12.5 miles round trip. I will definitely do this one again!!

Outstanding views, well worth the simple, short hike to get to the Fire Lookout at the top.
Just Do It!!

Gorgeous views!! Did this with my senior mom & 2 kids under 12. Not super challenging for anyone in the group, perfect for a family hike.

22 days ago

Such a magical hike with stunning views at the top. We hiked this trail on a moody day (read: mostly cloudy and misty) and it was still incredible to see Mt. Rainier and the surrounding mountains half concealed by clouds. Beautiful views of two lakes.

This hike is an easy one for anyone who is moderately fit - even for beginning hikers, this trail is definitely doable with a little bit of effort. My only complaint was the crowd at the top, but it's relatively easy to get away by taking a little side trail on the ridge of the Tolmie Peak. Still the same beautiful view with less people around (but more of a steep drop off the edge).

Returning to Tolmie peak.....after 45 years. Arrived @Mowich lake@5:30pm 8-18-018 with the intent to make it to Tolmie peak before sunset.Headed off on the trail @ north end of Mowich meeting many people on their way back down as I ascended up past Ipsut pass &on to Eunice lake where i stopped to photograph lake & then onward & UP ward towards my reward......awesome views of her MAJESTY the Queen of the Northwest.This less than a mile ascent from Enice lake to Tolmie peak look out is where our efforts reward BIG dividends.......multiple outstanding veiwpoints & opportunities for photographs.When arriving @ the lookout in the golden alpinglow.....the magical moments for photograpy, I capture the moment, recharge with a bite of food, dig my head lamp out of my pack & head back down @ dusk. This trail,once back into the forest canopy, has sections that require special care when hiking @ night due to areas of the trail with roots .....and areas of rock falls. But 2/3 of the trail is easily negotiated at night with good head lamp. Got back to Mowich @10:00......U FOR E A, will help me indure the miserable 15 miles down this dirt road &off this mountain.......which was a most memorable experience !

Great hike with solid elevation gain, but if it is significantly cloudy it is not exactly a great view. Otherwise I’m sure it’s beautiful!

Great trail. Today was more of a get out of the house despite the weather days. It was foggy all the way up and rainy all the way down. Didn’t see much at the top but the hike itself is challenging and worth it.

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