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9 days ago

Super hot during the summer months be careful of heat advisory’s. Dog friendly and easy access other than taking a gravel potholed road to the trail but only for about a mile to parking. Be prepared for no phone service if you are traveling.

11 days ago

*very short hike
*hiked in .3 miles and out .3 miles
*rocky and sandy hike (basalt rocks everywhere)
*climbed up & down the tunnel
*saw the scenic cinder cones

22 days ago

This is a relatively easy and very gorgeous hike. The first 2/3 is pretty flat, and goes through a Joshua Tree forest. The last part is on a moderately steep incline and takes you up to a great view of the Cima Dome. The view at the top is definitely worth the work to get there! If you have a limited amount of time in MNP this is a great hike for the list-easy to get to, pretty quick (a couple hours tops), and fantastic scenery

This was a beautiful hike. The desert scenery is remarkable, and the trail is well kept and easy to follow.

Loved this trail, very scenic!! It was easy until we came to the rings...The rings were an interesting challenge! My husband had some difficulty with them bc he is so tall, he found the spacing of rings difficult.


1 month ago

Great way to spend a day in family. Drove from San Diego to do this hike and really enjoyed it.

Really amazing. But the road to get there was rough and there are no signs to help find it or cell phone service, so no gps.

2 months ago

This trail kicked my butt. Sure it’s only 2.7 miles with a 500 foot elevation gain, but the sand cut my speed in half, making it feel like a 1200 foot elevation gain. Views from the top were worth it. I started at 8 am and it was warming up quickly by the time I finished at 9:30, so start early!

Very cool to hike inside and around the rim of a cinder cone. Easy hike, can get hot, make sure to take plenty of water.

3 months ago

This hike is so cool but only take it during the cooler seasons. The temperature gets really hot.

3 months ago

I hiked Kelso Dunes 3 times already. I drove 2.5-3hrs from where I lived. But it's worth of a drive anyway. I took different people here already. and they love it. the 3rd time I went was Saturday, April 28, 2018 with my daughter and son. they are only 5 & 8 and they love the sand dunes. they made it all the way to the top of the sand dunes. i was so proud of them. and this was their first hike of a 3 miles. never did took them on my little hike before. they love it and asked for more hikes. also, this place is just amazing. never a dull of how many times i been here.. for some people who don't hike much.. this will be legs workout for sure.

3 months ago

U wont regret!

superb trail !

Great hike. Well established trail all the way to the top. Good variations in landscape. Wonderful views at the peak.

Beautiful peak with great views of the Kelso dunes and surrounding desert environment from the summit. There is a registry to sign at the peak just below the rock cairn (there are two summits within about 75' of each other, the registry is on the more western peak.

Thanks for Gerald Sauer for allowing public access to this beautiful place!

Easy. Nice. Def do it again.

5 months ago

Parked in the day use lot and walked out from there (dashed line on map). Absolutely don't miss out on climbing to the caldera assuming you have sturdy shoes. And yes, take plenty of water. We drank 20 oz each. Sign suggests 3 hr. I suppose if you didn't linger you could do it in less, but the caldera is super cool. We also took many wildflower pix. Desert blooms are small, but impressive.

5 months ago

This place was awesome!! I didn’t hike all the way to the top because I wasn’t prepared for that grueling workout. However, I stills got some beautiful pictures.

if you have a wimpy car, approach from the south on paved roads!

i tried to access hole-in-the-wall from the north via Cedar Canyon Rd, which is marked as ok for 2wd vehicles. but i turned around as I wasn't certain my compact rental car could handle it, especially in the rain.

Joshua Trees from the get go are amazing and the views from the top are unbelievable.

5 months ago

Five of us old folks (average age 67) did this one at the end of January. We had a great time and found the hike easy except the rings themselves. With only a little trouble, and a lot of laughs we made it up the rings. I enjoyed it so much that I repeated this part when finishing up the Barber Peak Loop Trail. Loved it both times.

5 months ago

I hiked this one in late January. Trail is a little sketchy with livestock trails crisscrossing on the northern portion but very nice and, I thought, quite scenic. Coming out through Hole-In-The-Wall on the Rings Trail was an added bonus

5 months ago

When we went we had it to ourselves. We walked passed the trail the first time. When you get to the end of the road, you're going to go left. Follow the volcanic rocks on the ground. Then to your right you will see a trail up a slight incline. Pass the first hole to reach the staircase. I would recommend bringing a flashlight as our phones weren't strong enough for the darkness. Also watch the ceiling! I scraped my back pretty hard down there.

Worth the effort. From the paved road go past the dirt road shown to the next bigger dirt road wider and better condition

Great views of plateaus and mesas in the valley, the rings at the end are unique and fun. Worth doing it even if the rings are too challenging.

All the incline is at the end making for a good workout with rewarding views at the finish! Very enjoyable and well marked hike. Great views of the Dome!

What a great trail! The rings were awesome!

5 months ago

Worth the off road trek

5 months ago

Interesting site along Route 66. Great views of the surrounding lava fields and a great level and paved overflow spot to park the RV and watch the stars at night.

When we went there were hurricane force winds (ok, maybe a slight exaggeration) and making it to the rim was scary. We only walked about half the way around the rim before the wind forced a us down back the Co e area. #LiveLoveWanderTribe

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