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Easy to miss. highway 1, going south. if you get to Julia Pfeiffer State park you' ve missed it. easy to miss as there are no signs but youll notice all the cars park on both sides, curve to the righr going south...beautifull hike. we did it with three kids (2,13,15) and they all loved it. you cant foresee its beauty from the road but absolutelly worth it. do both paths once you are almost at the bottom, to the right to see the beach and the end of the creek, and to the right, through a wooden bridge to see the mine type tunnel and the beautiful ocean view

Gorgeous. we are visiting Big Sur with three kids (2,13,15) and we all loved it. one of the best if not the best hikes we've done here. i strongly recomend it to families. not too hard for kids; not too long but beautiful all the way, all along the creek with the noise of the water and the waterfall at the end as the reward (out and back trail). just note that you have to cross the creek a coiple of times through rocks and longs but lots of fun if your kids like the adventure type of challenge!

Obsessed with this trail! Great for kids, adventure through rock hopping, and combine the Limekilns for a really fun trip.

I wouldn’t miss this again. Pretty easy hiking and incredible views of a river to a waterfall to the ocean. Beautiful.

lovely flat trail on a gorgeous bluebird day. Fording the creek was a fun adventure, lots of kiddo's doing it. Creamery trail was closed but driftwood beach at the end a fun goal, will be putting in 50hikeswithkids.com!

Tried to go yesterday and the trail was closed. You can walk out to a bluff above, still allowing for great photos since it's empty below so I still recommend walking out, but if you're looking to hike down, it is currently closed.

26 days ago

Super fun and short little hike. When I went I was the only person on that little stretch of beach for almost 30 minutes. So many people at the Inn start the hike and then stop very shortly into it because it is very steep at parts for non-hiker folks.

Partington Cove is a great, albeit heavily trafficked, easy stop, right off ofthe 1 on the north end of Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park which offers an introduction to Big Sur’s rugged coastal beauty and charm. There is also a riparian environment here, as the cove serves as one of the steep mountains of Big Sur’s thousands of drainages. Although it is short and good for children, the hike back up is steep. Definitely not the kind of place one would ever get in the water, and be careful of breaking waves if you decide to wander out on the rocks, especially on the far side of the tunnel. There are some great spots to explore, but the ocean is no joke! Keep your wits about you, and always make sure you can get back from where you are venturing out to!

Beautiful trail with a waterfall at the end. Have to go across the creek a couple times but there are rocks and logs. Nothing too hard!

Super easy and quick trail w amazing views

Amazing nature walk. Cross a river, walk through a meadow, carve some gnarly paths and end up on a wide open beach! It's cold but worth it.

One of the best sunsets I’ve ever seen.

Fun trail with a lot of creek and rock hopping

My gf and I took this trail far back where there is not much of a trail. You cross over multiple fallen trees and rock hop your way to gorgeous waterfalls and a bunch of Banana Slugs back there. If you push far back it gets sketchy but worth it each push further back. We hit an area with a bunch of fallen trees, one going across and another across that one. Had to scuttle across and under the other fallen tree, looked uncrossable at first with a 20 ft drop on both sides. Fun!

Awesome view of the falls. Easy hike. Was crowded on a Saturday afternoon as one would expect.

Great views here and only a mile or so to get there from trail entrance

Crowded but sublime.

Crowded... but a very nice, iconic view, definitly worth the stop...very friendly to non athletic types...sidenote: you can just park on the hwy instead of going into the parking lot...fyi

2 months ago

A nice, quick little stop, I was lucky enough to have the cove to myself during sunset, and it was just barely misting and full sun...absolutely beautiful...do not climb the rocks too much like I did, I realized after climbing to a point that I was in a pretty remote spot and could have easily fallen off a cliff into the ocean with no safe way back out...hopefully people are wiser than me

Just did this hike about a month ago, it was absolutely beautiful. Although there are portions I remember hiking in the past that are now closed unfortunately, I ended up just going along the beach for a few hours as the tide dropped...kind of the same scenery and feels endless...a nice serene feeling and beautiful fog...

Unfortunately it was very foggy today and thus we could not see the ocean or the waterfall. The walk was a leisurely and lovely ( not sure I would call it a hike). Looking forward to trying it again when the day is more clear!

It was pretty foggy when we hiked this trail this afternoon but still glad we did. Well worth it. We were able to see down into the cove even tho we couldn’t See out into the ocean. Beautiful!

2 months ago

Awesome trail, plenty to explore, beautiful sites throughout the trial. For my first hike on the coast I’m glad I went here.

A great hike. The SP web site says it's closed now (Feb 2018). Does anyone know if that's a seasonal closure and it will be open again in the summer, or if it's more long-term?

3 months ago

great views and awesome hike just a little too crowded.

Very easy hike to see a beautiful view. Cool for stopping by.

Amazing beach! We had a magical day here.

get there early, parking fills up!

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