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Note: Don’t make the mistake I did assuming the trail begins beyond the barrier at the end of the road. My pup and I followed through the snow until it dead-ended l, leaving us in shade, ice and surrounded by what appeared to be the fresh tracks of a very large wild animal.

The actual trailhead looks almost like a game trail up the side of the hill behind all the parked cars you’ll encounter at the end of the road (be careful parking so those there before you can get by on their way back down).

Once we figured out where we were, the trail was a beautiful collection of switchbacks making for an easy hike with a HUGE reward. The views from the top were indescribable. I wish it wouldn’t have been so busy (we had to wait our turn to navigate to the top of the rocks and the cliff for the views) but everyone was incredibly friendly and patient with one another.

Be careful meandering around on the rocks! It’s a long way down!

Can’t wait to experience this one again.

Easy peasy hike with a awe inspiring, breath taking view at the end. Will do again.

A nice trail with switchbacks. You are rewarded with spectacular views when you break out of the trees and are on the ridge. There are about ten trees that have fallen across the trail, prepare to climb over or go around them.

29 days ago

My 9yr old son and I hiked this 10/20/18 and it had some snow, which made it a little slippery and wet. Still made it to the lake! Beautiful hike. Reviews say the 1st half is the steepest, I do agree..however the whole hike it basically up hill. Great views at the top!

1 month ago

Love this hike to death. So much so that I plan to have my ashes scattered here. I’ve been coming here since I was a little boy. Nice 5 mile out-and-back scramble. Road to get here is doable in a stock Explorer or two wheel drive Ranger. I wouldn’t do this hike before mid June without snow shoes because the snow likes to linger in this sheltered region a little longer. Trout fishing is pretty good.

trail running
1 month ago

really good trail running and fantastic view.

Beautiful views. At the right time of year, the wildflowers are amazing. Bring water and bear spray.

2 months ago

Really nice hike! Lots of switchbacks and decently steep, but nothing someone who loves hiking can’t handle.

We went on Sept. 1st and the trail was great. It got quite windy at the lake but a light jacket was fine for that. The trail was short enough that the rapid elevation didn't tire me as much as I'd anticipated. I think it's closer to 5 miles out & back though. Will do this hike again next year!

P.S. I was worried about the road driving out there from everything I've read, but my AWD Ford Edge had no problems reaching the trailhead.

2 months ago

The previous reviewer is correct about the elevation. It is ALL uphill and very rocky. It was a tough hike with a backpack on. This was my first hike at this high of altitude, too, and it took a while to adjust. Once my ears popped a few times I felt so much better! Even though it was difficult, it was absolutely beautiful! Lots of amazing views and waterfalls. There's also many places you can access water along the way. A good portion of the trail is also shaded which was nice because it was a very hot day. The third bridge is still down but there are two logs set up that are easy to cross, one to walk on, and one to hold on to. Went to Blue Lake this time and will be definitely be doing this hike again to check out Twin Lakes.

Great views, saw a Moose and two black bear at the lake.

Great trail - very scenic, easy at times and hard at times. It’s worth the view at the top. Our group consisted of 4 amateur hikers ages 46-72 and we made it. We earned our beer at Moonlight Basin afterward!

Super simple hike, usually quite busy. as in you'll see at least a dozen people on the weekend or more.

I highly recommend you stay the night or a few nights at least make it to Birch or some other lakes.
If you're really gutsy, hit Big Hawk Lake.

Crater Lake is a good lake as well. Very beautiful.

2 months ago

Awesome hike. One of my favorite views from the peak before actually going to Sylvan. It’s a little aggressive for a moderate depending on weather conditions but worth the trip.

It was cold at the top - bring long sleeves to throw on once you’re up there! It was stunning as usual. Moderate hike with light traffic.

2 months ago

Fantastic hike! Fairly easy hike up multiple switchbacks to the overlook. Great vistas!

3 MILES AND 1200 FEET IS OLY HALF THE TRAIL. You have to start at the Camp Misery trailhead and then hike in about 1.5 miles to the start of trail 717. The total hike gains about 1800 feet and is out and back, making it a little over 6 miles total.

It’s my favorite hike in the valley. I always see mountain goats and you can see glacier and the entirety of Flathead Lake from the top! Definitely must do. It can be busy but it’s great especially if you’re looking to get away from glacier sized crowds.

If you search for the Mount Aeneas Summit trail here on AllTrails, you’ll find the full trail map and reviews for this hike.

Awesome hike! Saw a deer and a moose. The “lake” at the top is very much a small pond, but it’s worth it to hike up to the top of the rocks at the end for the beautiful panorama! Big and beautiful blue sky yesterday (8/26) but was pretty chilly at the top, make sure to bring layers!

2 months ago

The road up to the parking lot has a lot of washboard areas which made the drive less enjoyable, even in a 4WD truck. Parking was adequate.

The hike was very enjoyable. Lots of variety including lakes, rocks, streams and alpine meadows. We didn’t run into any bears but we had bear spray just in case.

2 months ago

Went to Gardner Lake as part of the Beartooth Recreation Loop. The terrain is very stark — very windy and cold (37*) on 8/23/2018. Amazing country so high in the mountains, unlike anyplace else I’ve been. Worth the trip but be prepared for the temps and the long slog back up.


The trail to Sylvan is a steep one, almost a 1000 ft of elevation gain per mile, all the way up to the pass. I am heading there again this weekend to fish, the golden trout is the draw, lots of them I'm told, purest strain in Montana, and there are so many, fish and game suggests you harvest some, lol!

Gradual grade with occasional slightly steep climbing. The views at the top are spectacular.
Small parking lot but that means it’s not terribly crowded though there are plenty of people along the trail.

This is always a great hike. Haven’t been here for several years. Beautiful lake at the top and clearly the results of a very good snow year there were still some wild flowers.

Good hike! Lots of people. My fit bit tracked it at 8.75 miles round trip. BRING WIND PROOF COAT FOR SITTING AROUND LAKE IF TAKING BREAK. Saw a really Nice 4 point BUCK on way out. Others on trail reported moose but we never did see it. Wildflowers are awesome especially at the base of upper pond.

2 months ago

Great hike. Got there about 9am, there was only one other car in the parking lot. The wildflowers are still out in full force. Smoky views from the top looking toward Lone Peak due to all the wildfires.

2 months ago

NOT 7.7 miles. If you go to parking lot (3 miles from well-marked road sign) it's 2.5 hiking miles to the pass. High clearance vehicle needed, takes most of one hour from Bozeman until parking area.

Great trail! Did the 717 to the peak and back down the other side to make the loop by picnic lakes. As others mentioned, the map here and the trail data are wrong. More like 1900’ of elevation and the loop was closer to 7 miles. Make sure to take pic of trail map at trailhead.

Also, do not be afraid of the road going up. Not sure why people mentioned it being difficult. It’s just a basic gravel road, some washboard, and it has a couple of narrow spots, but nothing bad. Small cars can make it fine.
Look for goats !

Loved this hike, beautiful wild flowers. Hike to twin lakes was beautiful as well.

Breath taking views. Saw cougar scat on the trail, but my dog did not seem startled. So climbwd to the top. Worth it.

Awesome hike. Very gentle switch backs made for a pleasant climb. If you detour to the right just before the overlook, the views are spectacular. Beginner carrying 20lb pack, took about 3hrs total including a short lunch break.

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