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2 days ago

The hike is beautiful with the first part of it being in the trees and then it opening up to beautiful views! There was still snow pack and some run off.
Downside was the road going up. It’s a terrible 6 miles. If you have a mountain bike or 2 wheeled vehicle it would be a little better but it’s not for beginners.

Super fun hike- I was completely alone with my dogs which is always amazing. I was able to easily make it to all the lakes, but I’m glad I had my phone gps and maps. The trail up to the upper two lakes is much narrower and not well marked. However the trail is worn and easy to follow once you are on it.

5 days ago

Tried hiking this on July 7. It looks like the bridge is washed out right as you leave the main trail to turn up to Blue Lake. I saw a few people on the other side, but I’m not sure where they crossed. The river was really high with the snow melting off. Still an awesome mountain range to visit even though I didn’t make it to Blue Lake.

5 days ago

Not a bad hike, but the trail itself is also used by ATVs (though I didn’t see any while I hiked it). It will end up taking you back to a beautiful lake! The trail runs through thick woods the whole way and there is a creek that parallels most of it. This is a very gradual hike that could make for an easy backpacking trip or day hike. There are a TON of mosquitos, so bring plenty of bug spray!

If you’d like to avoid ATV and motorcycle traffic and take a single-track trail in, go up New World Gulch and cut east once you reach the intersection with the overgrown forest service road. You’ll reach this intersection after crossing the east side of Mystic Lake. This’ll also add a few more miles to the trip.

6 days ago

Great hike, but be prepared to get a leg workout with the steep hike to the peak! Once you make it, the views are breathtaking! Also be prepared for all the rocks that might move when stepping in them, ankle high boats are recommend. also make sure you have a car with good clearance for the rough road up!

7 days ago

This is an excellent hike! After the initial waterfall, you’ll see a fast-flowing creek cascading down the canyon as well as a few more falls (one of which is even more impressive than Pine Creek Falls). You’ll also get great views of the peaks and the canyon from above. 5 miles in, you’ll reach the massive Pine Creek Lake.

The trail is rocky the whole way and gets steep after the falls. It also gets pretty overgrown at a creek crossing this time of year which can make it difficult to find the correct place to cross.

It is a moderately difficult trail with some particularly steep/rocky spots, but this hike is well worth the workout! If you don’t mind breaking a sweat, you can make it from the trailhead to the lake in 2 hours and make it back out in 1.5.

7 days ago

Awesome hike. Views at the top are worth it. The road on the way in is really rough so be prepared. We did this hike on July 8th and there was still snow and ice on trail.

This trail follows the creek through some beautiful old growth Douglas Fir forest. You are going uphill most of the way in but it’s not steep. There are many paths that lead off to the river along the trail but when you come to the falls you’ll know you’ve arrived because they’re awesome! It’s a great spot to sit down with some of the mist from the falls cooling you off after the hike. Hiked this on my birthday this year and thought what a great way to spend the day.

Beautiful and family friendly. Steep parts followed by flat terrain so you don’t get too tired.

7 days ago

This is a pretty easy hike. The trail is very well maintained and there’s people of all ages hiking it. A very pleasant experience as far as short hikes go.

Went with the family and my sister’s family to hike to the basin. Beautiful day for the hike. Nice rolling fields with some steeper sections, especially towards the top.

Pretty heavily traveled trail and parking is scarce. Good luck finding a spot after 10am when it’s just hit and miss as people are leaving.

8 days ago

Definitely a challenge but great hike overall. Took us about 3.5 hours up and 2 down.

8 days ago

Great hike. As a fair warning the .5 hike that is the hardest way to the M is steep and rocky so take your time. The longer 1.5 option is a lot easier with switchbacks. Great views from the top.

Great hike and great views. Fun spot to backpack

Pretty easy hike with pretty views. The elevation gain is all in the last stretch. Less trafficked than the Bozeman hikes so if you are looking to get away from the crowds, this hike is for you!

Always a good hike when in the bozeman area. Pretty short hike for the summit views that you are rewarded with ! There seems to be more and more people each time we go so it can be a fairly trafficked hike. A good chance of seeing mountain goats if you keep your eyes peeled!

Absolutely grogeous, some rocky terrain. get to uphill all the way. plenty of trees to go potty behind. just becareful of the behive at the top.

10 days ago

This hike may not be long, but you definitely have a climb. The trail is visible for about the first 2/3 of the hike, then it disappears. Keep climbing to the top of the hill and you’ll see the lake about 400 feet below you. You’ll also have a pretty good view of Sacajawea Peak, Fairy Lake, and the surrounding area to the south.

Getting down into the lake is technical and can be difficult. Make sure your in good enough shape to get in and out of the bowl.

Fun and rugged for a “family” trail. Rocky and cool. Lots of stopping off points to view the rushing creek, close mb huge rocks, more.

11 days ago

This is a great hike. Be aware that, to get to the top, you go up a very steep hill to the saddle using switchbacks. Some of these switchbacks are not well marked so it's a good idea to look up every now and then to get your bearings. The climb is very steady until you get to the final 100 feet - at which point, it gets MUCH steeper and you have to climb over a lot of shale. Getting up just takes some time and the views (and goats) at the top are incredible. If you are afraid of heights, this probably isn't for you. Also, while the road is open and passable as of 7/4/18, there are potholes that might be able to swallow a VW bug - so, bring your 4WD or, if you don't have one, borrow one from somebody you don't like very much.

Beautiful waterfall and trail! A little muddy with rocks and roots but so worth it!!! Lots of families out today with kids and dogs!

Pine Creek Falls are well worth the hike although as the property owner of the property the access road passes through to get to the falls this attraction can be a pain in the butt.
Hikers/tourists need to take care to read the posted signs & quit trespassing on private property.
Forest service public ground does not start until you cross the final cattle guard!!
The littering discarded on our place is also an issue. People stop throwing your trash out your windows. I'm sure you wouldn't appreciate me throwing my trash in your yard so don't do it in mine!!
If you don't like my comments then start respecting private property & I won't have to address these issues like I shouldn't have to anyway. RESPECT OTHER PEOPLE & THEIR PROPERTY OR STAY AWAY!

13 days ago

Beautiful trail! First mile thru rolling fields, then a bit of a climb to the top. At the base of the loop, if you go right there are multiple switch backs as you climb. The left side is more of a straight climb. I found the climb to be more moderate than easy!

We actually hiked part of this trail a few days ago but. ame back and mtn biked the entire route. Challenging for mid westerners but the views are all spectacular. More mtn bikers than hikers.

Fantastic hike. We only did 6 miles due to time but the uphill hike was a great incline. A few muddy spots but everything was passable and the trail was in great condition. Def a must do if your in the area.

Fun hike! The elevation was no joke. We made it about 2.5 miles up and then the snow was too deep to make it to the lake on 6/7/18.

15 days ago

Great Hike with spectacular views. I would recommend to anyone wanting to feel what Montana really offers.

The hike from the trailhead to Pike Creek Lake showed approximately 11.5 miles round trip through my Garmin.


Beautiful hike 2 weeks ago. Perfect weather (high 50s?), and hardly anyone there. Gorgeous views!

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