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5 days ago

It is eight miles! Not 7.5 lol. It was just absolutely breathe taking. We went in October so we didn't have as many access to the lake as we wanted.

21 days ago

Beautiful area, we went to the area to summit Crazy Peak and camp near the lake!

Great hike. Just very busy. Lots of off leash dogs.

Superb views but steep climb and slippery in winter

We were able to go in late October. It was a wonderful hike since we were about the only ones there!!! We saw lots of bison and such interesting and magnificent scenery!

I guess if you are going to show some out of town folks Old Faithful and want to call it a hike, this would be the route, but not really something I’d do again unless that was the exact goal. Hiking up to observation point started to feel like I was finally hiking but then by the time I got away from the crowds of people we began to descend into them again. Views of a bunch of tourists waiting for Old Faithful to erupt, and a river bridge, and a descent view overlooking the other side of the lodge. Good if it’s your first time in the park and just want to walk around.

Nice loop trail close to downtown. I was visiting a friend and she took me out. The views are good and the trail is dog friendly.

Some spots are very inclined and very easy to slip but overall it’s not that difficult. Not too long either.

Old Faithful is way too hyped up. Its predictably is about all that’s notable. Beyond that it’s jammed with bus upon bus of tourists who leaving thinking “that was it?”. My recommendation is to get away from the main events and hike to some waterfalls - Mystic, Fairy, Osprey. They are not difficult to get to and you’ll taste more of the ruggedness and beauty of Yellowstone.

Easy trail with a longer, less steep option and a steeper, shorter option. Both paths are very nice and not super steep. A pretty short hike with great elevation and views from up top. Lots of off leash doggos- might be good info for those who plan to bring their pups. Overall, a pleasant and brief afternoon hike that is only 5 miles from Bozeman city center.

Not sure why it's rated moderate but this was a very easy nice hike to do and gives you a great view of bozeman! it's a little less crowded than the M hike too which is nice!

Nice hike but beware, there are many dogs on the trail hiking far out in front of their irresponsible owners who are uninterested in controlling their four legged hiking partners. Rules state that pets must be leashed or under DIRECT voice control, please adhere.

Very Unique geological experience

Saw a bear and two moose, quick, easy and local hike!

Great trail, beautiful views!

5 months ago

We hiked just the first bit of this trail on Sept 16, 2017 primarily to see the waterfalls. The last 2 miles of road to the campground were very rough. The weather changed from sun to cold wind and light rain and back to sun in just a couple of hours, but we enjoyed the short hike and the waterfall is pretty and easy to access. There is a lot of rocky area around to get different views of the falls. Although it looked like great bear habitat, we did not see any animals except a few intrepid chipmunks. The views of the Crazies from the canyon road and all the way to the campground were spectacular, especially with the frosting of snow.

They made a real nice walkable trail. They could have made it shorter but...two trails! I'm starting to be amazed by people who make trail. That bridge?! That bridge?! That was amazing.

6 months ago

Trail was very easy with a couple moderate inclines. Kid and dog friendly. I went alone around dawn at 7am and only saw one other gentleman on the trail at this time. Got a bit crowded on my way back. Trail extends further to a lake. Great views of surrounding mountains through the trees and waterfall.

6 months ago

The trail description is very accurate. Our 4 year old hiked the entire trail by herself. The trail was fairly crowded (it's a holiday weekend), but it was still enjoyable. Great views and the waterfall was nice, with a narrow foot bridge to cross the creek below the falls.

Beautiful trial, but make sure you come prepared if you're out of shape- like me. My only complaint is hat it had a lot of loose, large rocks on the main trail (especially towards the top). I rolled my ankle on the way down.

6 months ago

Beautiful, well maintained trail. Emerald Lake was gorgeous. Would do it again...

trail running
6 months ago

Rocky trail to run on, but cool. At dawn alone bear spray makes for a good running buddy.

7 months ago

I would give this 10 starts if I could. My favorite hike out of all my hikes ♡ a challenge at points but a great experience. And blue lake does not disappoint! don't be fooled by the mud puddle that comes before it lol.

Falls flowing well.

Did this hike my first day in the mountains not being used to the altitude- BIG mistake! As one other reviewer mentioned, this trail has many switch backs and what goes down, must come back up.
It is an absolutely gorgeous hike down to the suspension bridge and the river, but if you are even borderline beginner, this is not the hike for you as the way back is quite strenuous. Bring water and there was a multitude of bear scat along the way so bear spray would be a good idea.

Fun hike with the kids gets a little busy in the afternoon but overall a great hike!

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