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3 months ago

quiet and be ready for a swim

Roads solid ice, narrow, with cliffs had to bale on it today. Will return in the spring.

Beautiful hike and great for the dogs!

Spectacular view :)

Although we didnt make it to the falls (maybe half way there) it was beautiful along the way! definitely will be returning to finish

5 months ago

5 star view on this one. I highly recommend it.

37 degrees, snow on the trail the last half mile or so.. great hike!!

6 months ago

This trail can be temperamental. We ran in to a snow storm on top Labor Day 2016 despite decent weather at the valley floor. Beautiful hike.

Hard but worth it. Trail in beautiful condition. would not take a car to trail head lots of rocks. 3.8 miles each way, all up. Easily most beautiful payoff of the summer.

Awesome hike! We only saw one other person on the trail the entire day. The middle portion flattens out and is a nice break before the climb to the top. The trail to the top was quite warm but had amazing views along the way! We met the person manning the lookout and he was really nice. He even have our 3 and 6 year olds a tour of the lookout. We are definitely going back!

Great hike!!

Outstanding hike. First few miles are wooded with intermittent clearings which offer beautiful views. Nice grade (used for horses as well). We encountered a group of mountain goats at the pass. Reasonable scramble to the second ridge line if you take the western face ascent. Problem was, we couldn't find a good way up the final ascent and had to turn back after some serious climbing was involved. Think we should have gone a bit further to the south before heading up. Otherwise, you could cut across the north face at about 3 miles in, and scramble up to the ridge and follow to the summit from the east (that's what we'll try the next time). All-in-all a great hike.

The views are unreal. If you go when there is a volunteer at the lookout you learn all sorts of good stuff!

Decided to hike up to the lake and back in a day, and we defiantly bit off more than we could chew, but it is absolutely doable if you are in good shape and determined. Best for a 2-3 day outing. Good campsites along the way. Water from running streams and make is drinkable. Gorgeous views. Trail gets very hard to find at points after 6 miles. Several times it Crosses across streams or rock which can make it hard to follow.

Great walk with beautiful views. Had the top to ourselves so soaked in the views and enjoyed some lunch

Hiked on July 12, 2017. Sunny day, we left the trailhead at 6:45 am and the temp was 50*, returned to the trailhead at noon and the temp was 70*. Took our dog which this is a popular trail to bring a dog. On top it was windy and we put on our wind breakers. We are not young hikers but experienced hikers and it took us 2-1/4 hours to get to the top. This is a popular, well worn trail and has many exposed tree roots and lots of rocks which makes the hike down slower than normal. Many horse flies on the trail thru the trees so we used a spray mix of 2/3 apple cider vinegar and 1/3 water which we sprayed on the dog and us. Kept us and the pup happy and horse fly free.

8 months ago

Absolutely amazing view. Good for kids and those in shape up to 65. The entire way is switchbacks making the climb easy to scale. Overall , very easy and extremely rewarding hike.

Great hike! Amazing views at the top. Lots of bugs too, so bring bug spray. There's a set of waterfalls down by the alpine lake in the basin that you see and hear from the top. Wanted to hike down to them, but a thunderstorm started to roll in.

8 months ago

Oh my goodness, this trail has it all. I was worried about bears so I made a lot of noise and saw no wildlife. A lady I met on the trail said she saw mountain goats though. All of the lakes are spectacular. Crater lake it by far the best. So secluded and peaceful. The trail is a bit hard to follow and overgrown in just a few places. Coming out was much easier to follow and very strenuous. Well worth every step though. The views are some of the best I have seen. Do not sell yourself short and stop at Birtch Lake, Crater is well worth the extra hike!

A little longer than we expected with a 6 year old and it was hot, but the views were GORGEOUS!!! Windy as heck, could be dangerous with small, curious kids

Easy trail and such a glorious reward at the top!! We will definitely do this one again! The only issue we had was the recorded trail guide was not accurate.

8 months ago

Forewarning: the pictures appear to be at Gash Peak while the currently listed trail will only get you partially there. Gash Peak is about 8 miles round trip and 4'000 ft in elevation. The trail itself is currently not well maintained. The first 2 miles look like a game trail while the rest is a bit of a free-for-all through downed trees making it very easy to lose the trail on the way down. For those looking to summit Gash Peak it appears crampons will be needed as of 7/2/17.

Challenging and bear grass all along the way to keep you moving! This is one of my favorite so far in the Bitterroot. Be prepared with water and snacks. My pup loved frolicking in the snow banks. We hit 4 small patches on July 1, easy to navigate through even in sneaks. Breathtaking views!

We loved this hike. The mid July water was gushing along the side of the trail. Flowers everwhere! Challenging pace going uphill with amazing views.

Tried a different location and hike earlier today with my dog and ended up running from the mosquitos. I've been wanting to get to this hike for a long time and it was on my way back so we decided to stop and get a sneak peak. Did a really short hike, but was stopping often because of how beautiful it was. Found a few geocaches while we were here too. I'm excited that this trail may be my new favorite.

I did this a few years ago now. Beautiful hike although the end of the trail was not kept towards the end so to continue it needed some guessing to get to the lake. Also part of it was burnt which made it a little less scenic but should be growing back now.

Hardest hike I've done so far but it is the most amazing, rewarding trail I've ever done.

Beautiful hike. We took our dog and loved it. Only one side note: we decided to do this on our drive from Swan Lake to Glacier National Park while towing our travel trailer. The road is narrow, dirt, and eventually reaches a pretty steep drop off the side towards the end. It's a great hike, just do it before you head to your next destination and leave the trailer. Also, there was plenty of snow left in the first mile of the hike.

very easy, well maintained, gradual hike. about 2.4mi one way. Hike it in the rain, with my family on Sunday, 6yr and 9 yr old girls. it was absolutely worth it. Amazing views all the way up

Hiked with my 10 week old infant in a front carrier and was still an easy hike. The view was AMAZING, could have stayed up there all day! We'll definitely be back:)

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