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my husband and I arrived around 8:45 am this morning to hike this trial. it must’ve been a good day to go, because there really weren’t many people on the way up or down! the hike up was really nice since it was still early, the temperatures were perfect! we didn’t stop much, so we arrived at the hot springs a little over an hour. the hot pools were smelly, but beautiful, the water was super blue! my only complaint was that one of the only people up there at the same time as us was a middle aged man, all alone, ass naked wallowing in the pool with the double waterfall. I expected to see some naked teenagers, but seeing this guy was actually pretty creepy, we didn’t appreciate that he kept standing up and exposing himself either. it was much hotter on the way down but it took only 45 minutes or so, it’s a really good hike for all skills levels with a great reward!

5 hours ago

This is one of my favorite hikes to do, it has a beautiful drive up and is a good moderate hike. Usually takes less than an hour to go up (without stopping) and has some good spots for hammocks at the top. Also a good spot for camping as long as you stay off of the trail.

The first part of the trail can accommodate groups rather nicely as it is wide excluding a few passes. It felt like a relatively safe trail for children to be lightly supervised.

If you decide to keep hiking past the initial waterfall the trail starts to increase in difficulty considerably. More water and incline conditioning is required.

We went mid July on a Sunday at 7 am. And very much worth it. The parking is insanely limited, so arrive early.

The hike was great! Not too difficult or easy.

The Hot Springs do have a smell, but that’s expected. We did come across a ton of trash, including half a watermelon, that we packed out of there. Otherwise, I’ll absolutely be back!!

We went in the evening and saw a moose! Beautiful hike with incredible views the whole way.

Beautiful wildflowers, streams and forestry make the hike enjoyable and the lake is fun. There were a few ducks we fed and sweet little side trails throughout. I loved It!

1 day ago

One of my favorite quick hikes. We started late afternoon around 7 we got to lake Mary then kept going to Lake Martha and saw 4 Bull Moose!!! It was amazing! Then on the way down we ran into another one walking in front of us on the trail just before Dog lake.

I liked this as heart pumping but short hike. Lots of gorgeous wildflowers right now, especially en route to Dog Lake. I know hikers a few days ago reported a lot of bugs, but this has the least I’ve experienced in the last week of hiking anywhere in the area.

Very steep hike. Beautiful views. Paved with lots of resources at areas but little shade. The caves are very cool and feel good after a hike up in 90+*! My kids ages 4-11 all did it with a few piggy-back rides for the 4 year old. Definitely a bucket list hike!

A very clean and uncrowded area. People complaining about it being to hot are the ones who can't force themselves to get up before 9:00 am. It's a beautiful temperature through 6 - 7 am. Beware it gets more crowded around 9 am. The falls where beautiful and there is a small stream that comes from the falls that you see 1/4 the way there. The trail goes on past the falls, and leads to a pretty view of the city inbetween the mountains. I went at the perfect time as was able to see the sun rise over the mountains near the end of the trail.

For a bit longer hike and some great views, start at Silver Lake, up to Twin Lakes, and then over to Lake Mary. From there, out to the trailhead. It’s a quick road walk back to the Silver Lake parking. This provides a nice loop of about 4 miles and adds in some great views between Lake Mary and Twin Lakes.

This area is dry and hot this year. I started out about 9am. 30min in it was hot. We passed by the first waterfall and found the trail nice and empty. It is very busy the first .5 miles to the falls.

One other complaint is the bathroom at Kiwanis park at the trail head is disgusting, toilet paper smeared all over the ground with brownish liquid all over them., no toilet paper on the rolls. Stinky with allot of flies. There is a park behind the high school on road you come in on that is so much nicer.

The water was really stinky like rotten eggs. It kinda made the hike not enjoyable. I might have gone at the wrong time of the year. I’ll have to come back in spring

last time we went I couldn't find the trail for this hike .Is that really hard or they have signs.I will try again this month hope o am lucky this time

Awesome hike with my kids. Beautiful aspen woods, meadows of wildflowers, and we even sighted a moose right off the trail. A few annoying flies and mosquitoes, but insect repellent worked well. Very peaceful and tranquil up at the lake.
A few slippery sections, so make sure shoes with decent grip (especially for kids) are worn.

The first part was a lot steeper than I expected, even with the tips on these reviews. My 3 year old needed assistance.
The bugs were out in full force and we all got eaten, even with bug spray. The lake was pretty and the wildflowers were amazing, but not sure if I’ll do this one again until the seasons change and it’s a big cooler.

Easy 1/2 mile hike to the first waterfall, but going past that gets pretty difficult. Very steep. We made it 2 miles in and turned back. We thought the 4 mile estimate for this trail was round trip, but later learned it is one way. Also, many people said they took their small kids on this easily - maybe to the first Falls. Past that, I cannot see a child that size getting terribly far (I have 2 small children myself). Overall though, we enjoyed it...challenging & great scenery!

Still one of my favorites. Didn't see any moose this morning sadly. Lots of wildflowers and the trail has grown a lot since I was there a couple weeks ago.

This hike is great. The trail is indeed, busy and heavily trafficked. Unfortunately, there is trash and dog poo. But... once the trail begins to run alongside the creek, it’s beautiful. Then, the falls. It’s a fun and safe hike to the falls.
If you hike past the falls, elevation climbs drastically. For those of us who are not from Utah... the elevation really affects the lungs. But it’s beautiful. Take lots of water, and prepare for an uphill climb in... and a steep downhill out.
Also: the trail goes much farther than the 4-miles in, as it merges with a couple other trails, including Dry Canyon. There appear to be rustic camp sites along the trail...

This is kid friendly and my 4 year old just needed a little help making it on the steeper parts. The wildflowers are insane right now—so gorgeous!!

3 days ago

Views are beautiful and the flowers are stunning as you walk up the trail. However, we went around 7pm and there were so many bugs we had to start running down. Three of us went on the hike and ended with at least 10 mosquito bites a piece. Might be worth it to endure the heat rather than a night hike, but still my favorite view.

Super fun trail! Even saw a friendly moose.

This hike is not anything close to being as enjoyable as it used to be. The first two thirds of the gradual winding elevation following a babbling brook and shaded by tall pine trees has been blocked and rerouted to a miserable straight up the hill (providing no Sun) path looking more like a Jeep road than a hiking trail. Very ugly and very disappointing. My heart sank when I saw what they had done. We had a large family group of all ages and it was still doable but too much now is a climb of little satisfaction.

trail running
4 days ago

First little bit would be considered steep/hard, but one past that, you are on a flat path until you reach the lake.
We hiked up to the trees and hung our hammocks and had a nice camp fire going.
There are a lot of mosquitoes that will bite!
We saw 3 moose right before sunset and it was awesome, but one of them was about 8-9 feet away.
Very nice and easy hike after all. We loved it

Bring bug spray holy shit. I have 19 bug bites and slaughtered 5 mosquitoes with my bare hands. I did it backwards which was really enjoyable after the grueling, hot, boring beginning. Dog lake isn’t worth it. Spend time walking around twin lakes and lake Mary instead. Super pretty super quiet lots of different terrain. So many mosquitoes.

Definitely a lot of uphill especially the first 2 miles but overall a good trail run!!

Awesome hike!! Easy enough for the little ones ranging from 3 (with a little help) -10 years.

great fun, kids had a blast. we brought them in their swim suits and shorts on top so they could play in some of the little pond formations. overall, we had a great time.

6 days ago

This easy to follow trail is good for the kids and a quick get away when time doesn’t allow for something longer. The flowers are in full bloom and the trees offer plenty of shade no matter what time of day you go. Be sure to carry plenty of bug spray as the flies are no respecter of sweaty flesh.

I personally think this trail deserves a “hard” rating. The last mile is relentless. We started the trail at 7:30am. The first 1/4 to maybe 1/2 mile was shaded. After that... full sunshine and very very hot (and in my opinion quite steep) the rest of the way. I brought 112 ounces of water with me. I ran out before we got back to the car. The lake is beautiful though! Plenty of places to sit all the way around it. I think there were more dogs on the trail than humans. Most not on leashes. If you have options of a truck/jeep I would suggest that over a car. Narrow bumpy ride for a bit once you have to turn off the paved road. Doable in a car though, just be sure to have good tires!

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