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off road driving
17 days ago

Fun day trip with my buddy and our wives. A novice off-roader, had a fun time. Not much change in elevation. Flat and rocky but the trails winded around mountains/hills and made for an adventurous day. Stopped under a rock wall and had lunch. Was 90 degrees, not horrible. Didn’t need 4WD. Enjoyed the loop, only saw (passed) one vehicle, plenty of room to do so throughout.

longer than indicated. full sun exposure towards the top.

I loved this hike! Lots of shade to cool under and it’s a quiet hike. This place is beautiful! No one was on the trail when I went so all I was able to hear was the animals in the bushes, birds chirping and lizards moving around. The first time getting here I didn’t know there was a $5 day fee. I ended up just getting a annual pass all year so I can go back here. The camping spots are very pretty. Some have huge spots available with great shade!

Great Trail

Fantastic day-hike trail, will post again once I’ve walked the whole thing!

its close, up to speed for me, and I would be ok doing this trail by myself.

The trail was a good challenge especially in the heat but the problem was our group could not locate the trail at the 8.5-9 marker .... too much shrub!!!
On top of the shrub there was a “friendly” rattlesnake in the way, so we went back.

More of a one time hike but great views and won’t go back until shrub is cleared away.

This trail system only gets better through the years. The group that designs and builds the trails know their stuff when it comes to trail layout.

Nice Chill Place To Hike

5/29/18. Trailhead Map says it’s 6.9 miles up. Started GPS where I parked and got 7.2 up. You have to walk through the entire campground to get to the trail head. That sucked on the way back...

Started at 8:05am with a 30# pack. Stopped to take a lot of pictures along the way. Got to the turn around at 11am. You’ll see a wooden sign at the end. Left the turn around at 11:30am and got back down at 1:30pm. I didn’t expect to do the entire thing but brought 10 x 16.9oz bottles of water for weight and just in case. When I finished I had 3 bottles left. It was a hot one. Expected temp was 87F for Temecula but felt a lot hotter since most of the time you’re under direct exposure of the sun. #sunscreen :(

If I were to do it again, I would have stopped when the views stopped. I am guessing around mile 5 you start to go into woodsy terrain with not much to see as far as views. It was cool to see the change in foliage though. It was nice because it was at least somewhat shaded. I kept climbing expecting to see a view from the top. There is no view at the top :(

Only passed 1 person on the way up and a group of 3 on my way down.

2 months ago

I downloaded the trail map. Wish I knew I could load it into the recorder. My strava recorded it as 14.6 miles. I was packed with my PCT pac. 36 lbs. 95 degrees. took off at 7:25 returned 3:30. Nice rest at top and really nice breeze and shade. 1 gallon of water. came across 1 couple running the trail.

However the camp ground was noisy. Some group of young ragers arrived at 2:30 screaming and puking and woke me from a much needed sleep. Foul mouthed shouting which had to have awaken the boy scout group camping.

Great road, good starter trail for those looking to try out offroad driving. We camped as well, which was very windy but a great time. Fantastic view of the night sky. Also, the wind caves are a short hike off of the main wash. Overall, highly recommend taking a trip out this way.

Beautiful Mother’s Day hike! It was a cool cloudy day perfect weather since there isn’t much shade. We did 6.1 miles round trip didn’t make it to the top the littles couldn’t hang. Gorgeous views saw one baby harmless snake, not a lot of people very peaceful will definitely go again.

off road driving
3 months ago

Took the family in the FJ Cruiser and had no problem taking this trail on. Would recommend if you do decide to cross the rock slide area then have at least 4wd and a lift. Very spiritual and very tranquil.

Great first Off Road Adventure in our new Tacoma!

Hiked this trail today! It took me 2.5 hours to reach one end. That was with me pushing hard and taking only a few stops here and there to take pics of the colorful wildflowers and mountains. I saw one skinny but long snake on the trail but it was quick to slither back into the bushes. I also saw some vibrant blue birds! Overall this hike took me 5 hours to complete. It was very scenic and offered lots of solitude. I drank over three liters so be sure to bring lots of water. Also protect yourself from the sun. Lots of exposed sections on this trail. And while you’re thinking about protection, you might want to consider long pants. Some of the plants left me with a rash around my ankles. It’s not itchy but it looks irritated. Bring an Adventure Pass if you have one. Happy Trails!

UPDATE: I’ve realized that the rash was HEAT RASH and not caused by any plants.

I started on Wild Horse Trail to eventually take a right onto Magee Palomar Trail went to the summit and came back down on Dripping Springs Trail. From 79, the total miles we 20, took me 10 hours, about 3500 ft elevation gain according to the app. Magee Palomar Trail is in deed overgrown but, thanks to the dedication of fellow hikers, it is getting better. I did what I could with my machete but got tired fighting the brushes after a while. Please bring a garden tool with you and contribute to clearing the overgrowth. if everybody helps, it'll soon be walkable again. Right now, it's passable but requires a lot of ducking and a sturdy fabric for long sleeves and long pants. I would not try it in a t-shirt, let alone in a fabric that catches on the thorns. The trail is beautiful, the views are serene and well worth the effort. You won't regret this SoCal gem.

off road driving
3 months ago

Some of the best views I've seen offroading. Easy trip but I recommend goin in the winter. We went during the summer months and it was 104 degrees. The rock slide is easy in a jeep .

One of my favorites/ from Blue Sky preserve its a mile down before switching back up to Lake Poway and continuing to the summit. Bring more water and electrolytes than u expect. It is always hotter near the lake compared to the parking lot and does cool off as you climb. Also don’t underestimate water for your dog!!

I hiked from dripping spring camp ground to Palomar magee trail/Dripping Springs sign post and back (total about12 miles) It took me 4.5 hours up and 3.5 down. I took many short stops. I wasn’t moving very fast but I sure enjoyed the views and tranquility. I’m 65 years old. I packed 3 liters of water some snacks. Lite colored long sleeved shirt, hat with strings, ankle supported hiking boots, and a hiking pole. Trail is quite sunny and rocky. I felt energized when I finished. Great trail....

4 months ago

Nice view all dirt trail..for foot or bike i can hike at my own pace and not see anyone on this trail.I like the solitude. .Take water.

Great trail, easy to get to and not a ton of people on the trail for a weekend. Steady incline on the way out but not too hard if you're in reasonable shape - we had 3 young kids with us and it was challenging for them but not too hard. This provides more of a challenge and genuine hiking experience compared to other popular places in the area, such as the trails on Santa Rose Plateau. As to be expected, rattlesnakes are out right now and we saw them resting on the trails, so be vigilant.

4 months ago

Cool hike.

4 months ago

Backpacked this trail over two days. Dripping Springs Trail to Palomar Magee Trail to Crosley Saddle. We set up camp on Crosley Saddle and hiked 6 miles to Eagle Crag and back on the Cutca Trail. The next morning we hiked Wild Horse Peak back down to Dripping Springs Campground. Dripping Springs Campground has toilets and running water. It's not very quiet being right off of CA 79. We camped there Friday night to get an early start on Saturday morning but the other campers were playing loud music, drinking, and talking loudly until well after midnight. We should have just drove there early Saturday morning. If you're camping in the wilderness you need to get a free permit. Also, you need an adventure pass displayed on your vehicle or you can pay the $5 dollars a day use fee at the campgrounds. Camping is $15 a night at Dripping Springs Campground. I highly recommend a bug net for your head. It will save your sanity!

Love this place. One of our favorites. Been here several times. My kids love it here. There’s a road to hike along or you can venture into other dirt trails. It’s a great spot to check out if you’re in Hemet.

Gorgeous views! It’s long but worth it

Huge thank you to whoever did recent trail maintenance on Palomar-McGee! It was totally passable, but we could see many areas where branches had been recently clipped off making it more doable than it otherwise would have been. We were able to get through the whole loop and overgrowth didn't slow us down very much (though there were a few places where we needed to slow down to go over/under fallen trees). I think backpackers could manage it too, I was carrying a large (though lightweight) pack and was able to get it through the obstacles without a problem.

trail running
4 months ago

Great trail to run on but by mile 9 or so it was very overgrown and I had to both bend over to get through the terrain and push through brush. Once I got through those tuff 3 miles or so of the very rough part and got out to the furthest section of the trail it opened up and I was able to get some real good running in on the back part. I do recommend giving it a shot for the hiker that wants to see this section but for trail running I don’t. Trail markings were visible throughout.

Great hike, too bad the cross over to Wild horse trail is not maintained

This is one of my favorite hikes. I try to get my friends to go with me every chance I get.

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