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Loved this hike—quick but strenuous! It’s a steady climb on a well marked trail. It begins to get rocky and requires a slight bit of “climb” on the last stretch. The views at the top are lovely... not as vast as some other hikes I’ve done in the area (looking glass, john’s rock), but beautiful and a great reward for a shorter hike. The 4 vs 5 Star is primarily for the small space at the top. There were quite a few people, we had our dogs, and there was very little room for us to rest and take in the sights. Would definitely do it again!

Great hike for the whole family! We have been twice and the hike to the top is awesome!

22 hours ago

Loved the challenges this hike presented. The views are worth it.

Wonderful hike with our 2 dogs! We loved the swimming holes throughout the hike to let our dogs (and us) get our feet cooled off. Beautiful waterfall!! We hiked to the base of the falls and didn't climb the rocks to the upper falls.

I love this trail. I walk this after work so get in some relaxing nature time, and get in some exercise. The falls are beautiful, and relaxing. Everyone I’ve met is super nice. Plenty of shade, as well as sun at main waterfall. It gets semi steep at some points, especially if you hike up past the main waterfall area. There are ropes along the path past the waterfall to help you climb up, definitely some rock scrabbling involved.

Beautiful hike

1 day ago

Great waterfall! Although the recent rainfall left the trail quite muddy, it was manageable. I would recommend wearing waterproof shoes as you need to ford a stream. The waterfall was impressive and a perfect pit stop on the way through Asheville.

a beautiful view at the top! would say it's a difficult hike, but doable.

About as good as you can get. Easy walk in and out, and the falls are just beautiful. can't recommend this enough.

2 days ago

I combined this hike with lookout mountain. Rattlesnake mountain is more beautiful than lookout mountain in my opinion. I genuinely enjoyed the solitude at the summit and the 360 views. It’s quite a strenuous hike when you come from the lookout side, but it’s the kind of hiking I love with some climbing on rocks.

Fantastic hike! Great hike for our 6 years olds! Beautiful waterfall awaits you at the end!!

3 days ago

My new favorite hike in the region. I went past the lookout towards the ‘second summit’ and went to rattlesnake as well. It’s a pretty strenuous hike, but it’s absolutely worth it. Especially when you continue on to rattlesnake. (It’s only about .7 mile further.) Don’t let the length of the trail fool you, it might be short, but it’ll kick your butt! Definitely coming back!

One of my favorite trails. Wide path, shady and in the woods, follows the river/creek, great for kids and dogs. Waterfalls and areas kids can get in and play safely are a wonderful payoff along the way!

5 days ago

Beautiful trail...loved seeing bear tracks! The falls were beautiful and I wouldn't call this necessarily easy! Much better to hike during the week than on the weekend when there is heavy traffic!

Very well kept, beautiful hike! i wouldn't say this is 'easy' as it's got some inclines children might find diffcult but it was nice! Also, it is well-traveled, go early if you want to find parking.

5 days ago

was slightly disappointed how many people crowd the falls but other than that great hike plenty of views places to rest on the falls and relax absolutely beautiful and is a moderate trail would hike again

7 days ago

It was a nice long paved road. Very quiet and easy. We completed it in about 2 and a half hours out and back. There are some areas with debris in the road but you can easily get around it.

10 days ago

Not a bad hike. Good workout as it's all uphill. Rock scramble at top was pretty easy to negotiate. I might recommend a rope or some kind of hand rail particularly for smaller children or older folks. We went in the summer so the views were ok. Probably better in the winter or late fall.

Great beginner hike! Also great to bring along dogs that would enjoy playing in the water.

Beautiful hike. Very easy. A little too crowded to earn the 5th star from me.

14 days ago

This trail is a beautiful walk all the way, convenient parking area with easy access to the trail. It is a very very easy hike, only technical part is if you want to go up on top of the water fall.

Beautiful falls with many small side trails everywhere.

The trail is under the forest cannopy cover the entire length to the falls. The trip reward is a beautiful compound falls. You can scramble up next to the falls using hands and feet to see it from different angles.

trail running
20 days ago

Good challenging incline, great views, and fun to run down. One big section is still covered in debris but you can easily get around it whether running or biking.

Pretty ver well travelled

23 days ago

My two daughters and I love to hike. We took a day trip to the Catawba Falls today. This was our first hike here but we will definitely be back with friends. The hike to the first large waterfall is a nice and gentle climb. We loved hiking off trail to see the many beautiful waterfalls along the way. The first main waterfall is one of the most beautiful I have seen. It looks like it belongs in the rain forest due to the colorful mosses and plants that are living in the waterfall. The hike to the second fall is definitely a challenge but is well worth the effort. The weather today was in the 90s but the water was cool and refreshing. We hiked South Mountain last week and loved it. This hike to the Catawba Falls, however, is so far one of our favorites!!!

Great trail for a beginner!

28 days ago

Great easy hike for all age groups and pets to the lower falls. Great spot for lunch and a dip in the pool. The hike to the the top of the falls was much more difficult and extremely steep. The view at the top was gorgeous but definitely would not recommend that for small children.

29 days ago

Nice 2 mile trail along the stream, going gently up with some easy rock scrambling as you reach the falls. Beautiful falls with a small pool to cool off. Crowded but a pleasant hike for all ages and all sizes of dogs.
Note you turn onto the highway entrance road and then take an immediate left on to the access road. I missed it first try thinking I’d end up on Heat 40 if I took that turn. The trail head and parking lot are at the very end of the road—you can’t miss them if you just keep going.

Starts right along Route 40, with the noise and fumes from a major highway. Turns up and away from the highly fairly soon, but still has the traffic noise. There are better hikes in the area if you are looking for a quiet hike in the woods.

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