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2 days ago

One of the most amazing views I’ve ever encountered, especially as the fall colors are at their peak. Well worth the effort - not for the faint of heart!

3 days ago

Short hike but the steady incline gets your lungs pumping for sure! Take your time, there’s a lot of benches a long the way if you need to stop.

Great workout. A lot of elevation gain in a fairly short distance (about 2 miles.) I usually get to the junction with the North Loop in 55 mins and can run back down in 20. Perfect for days where you don’t have a lot of time, but want a great workout surrounded by the beauty of the wilderness.

Amazing views! Take your time hiking, I didn’t. Ended up getting mountain sickness when I got home because of the elevation. But I will definitely go back to the trail again, now that I know better than to rush on my way to the top!

Great workout for your legs and lungs.

14 days ago

Steady uphill climb. 67 degrees with a nice breeze around 10am. Worth it when you get to the top and see the view. All the Aspens are a beautiful yellow now.

This steady incline to the peak has very well maintained trails trickled with numerous lookouts with natural wood benches, making this hike doable for most fitness levels. In the fall, a majority of the trail is sandwiched between rows of vibrant yellow trees that when the sun shines threw (and it’s almost always sunny) looks like gold coins flickering in the wind. It’s not necessarily a long hike up (made it to the top in 45 minutes, 83 minutes total - steady pace) but the elevation climb will get your heart pumping and your lungs a workin. But that’s ok. Sit at one of those benches, and catch your breath. You won’t regret it.

P.S. Early bird gets the worm. 8-9 am if you like more undisturbed hikes.

Great trail, easy to follow. Moderate trail. Beautiful trees all along the way.

19 days ago

Great views at the top as well as along the way. Well worth it. Take your time and enjoy the hike. Stay to the right at the unmarked fork.
Look for the Endangered Palmer Chipmunks at the top. They only exist in the Spring Mountains. Resist feeding them. They will become dependent on humans for food and will be doomed in winter.

Worth it, take your your time though

a bit challenging due to the elevation but the view was worth the effort.

Fun and easy! Canyon part towards the end is dope.

21 days ago

This is great trail with beautiful views. The leaves were just starting to change and there was so much to see and take pictures of along the way. Next time I plan to keep going all the up to Griffith peak!


Pretty walks through the trees and lots of shade and a nice view at the top. You can continue the trail to complete lower bristlecone, but you will have to hike back up the road to your vehicle.

Touch climb, but if you can stay determined and reach the top, you'll be grateful that you did. Gorgeous views and photo opportunities.

The views are spectacular right from the get go. Make sure to look behind you as you’re going. The valley changes with each turn and gets more stunning along the way. It was very heavily trafficked, though, and not well marked near the end. My friend and I got a little off course at an unmarked fork. It’s a slight thigh buster, too. No need for the stair master if you’re doing this one.

Good solid hike uphill all the way along the wash. We cut off at Eagle’s Nest trailhead but from the road to Eagle’s Nest trailhead it was nice. To bad this time of year (Sept.) the water wasn’t flowing.

A bit challenging for starters but the views is worth the effort.

Very cool trail. Not super aggressive, but pretty.

Hiked in late August 2018, connecting the North and South loops to make it a proper loop and get more scenery (GPS track said 18.2 miles total). Connecting North and South requires walking about a mile through town at the end, but I think very worth it (didn't find an AllTrails page just for that exact route, but started with the North trail described here). Started ~7am, took 9 hours total / ~2mph. Under 30, relatively fit but no elite athlete, found the elevation more challenging than the distance coming from sea level. Carried 3L of water, could have use a little bit more.

Views are stunning, and having connected the two loops I'd circled the entire canyon by the end of it. Highly recommend.

29 days ago

Don’t take a SO on this hike unless a) they are already into hiking, or b) you want them to dump you.

This was a nice, moderately easy, trail to take some visitors to for a little hike. They aren't used to the elevation and don't generally hike, so this was a good trail with beautiful scenery. Definitely recommend.

This is a very grueling trail. Not super long, but if you are not in shape, you will be hurting.

1 month ago

Nice peaceful relatively easy hike. Good intermittent shade for a break when needed. Decent views up and back. Our route measured 3.6 miles. I think we went a little further and a little higher.

1 month ago

hard but rewarding! the waterfall at the end is frozen in March

Very tough trail. This is not for beginners.

I do this trail probably 2-4 times a week. It’s a great short workout. Highly recommended for anyone. I’m sure you’ll see me on this trail!!

Pretty tough in spite of the moderate rating since the first half is basically all uphill switchbacks, but short enough. Heavily trafficked. Incredible views along the way and from the top!

Did this trail "on accident" yesterday (was heading for the falls whose trailhead is on the other end of the parking lot). Strenuous 2 mile all-uphill climb rewarded by amazing views, ending per se at a junction for those not too exhausted to continue on to the Cave Spring or North Loop trails!

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